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17. Lots of memories and none of them good ones.
Sun Jan 1, 2012, 08:11 AM
Jan 2012

Stupid duck and cover exercises,
watching the A-Bomb tests on the News of the Day shorts at the movies,
listening to the Sputnik beeps and knowing the USSR had ICBM capability,
during the Cuban Missile go around, first shirt telling us our base was a primary target and we were sitting tight,
listening to the Looking Glass take off at midnight
watching Buffs with H-bombs in their bellies take off
Disaster Control exercises "How long can we wear these suits before we start to dehyderate?" "About an hour."
Sitting 50 miles from a Warsaw Pact border, knowing if shit happened we'd be rolled like a cheap rug.
Listening to Raygun joke about first strike
And much, much more

"The living will envy the dead" and "Our lives are depended upon Soviet computer technology."

During the Cold War an imagination was unpleasant

Watching "Fail Safe" on TCM [View all] unionworks Dec 2011 OP
Before my time, but cyberswede Dec 2011 #1
up until about 5th grade unionworks Dec 2011 #2
We did that too MrScorpio Dec 2011 #3
It was about unionworks Jan 2012 #4
I was born in '61 and we called it "butts up squealing". Iggo Jan 2012 #5
Duck and Cover rogerballard Jan 2012 #14
Duck! no, it's a turtle! unionworks Jan 2012 #15
People my age will say "OMG, that's Larry Hagman!" ... eppur_se_muova Jan 2012 #6
I'm 48 Motown_Johnny Jan 2012 #7
I grew up unionworks Jan 2012 #8
When I lived in NY, I lived in a small town Motown_Johnny Jan 2012 #18
How about an Xer with memories of the SECOND atomic age? Taverner Jan 2012 #9
Iremember seeing the CBS Live remake TheMightyFavog Jan 2012 #10
Warning: "Fail Safe" is dangerous to your mental health. Lionel Mandrake Jan 2012 #11
How I learned unionworks Jan 2012 #12
Or you could watch "The Atomic Cafe" kentauros Jan 2012 #16
Excellent choice! Lionel Mandrake Jan 2012 #22
I'm not a boomer dana_b Jan 2012 #13
Lots of memories and none of them good ones. sarge43 Jan 2012 #17
Remembering the Raygun Lionel Mandrake Jan 2012 #23
Oh, heck yeah! Add "Seven Days in May" to your viewing list. Adsos Letter Jan 2012 #19
Oh yeah, watched this in class in junior high... kiva Jan 2012 #20
Oh yeah. Born in 1950. Ptah Jan 2012 #21
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