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1. True story....when I was 20, I moved into a house with my brother...
Tue Jan 10, 2012, 08:02 AM
Jan 2012

we had two cats. One day, I went out and bought some catnip, and the cats
tore the bag apart. I put the catnip in a baggie and stuffed it into a drawer
in the dining room.

My mother, the world's greatest SNOOP, came over and under the guise of
"looking for her tupperware", opened the drawer, took out the baggie and
nonchalantly said "You kids sure keep a lot of WEED around the house."

She was trying to be so cool and bust us at the same time.....

We still laugh about that one.

True story....when I was 20, I moved into a house with my brother... PassingFair Jan 2012 #1
we have a baggie of catnip that came with a scratching post SCantiGOP Jan 2012 #32
When I was in grade 9-10 my parents constantly acused me of smoking cigarettes and pot, Joe Shlabotnik Jan 2012 #2
Dealing drugs Charlemagne Jan 2012 #3
They thought I was a tad slow zipplewrath Jan 2012 #4
No, I pretty much did all the things my parents accused me of mysuzuki2 Jan 2012 #5
Me too..... cliffordu Jan 2012 #6
My parents were afraid to ask. UnrepentantLiberal Jan 2012 #9
! Kali Jan 2012 #22
Other than getting interogated about a pill on the floor rufus dog Jan 2012 #23
Just about everything. geardaddy Jan 2012 #7
Dropping a Jolly Rancher bigwillq Jan 2012 #8
Using drugs bikebloke Jan 2012 #10
Skipping Sunday School to go to my friend's house to smoke and look at his dad's Playboys. ohiosmith Jan 2012 #11
Having sex with an older woman wyldwolf Jan 2012 #12
Having gonnorrhea FloridaJudy Jan 2012 #13
I can think of two quakerboy Jan 2012 #14
Two GREAT ones -- and both from MiddleFingerMomMom. MiddleFingerMom Jan 2012 #15
lol - i'm sorry but dana_b Jan 2012 #16
Oh I laughed about it with friends at the time. applegrove Jan 2012 #19
i loved to burn incense shanti Jan 2012 #17
My mother swore I did drugs LynneSin Jan 2012 #18
My parents went out of town, and my little sister Curmudgeoness Jan 2012 #20
When I was in high school HeiressofBickworth Jan 2012 #21
concerning birth order SCantiGOP Jan 2012 #33
Accusations had zero currency in our family. hunter Jan 2012 #24
My brother stole a flashlight from our neighbors house. Neoma Jan 2012 #25
When I was about 16 my parents quit accusing me. They did NOT want to know. They gave up accusing retread Jan 2012 #26
Duzy. trof Jan 2012 #29
not only did they think you were a drug dealer Enrique Jan 2012 #27
LOL! applegrove Jan 2012 #28
Being worthless. BiggJawn Jan 2012 #30
constantly accused of stealing Tallulah Jan 2012 #31
I was accused of melting crayons on the radiators... IcyPeas Jan 2012 #34
Funny you ask that... AnneD Jan 2012 #35
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