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Sat Feb 23, 2013, 02:31 PM
Feb 2013

Libra: Above all they love balance, peace and harmony. They're the best choice to sooth hurt feelings and ruffled feathers. They tend to be elegant and good looking. Either make one an ambassador or your spouse. Orientation: Where else? The center.

Scorpio: Hire only if you're planning a revolution. Orientation: Usually far left of Lenin.

Sagittarius: Although commonly thought of as the sportsmen and jocks of the zodiac, they are also scholars and academics, especially in the liberal arts fields. A good choice as the idea wo/man for the Geminis. Can chair your brain trust, too. Orientation: On either side of center, but not too far either way.

Capricorn: Born to be the "right hand man". Particularly good at working with your Cancer keeping things on track. Word of warning: They are ambitious and patient. You could wind up working for them. Not that they planned it; it just happened that way. Orientation: They're natural conservatives.

Aquarius: Another idea wo/man. Unlike Saggies, they don't look to history for ideas; they look ahead. "Screw a manned mission to Mars. Let's go to Titan!" They can be nuts; they also can propose a Marshall Plan. Listen to them. Orientation: They're natural progressives.

Pisces: Hire all of them you can for phone banking and door to dooring. They're sweet natured, mild mannered and adaptable. They can make you look good. Orientation: Because you're a good person, they're loyal to you. Party, schmarity.

Scorpio Wait Wut Feb 2013 #1
Cool! I'm a triple Libra! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #3
I too am a Scorpio (11/7), but I don't fancy myself as an evil one. I am the passionate lusty type. Grantuspeace Feb 2013 #8
You can be passionate and lusty... Wait Wut Feb 2013 #19
I have three planets in Scorpio, too, Blue_In_AK Feb 2013 #59
I can do revenge all too well MrScorpio Feb 2013 #64
A dish best served cold jrandom421 Feb 2013 #72
Self control... Wait Wut Feb 2013 #79
Double Scorpio jrandom421 Feb 2013 #71
I've dated a couple of Libras. Wait Wut Feb 2013 #2
As a guy Libra,.....I'm not into it! Cuddling I mean! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #4
I'm a girl. Wait Wut Feb 2013 #13
As a Libra male I'm highly offended aint_no_life_nowhere Feb 2013 #24
Aw, geez. Wait Wut Feb 2013 #49
That's them other libras that like to cuddle! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #73
Female Libra undeterred Feb 2013 #66
I'm a Libra and I think that's a very accurate profile aint_no_life_nowhere Feb 2013 #5
I agree! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #6
As a Libra myself, I won't argue with that. Arkansas Granny Feb 2013 #11
Leo...... Burma Jones Feb 2013 #7
Cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #9
Isn't Obama a Leo? aint_no_life_nowhere Feb 2013 #21
Yes he is HarveyDarkey Feb 2013 #63
Me too I have the same birthday solara Feb 2013 #82
I'm a textbook Leo. a la izquierda Feb 2013 #25
I'm a Libra, too. I was told that Libras are well balanced and lovers of justice and beauty. Arkansas Granny Feb 2013 #10
True except for the lazy part! Oh,....get me a beer while you're up! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #12
my best friend is a libra backtoblue Feb 2013 #23
Ha! My best friend is an aquarius. Arkansas Granny Feb 2013 #26
Aquarius backtoblue Feb 2013 #14
Very good! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #16
Yup, elleng Feb 2013 #67
Aries sakabatou Feb 2013 #15
Interesting! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #18
More on Aries ... I can see a lot of it's influence. woodsprite Feb 2013 #47
I am a virgo woman. In_The_Wind Feb 2013 #17
Very cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #20
oops - I duped the Virgo post - Flaxbee Feb 2013 #43
Capricorn woman RebelOne Feb 2013 #22
Cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #30
Gemini Duer 157099 Feb 2013 #27
Excellent! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #31
I was married to a Gemini Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #39
Cancer Loryn Feb 2013 #28
Hahahaha! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #32
I'm a Pisces... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #29
Very cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #33
Meh... Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #34
Leo will do that! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #35
Should I ask, Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #36
Get in the house! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #37
OMG Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #38
I'm a Pisces too nt LiberalEsto Feb 2013 #50
Is the Pisces profile off target for you? Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #52
It's pretty close except for "drug use" and "self-indulgence" LiberalEsto Feb 2013 #54
I am self-indulgent, I must admit, Sekhmets Daughter Feb 2013 #56
Aries Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #40
Nice image! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #41
Aries here too. geardaddy Feb 2013 #48
That part about "what you see is what you get" is so me. woodsprite Feb 2013 #89
Virgo Flaxbee Feb 2013 #42
Very cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #44
Taurus Xyzse Feb 2013 #45
Excellent! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #46
Monkey! Since we just began the Year of the Snake benld74 Feb 2013 #51
Cool! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #53
If we go Chinese Astrology, I am a Horse. Lady Freedom Returns Feb 2013 #61
Don't know much about this. Cancer Moondog Feb 2013 #55
Very good! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #57
me too - and moon in Pisces LiberalElite Feb 2013 #88
You and me both, Ohiosmith. Blue_In_AK Feb 2013 #58
Thank you BIK! ohiosmith Feb 2013 #74
I tend to be pretty skeptical about woo... pink-o Feb 2013 #60
Gemini sun sign, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising. Demoiselle Feb 2013 #62
I find it interesting that I seem to cross paths with some signs tavernier Feb 2013 #65
That's funny... Blue_In_AK Feb 2013 #75
Astronomically, I do get high, but here is my sign... madinmaryland Feb 2013 #68
Libra, Virgo on the Ascendent, Moon in Aries... MrMickeysMom Feb 2013 #69
Hey!!! pipi_k Feb 2013 #70
I have. Blue_In_AK Feb 2013 #76
Mine are pipi_k Feb 2013 #81
I'm first week of Aries but I need lots of sleep. Lots of deep sleep. Manifestor_of_Light Feb 2013 #77
Libra octoberlib Feb 2013 #78
I wonder if pipi_k Feb 2013 #83
Sun signs and your political campaign. sarge43 Feb 2013 #80
Continue sarge43 Feb 2013 #84
Gemini. Jamaal510 Feb 2013 #85
Nice try, ohiosmith, but you can't fool this Scorpio twice JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2013 #86
quadruple Leo - Tuesday Afternoon Feb 2013 #87
Aries. LWolf Feb 2013 #90
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