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Fri Mar 15, 2013, 06:48 PM Mar 2013

La petite mort [View all]


10 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Hell yes!
7 (70%)
What are you talking about?
0 (0%)
Multipal times.
2 (20%)
I am celebate!
1 (10%)
Still trying.
0 (0%)
Practice makes perfection.
0 (0%)
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La petite mort [View all] In_The_Wind Mar 2013 OP
Danger! Not Safe For Work: Ptah Mar 2013 #1
Beautiful Agony is a perfect link. Thanks Ptah! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #22
This message was self-deleted by its author freshwest Mar 2013 #67
No porn threads. Wait Wut Mar 2013 #2
Skinner said it was okay! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #14
Damnit... Wait Wut Mar 2013 #18
It's hanging somewhere in AtA! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #35
I had the coolest English Comp 101 prof in college. Her name was Dul... and she said that if... MiddleFingerMom Mar 2013 #23
Those are the best teachers! Wait Wut Mar 2013 #27
I took both an undergrad and a postgrad course on "The Psychology of Sex". MiddleFingerMom Mar 2013 #33
What? Sekhmets Daughter Mar 2013 #3
With the right man, all day, every day, anytime! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #24
Don't forget any place! Sekhmets Daughter Mar 2013 #36
Any place at all works when it's right. It's all good. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #38
Agreed... Gwynann Mar 2013 #41
I've never been kicked out of anyplace. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #42
Rilly?... Gwynann Mar 2013 #52
Nah. Just very experienced at keeping the man I love happy! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #53
:D Gwynann Mar 2013 #54
Early and often! NYC_SKP Mar 2013 #4
Yes! I like it that way the best! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #28
Now that gets my vote! Sekhmets Daughter Mar 2013 #43
It means "the little dead" in french darkangel218 Mar 2013 #5
Props to you ~ darkangel218! Your thread was the reason for this poll! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #12
Oh, i didnt go back to read the new posts darkangel218 Mar 2013 #19
Running a thread takes work! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #29
I have no energy left in me :( darkangel218 Mar 2013 #39
Take a nap! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #40
Did you misspell multiple... Callmecrazy Mar 2013 #6
That's a Freudian slip if I've ever seen one... Hayabusa Mar 2013 #7
I'm sayin'... Callmecrazy Mar 2013 #8
Makes it sound like la petite suicide pact pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #10
It means: Fornicate to an orgasm ! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #16
Or "the little death" nt bike man Mar 2013 #34
No matter how it's said: It is my favorite way of passing time! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #37
!!!!! Wait Wut Mar 2013 #20
Excellent! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #13
My ex was born in Germany and raised by her mother and American soldier stepfather... MiddleFingerMom Mar 2013 #9
No. I don't know Fido. But I do know La Petite Mort! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #30
Non reproba totus vicis. SEMOVoter Mar 2013 #11
relinquere In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #31
Tish... I love it when you speak French! bluesbassman Mar 2013 #15
It was just a slip of the tongue! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #17
D'oh! bluesbassman Mar 2013 #21
Indeed! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #32
Reminds me of... pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #25
Me in my best George Takei voice, "Morticia... OH MY!!!" Big crush. Big. MiddleFingerMom Mar 2013 #26
I voted "Hell, yes!" Aristus Mar 2013 #44
Practice makes perfect. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #45
We'll never be perfect. Aristus Mar 2013 #46
That is the fun part. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #47
Plus, Aristus Mar 2013 #48
Indeed! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #49
did you mean to say "celibate", or "celebrate" JustABozoOnThisBus Mar 2013 #50
I refuse to become celibate. However my dry spell is way too long. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #51
Other: Freedom Fries!1!! pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #55
Isn't Freedom Fries a Southern thing? In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #56
Freedom fries... pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #57
Then should my OP have been:Orgasm Much. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #58
How do you say that in French? :) pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #59
ménage à trois In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #60
I studied it briefly, when my dream was to be a foreign correspondent pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #61
I really am sorry to hear that your dream fell by the wayside. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #62
Don't be sorry for me. What happens in our lives often is very different from our plans. pinboy3niner Mar 2013 #65
Every night. 840high Mar 2013 #63
Very nice. Congratulations! In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #64
This message was self-deleted by its author freshwest Mar 2013 #66
Your sig: Don't Believe Everything You Think In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #68
"the little death" CanSocDem Mar 2013 #69
I use pheromone therapy to combat a chronic pain condition. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #70
Mmm Aerows Mar 2013 #71
indeed In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #72
Just felt like posting this. Ron Obvious Mar 2013 #73
I totally understand how you can be confused. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #74
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