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If you were not on DU right now - [View all] ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 OP
flipping among tabs fizzgig Jun 2013 #1
Ya gotta clean the kitchen to make dinner? ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #3
i haven't felt like washing the pots and pans fizzgig Jun 2013 #4
Browsing the web, youtube, wikipedia, catching up on science news, playing video games... Locut0s Jun 2013 #2
I'm using Chrome - don't know how to "pin" things ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #5
How to pin tabs... Locut0s Jun 2013 #6
Where am I? ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #7
Ahh right. Didn't think to look there... Locut0s Jun 2013 #8
When you say you don't use youtube, do you mean to view, or share videos? marzipanni Jun 2013 #11
Don't use it for either viewing or to share. ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #15
I got the munchies, finished my meal ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #9
Right now I'm going to take a nap! CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2013 #10
Exactly what pipi_k Jun 2013 #12
I would probably be watching some movie on TCM HeiressofBickworth Jun 2013 #13
Having nightmares TrogL Jun 2013 #14
I'd be in my infinity pool with 8 starlets at my malibu house olddots Jun 2013 #16
I would be on IMVU.com AsahinaKimi Jun 2013 #17
on failblog or buzzfeed, probably Bertha Venation Jun 2013 #18
I should be transferring notes about old photos to a list csziggy Jun 2013 #19
"I swear I was less busy before I retired." ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #20
I've never been "unbusy" - ran my own farm business for many years csziggy Jun 2013 #24
Think I would have been happier on a farm. ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #27
Mentally I was happier on the farm, physically not up to the work csziggy Jun 2013 #30
Where I am now, with a link to pix ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #33
Sleeping. femmocrat Jun 2013 #21
The same thing I do every night, Pinky... Chan790 Jun 2013 #22
I'd be on 'ludes, man PuffedMica Jun 2013 #23
well, damn.. Probably dishes, laundry, vacuuming, weeding, dusting, making some damn meal or another annabanana Jun 2013 #25
I actually enjoy cooking ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #35
I'd be doing data entry. Blue_In_AK Jun 2013 #26
I'd be working NJCher Jun 2013 #28
Looking at the photos in this story: kentauros Jun 2013 #29
Today I have been splitting my time between: avebury Jun 2013 #31
I should be working HipChick Jun 2013 #32
Either StumbleUpon or Imgur... Earth_First Jun 2013 #34
Thinking about assembling a new computer out of the parts I got laying around. hobbit709 Jun 2013 #36
Been there done that. ConcernedCanuk Jun 2013 #37
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