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4. If all else fails, try this . . .
Thu Jun 16, 2016, 04:20 PM
Jun 2016

I have an 18 year old cat with IBS and kidney issues. He needs pills in the morning and at night. Cats are notoriously hard to pill. This is the only thing that works with my old man cat:

1. Have pills and a cup of water ready; if possible, put your dog on a counter or table (it's just easier for you)
2. Take a good sip of water in your mouth
3. Hold the animal steady with one hand and the pills in the other
4. Pry the dogs mouth open, tilt her head back, drop the pill(s) in the back of the throat, then immediately spit your mouthful of water into her mouth and keep her head tilted back until she swallows - don't let her go until you are sure she swallowed all pills

The swallow reflex will kick in and she will have to take it. Most likely she will swallow it so quickly she won't even taste it. Every once in a while my cat will spit one out, but it's immediately obvious and I just rinse and repeat until he has swallowed all the pills.

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