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24. Wonder who used that phrase.
Thu Jun 30, 2016, 05:38 PM
Jun 2016

You would be thrown out of St. David for using it. Was Benson there then?

What was the canyon name in Tom Jeffords time?

Or when Butterfield came through? I thought they had a change station there.

hahahaha. No, I've think you've reached the state of KMOD Jun 2016 #1
I WISH I was cool. Kali Jun 2016 #3
The insects on the East Coast are freaking stupid too. KMOD Jun 2016 #6
I don't think blase is the right word, my dear Kali! CaliforniaPeggy Jun 2016 #2
EXTREMELY poisonous - cobra level Kali Jun 2016 #4
We didn't get real excited in the Rincons until we pulled a six foot Downwinder Jun 2016 #5
pfffttt Kali Jun 2016 #7
That was back in '48, I don't really remember. Downwinder Jun 2016 #8
ah, I wondered. Kali Jun 2016 #9
Like you, the bees bothered me the worst. Downwinder Jun 2016 #10
fortunatly nobody in the house seems allergic, though a couple of us swell up pretty good. Kali Jun 2016 #11
Folks split the blanket in "50, we moved up to the Verde Valley. Downwinder Jun 2016 #12
heh, my family got run out of Texas in the 1880s Kali Jun 2016 #13
One of those Texans in the canyon? Downwinder Jun 2016 #16
yes indeed Kali Jun 2016 #18
Wonder who used that phrase. Downwinder Jun 2016 #24
Too bad about it being too dark. Coral snakes are pretty. Solly Mack Jun 2016 #14
I have some pix from past encouters Kali Jun 2016 #19
Sweet! Thanks! We have them here but they can be shy. Solly Mack Jun 2016 #20
yeah definitley shy Kali Jun 2016 #23
Red touch yellow kill a fellow Recursion Jun 2016 #15
the are pretty small Kali Jun 2016 #21
Kali, you are a DU shero pinboy3niner Jun 2016 #17
pppfffftttt Kali Jun 2016 #22
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