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red dog 1

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Sat Jun 10, 2017, 08:54 PM Jun 2017

In your opinion, the most overrated actor//actress of all time? [View all]

Actors are seen as the face of the movies, television, and other media products in which they star.
Extra attention is paid to them, as if they are infallible people.
Hollywood actors and actresses have become like gods to many people around the globe, and they are worshiped with praise, money, awards, and gifts.
However, many of the actors receiving the most accolades are extremely overrated in their raw talent, charisma, and chemistry with other actors.
While many actors bring in the big box office bucks, they have little or no acting range and often phone in their performances.
Who do you consider to be the most overrated actor of all time?

68 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Tom Cruise
31 (46%)
Kristen Stewart
2 (3%)
Ashton Kutcher
2 (3%)
Julia Roberts
1 (1%)
Miley Cyrus
0 (0%)
Keanu Reeves
1 (1%)
Adam Sandler
14 (21%)
Angelina Jolie
1 (1%)
John Wayne
16 (24%)
Jennifer lopez
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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john wayne rurallib Jun 2017 #1
I hadn't thought about John Wayne...He is overrated as an actor red dog 1 Jun 2017 #3
Good choice! 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2017 #5
So who do I take down to make room for John Wayne? red dog 1 Jun 2017 #8
John Wayne is now option # 9 red dog 1 Jun 2017 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author A HERETIC I AM Jun 2017 #70
Why do he have such a following if he's a bad actor rock Jun 2017 #72
probably for the same reason that Benedict Donald got millions of votes rurallib Jun 2017 #75
John Wayne had a number of memorable roles. Kaleva Jun 2017 #110
Ft Apache was another sarge43 Jun 2017 #140
John Wayne was brilliant in John Ford's "The Searchers" emulatorloo Jun 2017 #177
He is at the top of my "overrated" list. nt intheozone Jun 2017 #185
OMG! Decisions, decisions. dhol82 Jun 2017 #2
So many losers, so little space to list them all red dog 1 Jun 2017 #6
For me it's James Stewart. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2017 #4
I disagree....I would put him up against John Wayne anytime (as being overrated) red dog 1 Jun 2017 #7
Disagree entirely unblock Jun 2017 #34
I've been a huge old movie fan for over 40 years. 50 Shades Of Blue Jun 2017 #36
I'm a big fan of Jimmy Stewart Mosby Jun 2017 #150
I adore Jimmy Stewart. 3catwoman3 Jun 2017 #198
Wow. No way. narnian60 Jun 2017 #60
We have different taste. OrwellwasRight Jun 2017 #197
Oh, dear, there have been so many Warpy Jun 2017 #9
lol red dog 1 Jun 2017 #11
Kate Hudson Skittles Jun 2017 #12
Ugh - she's awful! smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #20
Halle Berry always is in overacting mode Skittles Jun 2017 #120
I forgot she had done movies, I keep seeing ads for those yoga clothes. nt irisblue Jun 2017 #48
This is so easy... Ronald Reagan, of course. An actor overrated for his presidency. Rollo Jun 2017 #13
Brando TlalocW Jun 2017 #14
I SO agree. narnian60 Jun 2017 #61
Yes LeftInTX Jun 2017 #97
Concur MosheFeingold Jun 2017 #135
You're not wrong OrwellwasRight Jun 2017 #196
John Wayne! frogmarch Jun 2017 #15
He really only played one role - John Wayne TexasBushwhacker Jun 2017 #40
Julia Roberts lunamagica Jun 2017 #16
I'll second that. smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #22
the only movie she comes close to acting in Phentex Jun 2017 #44
She completely ruined "Michael Collins" for me. smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #56
You can vote for her now red dog 1 Jun 2017 #98
I third this Phentex Jun 2017 #45
She's now poll option # 4 red dog 1 Jun 2017 #99
She can do a good job some of the time. Liberal Veteran Jun 2017 #68
Julia Roberts is now poll option # 4 red dog 1 Jun 2017 #76
Good! Ellen Burstyn was ROBBED at the Oscars. The fact that JR got that award instead lunamagica Jun 2017 #82
+1 nt Kahuna7 Jun 2017 #172
I thought I was the only one who couldn't stand her.Hard Alice11111 Jun 2017 #205
How can Keanu Reeves and Adam Sandler be called overrated? Les Cowbell Jun 2017 #17
I chose Adam Sandler because I"m shocked that so many of his movies get funded! Upthevibe Jun 2017 #19
We need to find the people who still like Adam Sandler movies and sterilize them for the good of Oneironaut Jun 2017 #144
I actually liked "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" red dog 1 Jun 2017 #151
Charlton Heston genxlib Jun 2017 #18
I don't agree 100% Aristus Jun 2017 #46
Agree sarge43 Jun 2017 #138
He is my science fiction lead from the late 1960s/early 1970s exboyfil Jun 2017 #81
Vincent Price is my everything. narnian60 Jun 2017 #145
OMG Zoonart Jun 2017 #180
Wow. narnian60 Jun 2017 #186
I know, right? Zoonart Jun 2017 #187
Thank YOU. narnian60 Jun 2017 #188
No way! Bucky Jun 2017 #108
Agree. He did rock that loincloth in POTA though. alphafemale Jun 2017 #182
I'm going with Adam Sandler, though maybe that's not quite right The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #21
I have actually liked Adam Sandler in a couple of things Beringia Jun 2017 #195
Jack Nicholson. smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #23
Sadly much of Hollywood is very character-actor oriented unblock Jun 2017 #32
True, there aren't many Daniel-Day Lewis types around. smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #55
"I'm not an actor. I'm a movie star!" sarge43 Jun 2017 #142
Thank you! wryter2000 Jun 2017 #87
I know. He's such an ugly little man yet he manages smirkymonkey Jun 2017 #95
Clint Eastwood abbeyco Jun 2017 #24
+1 narnian60 Jun 2017 #62
He's a lot better director than he is an actor. (nt) Paladin Jun 2017 #63
In the last 2 Eastwood movies I saw, he speaks in a whisper, the whole time red dog 1 Jun 2017 #100
THANK You! Leith Jun 2017 #116
Wasn't he the lead in "The Bridges of Madison County" with Meryl Streep? CTyankee Jun 2017 #175
Jennifer Aniston. BUT, I will go see almost any movie she's in, cause I'm pnwest Jun 2017 #25
Jennifer reminds me of Keanu Skittles Jun 2017 #37
I do not understand the appeal of Gerard Butler n/t TexasBushwhacker Jun 2017 #41
I don't either Skittles Jun 2017 #102
You left our Charles Nelson Reilly! Kablooie Jun 2017 #26
Scrumtrulescent! Miles Archer Jun 2017 #203
Looks like the winner is Tom cruise Chipper Chat Jun 2017 #27
I thought he did a decent job in "Collateral" with Jamie Foxx red dog 1 Jun 2017 #85
Why is Tom Cruise ahead in this vote? Who overrates Tom Cruise? Doodley Jun 2017 #28
Agreed, his main talent is picking scripts unblock Jun 2017 #31
I think he is a good actor Skittles Jun 2017 #38
Born on the Fourth of July too TexasBushwhacker Jun 2017 #43
I agree! Also loved A Few Good Men and Born on the Fourth of July. I think he is kind of skylucy Jun 2017 #128
I agree Skittles Jun 2017 #132
Mostly people are voting against them cuz they don't like his politics Bucky Jun 2017 #109
James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor First Speaker Jun 2017 #29
Elizabeth Taylor is unwatchable. nt Kahuna7 Jun 2017 #57
Do you remember Elizabeth in The Taming of the Shrew. Brilliant performance. OregonBlue Jun 2017 #79
Many brilliant performances. narnian60 Jun 2017 #146
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Nuff said n/t sarge43 Jun 2017 #148
Absolutely. narnian60 Jun 2017 #153
A Place in the Sun, also. LisaM Jun 2017 #176
I'll give you that one. She wasn't bad in Butterfield either. Kahuna7 Jun 2017 #169
Kevin costner unblock Jun 2017 #30
He tops my list of overrated. nt defacto7 Jun 2017 #59
+1 Though he was good in the Hatfields and McCoys. nt Kahuna7 Jun 2017 #171
Al pacino Mosby Jun 2017 #33
No offense... ADX Jun 2017 #89
He has turned into a caricature of himself Mosby Jun 2017 #90
I see what you're saying... ADX Jun 2017 #92
His body of work is pretty impressive Mosby Jun 2017 #94
I agree with that guy... ADX Jun 2017 #96
I thought he was pretty good in "88 Minutes" (2007), despite the film's lousy plot, red dog 1 Jun 2017 #158
He's always good as far as I'm concerned... ADX Jun 2017 #160
Lawrence Olivier bettyellen Jun 2017 #35
*gasp* Bucky Jun 2017 #111
He's so unnatural and hammy. Plus he was so mean to his wife and Marilyn. bettyellen Jun 2017 #113
+1 nt Kahuna7 Jun 2017 #170
Yes! Henry V! JNelson6563 Jun 2017 #129
I agree, the K.B. Henry V performance was superior by a ton. oasis Jun 2017 #162
Olivier never impressed my much in the moviesbut... Demoiselle Jun 2017 #156
Yes, very theatrical. That's exactly like. bettyellen Jun 2017 #157
That fucker named Ronald Reagan gopiscrap Jun 2017 #39
OMFG!!! I forgot about that freak. yes, you are right. Doreen Jun 2017 #49
I would not call Ronald Reagan overrated as an actor. Wolf Frankula Jun 2017 #123
The Chair doesn't recognize Clint Eastwood. lastlib Jun 2017 #42
Johnny Depp. Little acting range dixiegrrrrl Jun 2017 #47
My exact thought the second i saw the topic bdtrppr6 Jun 2017 #54
I disagree red dog 1 Jun 2017 #103
I have a copy of Black Mass, been meaning to watch it. dixiegrrrrl Jun 2017 #119
but loved him in the animation film Rango...... a kennedy Jun 2017 #173
I laughed so hard at the opening minutes of that movie. alphafemale Jun 2017 #183
and the Toy Story movies, Despicable Me, they are all so well done. a kennedy Jun 2017 #184
Tom Hanks BainsBane Jun 2017 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Jun 2017 #93
Julia Roberts milestogo Jun 2017 #51
Well, that makes 6 votes for Julia Roberts, red dog 1 Jun 2017 #74
I think they overhyped her. milestogo Jun 2017 #86
Elizabeth Taylor was very bad Motley13 Jun 2017 #52
Jon Voight-three best actor academy award nomination and one win. bronxiteforever Jun 2017 #53
he's very pedestrian in this scene SethH Jun 2017 #78
Ha! Hoffman is an actor, Voight is just a prop. bronxiteforever Jun 2017 #80
I See What You Did There... Leith Jun 2017 #117
If I were to choose Tom Cruise defacto7 Jun 2017 #58
"there could have been much better choices"? red dog 1 Jun 2017 #73
I wasn't talking about your choices... defacto7 Jun 2017 #77
My mistake! red dog 1 Jun 2017 #164
Alan Ladd and Robert Mitchum. narnian60 Jun 2017 #64
I agree about Alan Ladd. But NOT Robert Mitchum. Demoiselle Jun 2017 #66
Seem them. He's just too monotone for me. narnian60 Jun 2017 #67
OhI didn't see the interview. I'll look for it. Demoiselle Jun 2017 #69
Re Mitchum. Watch Night of the Hunter and get back to us. n/t sarge43 Jun 2017 #139
I couldn't seem to find the "All of the above" button. n/t Binkie The Clown Jun 2017 #65
I'm gonna say Ronald Reagan Coventina Jun 2017 #71
Was he "over-rated"? WinkyDink Jun 2017 #125
John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Two stiffs making tons of dough. oasis Jun 2017 #83
Nobody who can dance like Travolta is a "stiff"! WinkyDink Jun 2017 #126
Nicholas Cage...no... Stuart G Jun 2017 #161
Cage comes across flat and one dimensional in many of his films. nt oasis Jun 2017 #163
Tom Hanks elehhhhna Jun 2017 #84
Tom hanks is a good actor and a likable guy. Mosby Jun 2017 #91
+1 narnian60 Jun 2017 #147
+ 2 red dog 1 Jun 2017 #154
Sorry he bores me. elehhhhna Jun 2017 #192
I guess Jim Carey isn't enough of an actor to qualify for this poll wryter2000 Jun 2017 #88
I've been a fan of Jim Carey since his days on "In Living Color" red dog 1 Jun 2017 #152
Clint Eastwood and Charlton Heston aren't listed. LisaM Jun 2017 #101
I agree with Clint Eastwood. llmart Jun 2017 #202
I'm surprised... Mike Nelson Jun 2017 #104
Nicholas Cage and Adam Sandler Kaleva Jun 2017 #105
Might as well jump into trouble: Katherine HEPBURN, just nothing for me. UTUSN Jun 2017 #106
Well, besides I detest Nic CAGE, John WAYNE UTUSN Jun 2017 #112
Did you see her performance as Eleanor of Acquitaine in 'The Lion In Winter'? Aristus Jun 2017 #141
Cybill Shepherd Bucky Jun 2017 #107
Not all acclaimed actors are great movie stars and vice versa. Kaleva Jun 2017 #114
Interesting point. red dog 1 Jun 2017 #165
Jennifer Lawrence. WinkyDink Jun 2017 #115
I don't find her as impressive as most do Skittles Jun 2017 #121
Megan Boone Leith Jun 2017 #118
Nothing against him personally but I'll toss a vote in for George Clooney. CentralMass Jun 2017 #122
Bingo! True Dough Jun 2017 #124
In my... expert opinion... the... most... overrated... actor is lapfog_1 Jun 2017 #127
To be "over-rated" one must be considered good. MosheFeingold Jun 2017 #134
I think to be over-rated one must have a rating lapfog_1 Jun 2017 #136
That could be said about half the people on that list.... vi5 Jun 2017 #179
i never saw any of them but how about those fast and furious movies JI7 Jun 2017 #130
Brad Pitt should be on here FlightRN Jun 2017 #131
Katherine Hepburn cyclonefence Jun 2017 #133
Meryl Streep skypilot Jun 2017 #137
Did you know Felicity is married to William H Macy? TexasBushwhacker Jun 2017 #155
Oh,no. Not my Meryl! CTyankee Jun 2017 #190
I haven't forgotten them. skypilot Jun 2017 #193
I think her ability to change in order to play her character (probably as a result of her CTyankee Jun 2017 #194
Matthew McConaughey Oneironaut Jun 2017 #143
"Mummy," by US senator from Canada Ted Cruise, is named worst film of already horrific film career. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2017 #149
Sylvester Stallone. jalan48 Jun 2017 #159
Stallone overrated? red dog 1 Jun 2017 #166
He was nominated for an Oscar for Rocky and won an Oscar for Supporting Actor for Creed. jalan48 Jun 2017 #167
Rocky was a great film, imo red dog 1 Jun 2017 #168
He didn't win an Oscar for Creed. He was nominated. I've never been a fan of his Upthevibe Jun 2017 #189
You are correct-he won a Golden Globe for Creed. jalan48 Jun 2017 #200
Voted for Adam Sandler, but Doug the Dem Jun 2017 #174
Myley Cyrus? Adam Sandler? Jennifer Lopez? Ashton Kutcher? vi5 Jun 2017 #178
Adam Sandler in a runaway! n/m bagelsforbreakfast Jun 2017 #181
"Of all time" seems limited. Maybe it's Rudolph Valentino! Who, BTW, shows that WinkyDink Jun 2017 #191
Will Ferrell yuiyoshida Jun 2017 #199
bill murray samnsara Jun 2017 #201
Bruce Willis, in the post-glory days phase of his career Miles Archer Jun 2017 #204
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