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Maybe a coati? SeattleVet Jul 2012 #1
looke it up Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #3
Sure it was not a Civet Cat? Downwinder Jul 2012 #2
no. not according to the pics I am seeing when I google civet cat Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #4
Ring tailed cats. denbot Jul 2012 #5
the face does not look right and the tail is tooo bushy --- Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #6
This little guy made his tail poofy.. Like a kitty. denbot Jul 2012 #7
he looks too small and if so He is way out of range. I am eastern US. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #8
Oscar? nolabear Jul 2012 #10
haha! yeah -- that was my first thought, too Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author uppityperson Aug 2013 #44
get a PICTURE! Kali Jul 2012 #12
I will try to get a pic. definitely not a bobcat. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #21
the google came up with this fizzgig Jul 2012 #13
this is more like it. but it was grey/silver coat and bigger/longer body. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #22
Red penpapercoffee Jan 2015 #62
when was the last time you saw it? recently? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2015 #66
Aug 2013 penpapercoffee Feb 2015 #67
I saw one of those in VT once. Agschmid Aug 2013 #47
Has anyone ever seen a fox-coyote? (tee hee) nt raccoon Jul 2012 #14
hee-hee Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #23
Beavcoon? Rambis Jul 2012 #15
can't see second or third pic--- but No to the first one. thanks Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #20
How about one of these? sinkingfeeling Jul 2012 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #17
nope. wrong snout and face and body and legs. thanks though. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #18
Really, some silver foxes' tails look slightly ringed. --- really? Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #19
swift fox.... lastlib Jul 2012 #24
that looks a lot like what I saw. not sure but, could be. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #25
possible they've migrated to your neighborhood..... lastlib Jul 2012 #28
will do -- will he chase cows? this story might not have a happy ending -- Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #30
He might go after a calf if it was away from the herd (unprotected)... lastlib Jul 2012 #31
Jaguarundi? trof Jul 2012 #26
nope, Not a cat. It was some type of fox or coyote. pretty though. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #27
according to my state conservation department, that's a dog..... lastlib Jul 2012 #29
lol Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #34
The gray fox sometimes has gradation on its tail pink-o Jul 2012 #32
grey fox or coyote is what I think but, the tail had faint but distinct rings Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #33
I have seen something similar to what you describe... Rvonk22 Dec 2012 #35
Holy crap! You saw OSCAR!!!! uppityperson Dec 2012 #36
I think we have seen Oscar. I really do. Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2012 #38
yes, that sounds exactly like what I saw in my yard but, I live in the woods close to a creek. - Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2012 #37
I saw this animal today!! penpapercoffee Aug 2013 #43
Anything like this ? eppur_se_muova Jun 2014 #55
Not even close :( penpapercoffee Jan 2015 #64
I saw one this morning. sandmtn Dec 2012 #39
Welcome to DU and I hope you enjoy the site. hrmjustin Dec 2012 #40
well then. what the hell is it?? is there some wild cross breeding going on out there? Tuesday Afternoon Dec 2012 #41
I know - kinda unsettling. sandmtn Dec 2012 #42
Ring Tailed Fox jenozeryn Aug 2013 #45
Welcome to DU! Agschmid Aug 2013 #46
ringed tail fox ringtail4real Nov 2013 #48
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Nov 2013 #49
California Sighting inspectorwalker Apr 2014 #50
thanks for posting. I want to see this critter again. If I do I will post here and try and get a Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2014 #51
Yes! buechnerfan Jun 2014 #52
Yes, I saw mine at dusk but, only that one time. PLEASE, get a picture!! Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #53
Saw mine outside Charlottesville VA! penpapercoffee Jan 2015 #63
seen a few in Sedona Sedona Jun 2014 #54
Is this it? sakabatou Jun 2014 #56
Is that for real and if so, is that a baby? Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #57
That's a real creature. sakabatou Jun 2014 #58
Ok. I am home now on a bigger screen - that does have some resemblance but, Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2014 #59
fox with prominent ringed trail Argos Jan 2015 #60
Thanks. How long ago did you see it? Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2015 #61
I agree penpapercoffee Jan 2015 #65
Washington county, Minnesota Learyofyou Apr 2015 #68
Yes, last night I did! California Patriot May 2015 #69
ring tale fox/coyote djune Jun 2015 #70
Michigan sighting Mickie0209 Jul 2015 #71
PA sighting McPippster Aug 2015 #72
NC siting? Katethompson02 Aug 2016 #73
Curious penpapercoffee Oct 2016 #76
Raccoon tail fox bobcat in nh??? smith1977melissa Sep 2016 #74
I'm so happy.... penpapercoffee Oct 2016 #75
This Is The Closeset I've Found To It shredenator5150 Apr 2017 #77
sighting in Indiana TheBroker May 2017 #78
edit TheBroker May 2017 #79
I've seen it too! April2017 Jun 2017 #80
Tasmanian tiger? TexasTowelie Jun 2017 #81
No stripes on tbe body but thanks. Cool critter. Tuesday Afternoon Jun 2017 #82
Supposedly extinct for about 80-90 years. TexasTowelie Jun 2017 #83
good to see you around discntnt_irny_srcsm Jun 2017 #85
- Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2017 #86
Glad to see you are back!! Kaleva Jul 2017 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author mpnret Jun 2017 #84
This has to be it! PJammer Aug 2017 #88
I've seen something that I could not Identify, and it seems to be the same description... wheet22 Nov 2017 #89
Following some old threads around tonight due to photofuckit making some changes Kali Jun 2018 #90
Omg I'm so glad you saw it Misjudg69 Nov 2023 #91
Escaped Red Panda? OKIsItJustMe Nov 2023 #92
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