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14. I think I may have
Fri Dec 20, 2019, 01:45 AM
Dec 2019

IIRC, a request came out from the admin for groups that we might like to participate in.

My suggestion was for a propaganda debunking group.

Soon after, a propaganda debunking group appeared.

I do not know if I was the only one to suggest this group but it warms my heart to see it still around.

No, I do not post here at DU anymore. It would not be right of me to do so.

That said, I was just ghosting through on my old account to watch the debate threads. I have watched all of the debates here at DU.

I find I sometimes agree with some of the posts in those threads.

Perhaps a parting bit of advice: one man's paradigm can be another man's propaganda and vice versa. I do not say that to be mean or spiteful.

I remember you calimary...I always did like you. I hope that your son realized his dreams in the music iindustry.


?????? Link? Frustratedlady Aug 2019 #1
the propaganda debunking group under the Activism topic rurallib Aug 2019 #2
Oh, OK! Thanks! Frustratedlady Aug 2019 #3
Oh crap, my apologies, Frustratedlady. Why didn't I include the reference? calimary Oct 2019 #12
Thanks! Learn something everyday at DU. nt procon Aug 2019 #4
New to me because of your OP! MontanaMama Aug 2019 #5
Doubleplus Good! Newest Reality Aug 2019 #6
Thanks! I'll check it out now. Shanti Mama Aug 2019 #7
welcome to our little group, cali mary rampartc Aug 2019 #8
I could. I'm pretty busy with my Indivisible group. calimary Aug 2019 #9
Antipropaganda tools George Paine Oct 2019 #10
Good good good good good! calimary Oct 2019 #11
Pocket-sized lists of useful principles George Paine Oct 2019 #13
I think I may have chknltl Dec 2019 #14
Love to you chknltl! I remember you, too! calimary Dec 2019 #15
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