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34. Thanks, great OP! And Utah Phillips was (is?) a treasure
Sat Mar 19, 2016, 11:17 PM
Mar 2016

I used to see him and Kate Wolf, sometimes just one or the other, at local events, doing their folk songs, wonderful.

For Utah, the songs were almost an afterthought, he would spend most of his time just telling old stories, most of which had a social justice point to them. In a better country, we'd be electing people like Utah. Bernie would approve!

No root, No fruit. [View all] Ichingcarpenter Mar 2016 OP
K&R Martin Eden Mar 2016 #1
Organize sacrifice unity mountain grammy Mar 2016 #2
Yep. n/t jtuck004 Mar 2016 #3
Hell.... Plucketeer Mar 2016 #4
+1000000 SammyWinstonJack Mar 2016 #6
Yes and the fire under the pot most of us are in will be turned up just a little more. A Simple Game Mar 2016 #10
"Plutocracy" (2015) documentary; history of US labor movements and suppression. appalachiablue Mar 2016 #5
They used to teach the history of the union movement in public schools. Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2016 #20
No they did NOT teach union history happyslug Mar 2016 #37
They didn't teach it in my time in school but I knew where to learn about appalachiablue Mar 2016 #38
I went to Battle Creek Central High School in the mid 70s..... Spitfire of ATJ Mar 2016 #40
DNC and RNC are united in exploiting sweatshops overseas... whereisjustice Mar 2016 #7
If we do not remember... Silver_Witch Mar 2016 #8
Welcome to DU awoke_in_2003 Mar 2016 #11
Thank you awoke_in_2003 Silver_Witch Mar 2016 #43
And the gop is working diligently to overturn child labor laws. What a bunch of dopes! Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #9
And not to name names, but SOME Democrats want to create a "warm purple space" with them Scootaloo Mar 2016 #13
Newt Gingrich thinks kids working as janitors in their own schools appalachiablue Mar 2016 #41
I remember that. Cause poor kids don't have enough to worry about... Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #42
Not that long ago, either. Major Hogwash Mar 2016 #12
A customer of ours told stories about his father making him work in the mines as a child Doremus Mar 2016 #14
ˇSí, Se Puede! corbettkroehler Mar 2016 #15
The myth is that business owners will take care of their people Hydra Mar 2016 #16
$15 not $12 Ichingcarpenter Mar 2016 #17
Now the powers that be have simply moved the forced child labor offshore. highoverheadspace Mar 2016 #18
sad, so sad grasswire Mar 2016 #23
I see it more as simple greed. highoverheadspace Mar 2016 #29
Truth dreamnightwind Mar 2016 #32
. libodem Mar 2016 #19
Exploitation is the cornerstone of the Oligarchy that Clinton supports. nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #21
The fight against child labor laws was ruthless and very powerful CoffeeCat Mar 2016 #22
K&R this is what many people forget w0nderer Mar 2016 #24
a(a-ring actually) dalen shootings w0nderer Mar 2016 #25
Utah Phillips! zentrum Mar 2016 #26
When educating Lumpkin libertarians this picture... reACTIONary Mar 2016 #27
K&R! Bookmarked!! Thanks for this post. haikugal Mar 2016 #28
Kick and R BeanMusical Mar 2016 #30
As a teen, my father spent summers working in the coal mines of northeastern PA LibDemAlways Mar 2016 #31
If they could... SoapBox Mar 2016 #33
Thanks, great OP! And Utah Phillips was (is?) a treasure dreamnightwind Mar 2016 #34
Sing it! nt Wounded Bear Mar 2016 #35
Bernie Is The Only Antidote To Rampant DNC DWS DLC HRC Third-Way Corporatist Corruption cantbeserious Mar 2016 #36
Thank you for your post. mia Mar 2016 #39
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