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20. Oh, wow! Thank you, GPV.
Thu Jun 29, 2023, 07:38 AM
Jun 2023

Ravens, crows, even blue jays are all cousins. Ravens have a curved beak and a fluffier ruff of feathers under their chins than crows but they’re both iridescent blackbirds.

Love all the blue and purple almost black. And that bright eye looking at me is so expressive. Sweet!

Both are great artistry claudette Jun 2023 #1
Lol, thanks! It took a lot to get that close up shot, and I'm glad I wasn't there when he sprang GPV Jun 2023 #5
It's a claudette Jun 2023 #7
Thanks! GPV Jun 2023 #13
Dragonfly. It will stand out from all the landscapes others submit jxla Jun 2023 #2
It's a local dragonfly and I have the phone pic and witnesses to prove it. Lol I think I'd rather GPV Jun 2023 #3
Love both! Laf.La.Dem. Jun 2023 #4
Thank you! I do, too! GPV Jun 2023 #6
Dragonfly close up against that background reminiscent of summer blue sky with clouds thatcrowwoman Jun 2023 #8
Thank you! Glad you like it! GPV Jun 2023 #14
Here's one for you. I think it's a raven, tho. GPV Jun 2023 #15
Oh, wow! Thank you, GPV. thatcrowwoman Jun 2023 #20
Thank you! They are all quite amazing birds! GPV Jun 2023 #21
Both are lovely... Trueblue Texan Jun 2023 #9
I love that image of a ballroom dancer! I considered that the landscape may be what the public GPV Jun 2023 #16
Dragonfly for sure! bif Jun 2023 #10
Thank you! GPV Jun 2023 #17
I love both but the landscape really captured my attention! 👍👏👏👏 LiberalLoner Jun 2023 #11
Wow, thanks! GPV Jun 2023 #18
The dragonfly is a good study. The landscape shows an artistic view. TomSlick Jun 2023 #12
Thanks. Hubby talked me into the dragonfly. It's a study, but odds GPV Jun 2023 #19
Don't sell yourself short. TomSlick Jun 2023 #22
I always like landscapes. MacKasey Nov 2023 #23
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