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Major Nikon

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14. If it works at all there's a good chance it's accurate
Fri Feb 6, 2015, 12:33 AM
Feb 2015

You can check it easily enough. At mid-day on a sunny day just fill the frame with a grey card angled at a 45 degree angle between the camera and the sun with the ISO and shutter speed set to the same value. It should meter within 1/2 stop at f/16, which is about as accurate as you can expect from a camera like that. If you want to calibrate it, simply perform the same test with a camera or meter that you trust, then adjust the ISO setting until the meter zeros and use whatever offset you come up with from that point on. For instance, if a shutter speed of 1/125 zeros the meter at ISO 200, then you'll just need to set each roll of film 2 notches faster on the ISO setting. The error should be linear, but you can always recheck under different lighting conditions to be sure.

Back when I was shooting slides, a couple of the camera bodies I owned preferred to be set one notch from the actual film ISO so I just always knew to put in the offset to get the meter to work correctly.

Looks nice, elleng Feb 2015 #1
I almost bought a Nikon back in the sixties, but ended up buying a Pentax Spotmatic. alfredo Feb 2015 #5
My folks gave it to me as a birthday present, elleng Feb 2015 #8
During the Sixties, Nikon was highly respected for its lenses. alfredo Feb 2015 #10
Yes, and I bought a couple more lenses, elleng Feb 2015 #11
Good glass is always a good buy. alfredo Feb 2015 #12
Ain't technology grand? NV Whino Feb 2015 #2
Sure is. I love the split image focusing, just like on the Pentax Spotmatic. alfredo Feb 2015 #6
I do miss split image focusing. NV Whino Feb 2015 #16
You can still get them for most DSLRs.. sir pball Feb 2015 #17
I got one of those for my D7000 Major Nikon Feb 2015 #34
I just finished shooting my first roll. The mirror would stick up every now and then. alfredo Feb 2015 #18
You need this or something like it for your telephoto lens. alfredo Feb 2015 #13
Film cameras are fun. hunter Feb 2015 #3
I picked this up for $26 including shipping. The meter works and the owner threw in the flash. alfredo Feb 2015 #7
If you want to have some real fun, pick up some infrared film Major Nikon Feb 2015 #21
I will wait and see how this turns out. alfredo Feb 2015 #22
I have a D5000 that I had converted Major Nikon Feb 2015 #24
The newer Olympus cameras have a feature called Live Time. It alfredo Feb 2015 #25
In certain applications it would Major Nikon Feb 2015 #26
I think a filter would be my first step to see if I like doing IR. alfredo Feb 2015 #27
From the looks it seems to be in pretty good shape Major Nikon Feb 2015 #4
The meter works, but I have that Sekonic on the way as a backup. alfredo Feb 2015 #9
If it works at all there's a good chance it's accurate Major Nikon Feb 2015 #14
Yeah, I will see. I have a bit of a sticky mirror. I used my bulb to blow it out, and it alfredo Feb 2015 #19
Actually I believe it's a Pentax. equivalent to a K1000. flamin lib Feb 2015 #15
I spent many hours shooting with a Pentax Spotmatic and a Yashica D, and a Yashica 35mm. alfredo Feb 2015 #20
There's a big difference between this and my Pentax. The film advance lever is also the on off alfredo Feb 2015 #23
You inspired me to buy another film camera Major Nikon Feb 2015 #28
Grab some Ilford and go crazy! If I can find a good price on a alfredo Feb 2015 #29
For years I lusted over a Yashica D or 124 Major Nikon Feb 2015 #30
I like the square format. It takes me back to the days of my first box camera. alfredo Feb 2015 #31
I had a Brownie that was almost identical Major Nikon Feb 2015 #32
I loved the shape. alfredo Feb 2015 #33
I ran the first roll of film through it yesterday Major Nikon Feb 2015 #35
I got my first roll of film back from my Sear/Ricoh camera. alfredo Feb 2015 #36
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