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Major Nikon

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24. I have a D5000 that I had converted
Sat Feb 7, 2015, 04:55 AM
Feb 2015

It creates some very interesting images. However, there's nothing quite like real infrared film.

Focus and exposure are a bit tricky. The focus point for infrared is just before the visual spectrum and exposure is not the same because light doesn't reflect off objects the same. So it's best to stop down the aperture more than you might otherwise and bracket your shutter speed.

Looks nice, elleng Feb 2015 #1
I almost bought a Nikon back in the sixties, but ended up buying a Pentax Spotmatic. alfredo Feb 2015 #5
My folks gave it to me as a birthday present, elleng Feb 2015 #8
During the Sixties, Nikon was highly respected for its lenses. alfredo Feb 2015 #10
Yes, and I bought a couple more lenses, elleng Feb 2015 #11
Good glass is always a good buy. alfredo Feb 2015 #12
Ain't technology grand? NV Whino Feb 2015 #2
Sure is. I love the split image focusing, just like on the Pentax Spotmatic. alfredo Feb 2015 #6
I do miss split image focusing. NV Whino Feb 2015 #16
You can still get them for most DSLRs.. sir pball Feb 2015 #17
I got one of those for my D7000 Major Nikon Feb 2015 #34
I just finished shooting my first roll. The mirror would stick up every now and then. alfredo Feb 2015 #18
You need this or something like it for your telephoto lens. alfredo Feb 2015 #13
Film cameras are fun. hunter Feb 2015 #3
I picked this up for $26 including shipping. The meter works and the owner threw in the flash. alfredo Feb 2015 #7
If you want to have some real fun, pick up some infrared film Major Nikon Feb 2015 #21
I will wait and see how this turns out. alfredo Feb 2015 #22
I have a D5000 that I had converted Major Nikon Feb 2015 #24
The newer Olympus cameras have a feature called Live Time. It alfredo Feb 2015 #25
In certain applications it would Major Nikon Feb 2015 #26
I think a filter would be my first step to see if I like doing IR. alfredo Feb 2015 #27
From the looks it seems to be in pretty good shape Major Nikon Feb 2015 #4
The meter works, but I have that Sekonic on the way as a backup. alfredo Feb 2015 #9
If it works at all there's a good chance it's accurate Major Nikon Feb 2015 #14
Yeah, I will see. I have a bit of a sticky mirror. I used my bulb to blow it out, and it alfredo Feb 2015 #19
Actually I believe it's a Pentax. equivalent to a K1000. flamin lib Feb 2015 #15
I spent many hours shooting with a Pentax Spotmatic and a Yashica D, and a Yashica 35mm. alfredo Feb 2015 #20
There's a big difference between this and my Pentax. The film advance lever is also the on off alfredo Feb 2015 #23
You inspired me to buy another film camera Major Nikon Feb 2015 #28
Grab some Ilford and go crazy! If I can find a good price on a alfredo Feb 2015 #29
For years I lusted over a Yashica D or 124 Major Nikon Feb 2015 #30
I like the square format. It takes me back to the days of my first box camera. alfredo Feb 2015 #31
I had a Brownie that was almost identical Major Nikon Feb 2015 #32
I loved the shape. alfredo Feb 2015 #33
I ran the first roll of film through it yesterday Major Nikon Feb 2015 #35
I got my first roll of film back from my Sear/Ricoh camera. alfredo Feb 2015 #36
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