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5. Really. He truly is a horse's a&& and ignorant as to the proper handling of guns by untrained ...
Sun Jul 19, 2020, 12:41 PM
Jul 2020

citizens, especially when it involves pointing them at other people. Many accidents have happened w/ the improper handling of guns.

One thing, I do hope that some of those protesters sue these two in court for damages (for threatening them w/ firearms). I don't know if it'll get very far, but it seems fair to me, as a city resident, that this is a serious uncalled for assault upon peaceful protesters who were simply walking by on their way to somewhere else. I can easily imagine myself walking along too, on that sidewalk (and I've have, in the past, going to several parties over in that neighborhood).

I'm sure that there are plenty of witnesses, videos, etc., and also, how did the McCloseys truly know that the protesters weren't there on that street at perhaps the invitation of a neighbor? Why didn't they call the police instead of taking matters into their own hands?

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