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3. Johnny,
Sat Dec 2, 2023, 11:14 AM
Dec 2023

I’ve been extremely upset over this whole debacle ever since it was announced. It stinks of a back door, secret, done deal. The salary and perks this yahoo is going to get from Ohio taxpayers is unbelievable.

Whatever were the trustees thinking, (or smoking) fawning over a Trump stooge in every way who has absolutely zero experience in education? His voting record shows he has voted with Trump 96% of the time.
I guess he’s only anti-public-education, anti-immigrant, anti-diversity, anti-woman, when he’s not getting a huge paycheck and perks at the taxpayers’ expense. I couldn’t myself come up with anyone WORSE for the job. And I know other YSU alums who feel the same way.

Any ideas that he would attract donors seems to be working the opposite way. He’s already alienated many. Some of them who promised millions.

News reports say the trustees are just flabbergasted at this reaction by the public. What did they expect, hiring an extremist, partisan, hack with no experience in education? I fear now for the legitimacy of YSU and the backwards slide of all that Jim Tressel accomplished there.

If Johnson had any class, he’d say, “I’m flattered but I can see how my presence here is undeniably controversial, so I’ll remain in Congress serving my constituents “. But, no, he’s probably giddy over his new gig and all the prestige he thinks he’s worthy of. It makes me nauseous to the core.

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