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15. Jared is a coward
Sun Dec 26, 2021, 09:36 AM
Dec 2021

He now claims his expression during the President’s phone call was a joke.

Oh, yeah, Jared? Then why did you blurt it out and then hang up? Your behavior was immature and akin to Howard Stern’s fans yelling, “Bobba buey!”

The stunt was childish and cowardly. If he wanted to express his frustrations, he had the President of the United States on the phone! He could have acted like an adult and had a (brief) conversation with the President. Instead, he blurted out a schoolyard taunt then figuratively ran away. Now he hides behind the idea that it was a joke. He doesn’t even have the conviction of thought to acknowledge his own political views. His attempts at damage control are amateurish and ineffective.

It was vulgar, stupid and cowardly. Not a great example for his family. Let me add that he probably ruined what could have been an awesome memory for his kids.

What an idiot.

Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism. The antidote to bad speech is more speech Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2021 #1
For bad speech yes, antidote. For hate speech more speech doesn't seem to work. Alexander Of Assyria Dec 2021 #19
You hit the nail on the head. Prof. Toru Tanaka Dec 2021 #37
So, his hostile remark to the president is a joke, but any remarks to him are attacks? Walleye Dec 2021 #2
Typical R's - everything he does is AOK, but it is heinous if it's done to him. lark Dec 2021 #14
He probably thinks he's just a great father, too Walleye Dec 2021 #16
"said he meant it in jest"... Typical bully comment.. "lighten up, it was just a joke" bullshit mitch96 Dec 2021 #33
You nailed it. We've all met people like that. Arkansas Granny Dec 2021 #38
If it's not funny it's not a joke in my opinion Walleye Dec 2021 #41
Awaiting the "Christian" conservatives . . .. Lovie777 Dec 2021 #3
Let's Go, Jared. peacefreak2.0 Dec 2021 #4
+1 -K&R onetexan Dec 2021 #9
We need something to call back with these folks COL Mustard Dec 2021 #22
Lets go 45? nt mitch96 Dec 2021 #34
The classic "It-Was-A-Joke" meme no_hypocrisy Dec 2021 #5
Play Stupid Games modrepub Dec 2021 #6
What a horse's ass. Joinfortmill Dec 2021 #7
Don't dish it, if you can't take it Hmongliberal Dec 2021 #8
Snowflakes melt so easily. GPV Dec 2021 #13
What a poor example he sets for his four kids. Lonestarblue Dec 2021 #10
What an asshole. The President and the 1st Lady were speaking to kids on Xmas Eve to try to ... Botany Dec 2021 #11
He won't say if he was "helped" out of his cop job or if it was 3Hotdogs Dec 2021 #12
Jared is a coward PJMcK Dec 2021 #15
His god given right to express. My God given right to call him an ass. LizBeth Dec 2021 #17
Let me exercise my right to free speech... augyboston Dec 2021 #18
No, fuck YOU, Jared William Seger Dec 2021 #20
Hey dumb ass. You un-Christian slob. The Jungle 1 Dec 2021 #21
just cuz you CAN pick your nose in public doesnt mean you should.. samnsara Dec 2021 #23
Not many police officers just "resign", he probably got in trouble as a cop RAB910 Dec 2021 #24
I would guess he was given the choice of either resigning or being fired. Botany Dec 2021 #27
Well isn't he the great white dope Blue Owl Dec 2021 #25
He's a 'follower of Jesus', so he must have read...... 70sEraVet Dec 2021 #26
It was a prank call from the beginning. Cartoonist Dec 2021 #28
He makes all who sincerely follow Jesus look like fools. Tommymac Dec 2021 #29
You're being "attacked" because you're kacekwl Dec 2021 #30
Yes, you are. Welcome to America, where we have the freedom to do that. CaptainTruth Dec 2021 #31
Lol no it wasn't. He's just upset about the backlash. bearsfootball516 Dec 2021 #32
Hey, Asshole! Go fuck yourself! BTW...ha, ha, ha Scalded Nun Dec 2021 #35
He not wanting us to criticize him is violating OUR freedom of speech, douchebag. George II Dec 2021 #36
Let's Go Jared! Make it the metaphor to F the white nationalist repukes Ziggysmom Dec 2021 #39
Jared Schmuck just told us he was only joking. What's wrong with us libs that we can't see that? Hekate Dec 2021 #40
For this thread LetMyPeopleVote Dec 2021 #42
Poor Poor Steve-0 Zambero Dec 2021 #43
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