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26. But can that happen....
Sat Apr 9, 2016, 03:53 AM
Apr 2016

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....without a major change in attitude from ministers in government? I can't speak for the rest of the country, but where I am local politics has become increasingly dominated by the whims of Gideon Osbourne and company. Most notably with the whole "Northern Powerhouse" bumph, which is looking more and more like a total dog's breakfast.

There's also the whole matter of how powers are divvied up between County Councils and smaller councils to consider as well.

Mazel tov! shenmue Apr 2016 #1
Thanks n/t nxylas Apr 2016 #2
Good luck! LeftishBrit Apr 2016 #3
You can see my campaign website here nxylas Apr 2016 #4
Good luck. Ken Burch Apr 2016 #5
Yes and yes nxylas Apr 2016 #6
Is there any association with Thomas Hardy's Wessex novels; or just that you both come from the same LeftishBrit Apr 2016 #7
Hardy is widely credited with reviving the name Wessex nxylas Apr 2016 #8
It seems quite parochial. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #9
I think there's a pretty comprehensive list of policies on the main website nxylas Apr 2016 #18
It would be nice to know Bad Dog Apr 2016 #20
For more affordable housing and free school meals nxylas Apr 2016 #22
That's what people want their councillors to talk about. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #23
I've been a bit lax about blogging nxylas Apr 2016 #24
Stick to what can be done. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #25
That's true of *elected* councillors nxylas Apr 2016 #27
If someone is having problems with the council. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #28
Pardon me for asking... T_i_B Apr 2016 #10
It means that parish and town councils shouldn't just be rubber stamps for Westminster nxylas Apr 2016 #19
But can that happen.... T_i_B Apr 2016 #26
What about Academies? Bad Dog Apr 2016 #11
Can local councillors do much to stop Acadamies being imposed? T_i_B Apr 2016 #12
If LAs oppose acadamisation across the board it could put the government on the back foot. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #13
I can see the difficulties in that.... T_i_B Apr 2016 #14
Yes, though but Bad Dog Apr 2016 #15
Ultimately it's the pupils who are affected most T_i_B Apr 2016 #16
Well yes. Bad Dog Apr 2016 #17
The second one nxylas Apr 2016 #21
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