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8. Agreed. I meant what I said to him/her/it in my reply, too.
Wed Jun 19, 2013, 10:17 PM
Jun 2013

I also take serious offense against the word socialist or even communist being used as a slur. I AM a socialist, and a damned good one with an Irish temper and fist, if that's plain enough for anyone. I've also known more than a few good communists, and I VASTLY prefer them over fascist trash.

This message was self-deleted by its author Politicalboi Jun 2013 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author sheshe2 Jun 2013 #2
Thank you for the explanation Politicalboi! sheshe2 Jun 2013 #4
Before I get locked out of my own thread, IrishAyes Jun 2013 #9
You're welcome sheshe2 Politicalboi Jun 2013 #11
I suggest you delete you post and then sheshe2 Jun 2013 #13
Boy that site is a dumptruck full of batshit crazy! NYC_SKP Jun 2013 #5
Agreed. I meant what I said to him/her/it in my reply, too. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #8
Yup! sheshe2 Jun 2013 #10
LOL! Politicalboi Jun 2013 #12
If you HAD made that clear, I wouldn't have taken ANY offense. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #16
Every time you write about the verbal attacks, etc. No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #17
Well, the anti-Obama venom has worsened dramatically IrishAyes Jun 2013 #18
It's not easy to move to a new area, where many have lived for generations No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #20
You've doubtless heard the story IrishAyes Jun 2013 #21
Beautifully told. No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #22
Thanks IrishAyes Jun 2013 #23
What I've been trying to relate IrishAyes Jun 2013 #19
Please keep your garbage outside this group - we don't want it here. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #6
This? sheshe2 Jun 2013 #3
Sorry, that's not it. But thanks anyway. Good post, btw. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #7
Sorry it was not the pic you wanted sheshe2 Jun 2013 #14
Your help in locating the picture will be deeply appreciated. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #15
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