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No Vested Interest

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20. It's not easy to move to a new area, where many have lived for generations
Fri Jun 21, 2013, 11:00 PM
Jun 2013

and don't appreciate anyone new challenging their ways and their own special "truths".

One very special thing in your favor is your ability to articulate your thoughts so well. I bet the locals are impressed at some level with your writing abilities, even when they disagree with the philosophy (or politics) expressed therein.
(Those nuns really did know how to teach their students the fine art of composition and writing, didn't they? I see so many DUers who proudly proclaim that they have left , and sometimes even despise, the RCC, but, in fact, owe their writing skills to their education by nuns and brothers.)

This message was self-deleted by its author Politicalboi Jun 2013 #1
This message was self-deleted by its author sheshe2 Jun 2013 #2
Thank you for the explanation Politicalboi! sheshe2 Jun 2013 #4
Before I get locked out of my own thread, IrishAyes Jun 2013 #9
You're welcome sheshe2 Politicalboi Jun 2013 #11
I suggest you delete you post and then sheshe2 Jun 2013 #13
Boy that site is a dumptruck full of batshit crazy! NYC_SKP Jun 2013 #5
Agreed. I meant what I said to him/her/it in my reply, too. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #8
Yup! sheshe2 Jun 2013 #10
LOL! Politicalboi Jun 2013 #12
If you HAD made that clear, I wouldn't have taken ANY offense. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #16
Every time you write about the verbal attacks, etc. No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #17
Well, the anti-Obama venom has worsened dramatically IrishAyes Jun 2013 #18
It's not easy to move to a new area, where many have lived for generations No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #20
You've doubtless heard the story IrishAyes Jun 2013 #21
Beautifully told. No Vested Interest Jun 2013 #22
Thanks IrishAyes Jun 2013 #23
What I've been trying to relate IrishAyes Jun 2013 #19
Please keep your garbage outside this group - we don't want it here. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #6
This? sheshe2 Jun 2013 #3
Sorry, that's not it. But thanks anyway. Good post, btw. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #7
Sorry it was not the pic you wanted sheshe2 Jun 2013 #14
Your help in locating the picture will be deeply appreciated. IrishAyes Jun 2013 #15
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