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Hillary Clinton

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Mon Jan 4, 2016, 04:02 PM Jan 2016

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With all the hysteria on DU about Bernie being awesome and Hillary being the equivalent to the anti-Christ (there are days when I despair that this really is a DEMOCRATIC forum), this new post from Charlie Pierce's Esq Politics Blog kind of hit the spot:

As all good, authentic progressives know, there only is one thing to do in the election year just dawning upon us. You vote for Bernie Sanders in your state's primary election and then, if (somehow) he is not nominated, you pack up your outrage and sit out the general election, so that someone like Ted Cruz gets elected and proceeds to Heighten The Contradictions. The reason for this is that There Would Be No Real Difference between President Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Tailgunner Ted Cruz and that, after four (or eight) years of the latter, the country will be ready to elect progressive heroes all over the country, and to put Unicorn J. Sparklepony into the White House.

My favorite is Unicorn J. Sparklepony.

That is one of my many concerns as I visit DU. The Bernie folks are out of control in their hatred of Hillary. Bottom line: We need to elect DEMOCRATS from president to senator to representative to governor to state reps to mayors and even dog catchers. Charlie Pierce is so right. One major party in the US is suffering from prion disease. It should no longer be in power. And when Progressives create circular firing squads, we don't help matters any.

We all need to repeat over and over: Supreme Court justices ...

Here is the full article: [link:http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/news/a40922/scalia-religious-freedom-speech/|
Thought you would enjoy this [View all] ladym55 Jan 2016 OP
Unicorn J. Sparklepony ... ROFL!! LOL!! NurseJackie Jan 2016 #1
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Pierce is brilliant as always mcar Jan 2016 #4
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