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Hillary Clinton

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Sat Jan 9, 2016, 09:00 AM Jan 2016

There are so many strong, intelligent, independent Women who are Voting for Hillary.. [View all]

I don't think it's wise to insult us with that.. ".. not voting with my vagina.." talk.

Meryl Streep Interview on Environmental Health Activism


Barbra Streisand.. a Democratic political activist for so long.. I remember when John McCain told her to keep to singing and leave the politics to them.

I was so mad back then(it was during the bush2 years) that I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her.. She didn't have an email so I wrote her snail mail.. and she wrote me back.

She said the republicans couldn't handle the message so they tried to kill the messenger

Snip from Barbra Quote~

It’s possible that her candidate, Clinton, might face Trump in a general election — and that would be “one of the greatest moments in television history,” Streisand said.

“Everybody would watch — I can’t even imagine,” Streisand said, though she expressed confidence Clinton would prevail: “I’m not worried about her.”


Throw this in here for good measure..


Reese! one my favorite actresses who is so much more..

Reese Witherspoon Urges Us to Take Care of Our Planet in New Short Film


A couple of snips//

Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen officially endorsed her "friend" Hillary Clinton for president Saturday at a “Women for Hillary" event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Shaheen, a former three-term governor who remains popular in the state after winning a second senate term in November 2014, emphasized how much she trusts Clinton and touted her "tough as they come" strength.

Planned Parenthood, meanwhile, provides thousands of women access to affordable, non-abortion services such as reproductive health, cancer screening, and maternal and child health services.

"She will never back down on women’s reproductive rights, and will never defund planned parenthood," Shaheen said earlier to loud cheers.


Speaking of New Hamphire~

With Hassan’s endorsement, Clinton has garnered the support of New Hampshire’s top three elected women. U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen endorsed Clinton two weeks ago, and U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster is also on board.


One more for the road..


Abby Wambach #20 of the United States celebrates a 5-2 victory over Japan.


"This is @AbbyWambach, like for real, calling for the @HillaryforNH campaign, you need to vote for Hillary"

rivers http://www.democraticunderground.com/110733159

[font color=bliue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo~[/font]
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Yes, they are supporting a strong woman. Thinkingabout Jan 2016 #1
Absolutely Cary Jan 2016 #3
Being strong women themselves they are quite confident knowing that Hillary will get Cha Jan 2016 #4
So are we, Thinkingabout! BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #30
"Vote with vagina." Cary Jan 2016 #2
No one is saying that women have to vote for Hillary... msrizzo Jan 2016 #18
Great point Cary Jan 2016 #19
This defensiveness on their part doesn't make sense mcar Jan 2016 #24
They're trying to prove they're "one of the boys" i.e. human beings Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #65
No. wildeyed Jan 2016 #25
Susan Sarandon said that? Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #64
I understand why so many cannot stand Sarandon. Dawson Leery Jan 2016 #73
I was a single mother for over 13 years. Loki Jan 2016 #78
Great OP,Cha! sufrommich Jan 2016 #5
Thank you so much sufrommich! Cha Jan 2016 #6
Great post! BooScout Jan 2016 #7
Good one, Boo.. with our Brains and our Hearts! Cha Jan 2016 #8
You inspired me to put up an OP... BooScout Jan 2016 #14
Everything about this post makes me proud. Bleacher Creature Jan 2016 #9
It's for you, too, Bleacher! We vote with our brains and our hearts as Boo so wisely pointed out! Cha Jan 2016 #11
And, Mahalo again! Cha Jan 2016 #15
Did any of them say which body part they use to vote? Rose Siding Jan 2016 #10
Boo wisely pointed out that we vote with our Brains and our Hearts.. I'm like "yeah!" Cha Jan 2016 #12
Most Clinton supporters use their brain to vote, nothing else. George II Jan 2016 #13
LOL.. my heart is Cha Jan 2016 #17
But I would use my vagina if I had one Cary Jan 2016 #20
K&R mcar Jan 2016 #16
Thank you for helping to get the positive message out about Cha Jan 2016 #22
K&R! greatauntoftriplets Jan 2016 #21
Mahalo, greataunt! Cha Jan 2016 #27
Thank you! Not giving us credit for voting with our brains is incredibly insulting! nolabear Jan 2016 #23
I know it got me mad, too, nolabear.. it's totally insulting to Women everywhere. We have Cha Jan 2016 #28
Great thread Gothmog Jan 2016 #26
Mahalo, Goth! Cha Jan 2016 #34
K&R ismnotwasm Jan 2016 #29
Another Strong, Independent, Beautiful Woman for Hillary! Cha Jan 2016 #76
The point of the vagina talk is that a vote for or against Hillary is not automatic either way. . nt Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2016 #31
Please don't come into our group and try to tell us what is going on. We know perfectly well what Cha Jan 2016 #33
Since you know it, then it is hardly a disruption. Carry on. nt. Bernardo de La Paz Jan 2016 #35
And, you don't get to tell me what a "disruption" is .. I'll be the judge of that on my own thread. Cha Jan 2016 #36
We will carry on with out you. William769 Jan 2016 #37
Now that the Bernie Campaign is attacking Planned Parenthood all over... Walk away Jan 2016 #61
Thanks for the mansplain n/t Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #83
Beautiful and uplifting OP, Cha! BlueCaliDem Jan 2016 #32
It's magical, BlueCali! Really strong, accomplished women! Cha Jan 2016 #41
Kick & highly recommended! William769 Jan 2016 #38
40 years ago and still makes me happy to rejoice in this William769 Jan 2016 #39
Thank you, William.. that's the perfect song for this thread, and this year as you so Cha Jan 2016 #42
K&R. Thank you for this wonderful OP, Cha! lunamagica Jan 2016 #40
Aloha lunamagica! I know.. these women are just a bundle of strength, energy, Cha Jan 2016 #45
Wonderful strong intellient women of the worlkd supporting our riversedge Jan 2016 #43
Mahalo, rivers! Cha Jan 2016 #46
k&r Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #44
Mahalo, Starry! Cha Jan 2016 #48
Yes indeed! SunSeeker Jan 2016 #47
Sistahood's got this one! Cha Jan 2016 #50
And not one of them is "voting with her vagina" NastyRiffraff Jan 2016 #49
Right? Cary Jan 2016 #51
When they say that, they are saying we don't have brains. Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #68
Exactly! NastyRiffraff Jan 2016 #70
Hillary is just getting started. She will be a great President! Sancho Jan 2016 #52
I know, right! She has such incredilbly strong, intelligent people behind her ... both genders! Cha Jan 2016 #54
My dear old mom, a retired social worker, is a strong, intelligent, woman. cheapdate Jan 2016 #53
Oh, that's sweet to hear, cheapdate~ Cha Jan 2016 #55
Nice compilation treestar Jan 2016 #56
Thank you, treestar! Cha Jan 2016 #62
Great post Cha! I am so proud to support one of the best candidates for POTUS... Walk away Jan 2016 #57
Thank you, Walk away! We are steeped in History.. Hillary is the best candidate for POTUS and Cha Jan 2016 #66
I went thur this thread a while a go but forget to REC. good riversedge Jan 2016 #58
You're sweet.. thank you, rivers! Cha Jan 2016 #69
Women will be instrumental in crashing the ultimate glass ceiling in 2016. oasis Jan 2016 #59
It's so amazingly awesome, oasis! Cha Jan 2016 #71
KICK...the jerks who debase women like this Gloria Jan 2016 #60
Mahalo Gloria! Cha Jan 2016 #72
They pulled that shit in 2008 too Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #63
K&R! betsuni Jan 2016 #67
Thank you, betsuni! Cha Jan 2016 #75
Kick wildeyed Jan 2016 #74
And, another strong, independent woman for Hillary.. Sabrina Fulton! Cha Jan 2016 #77
Excellent! Kath1 Jan 2016 #79
Thank you, Kath! Cha Jan 2016 #80
Ten women Senators back Hillary! Ellen Forradalom Jan 2016 #81
Yes they do.. All the Democratic Women Senators except Elizabeth Warren have spoken out for Cha Jan 2016 #82
Kick! wildeyed Mar 2016 #84
yes well done!! Her Sister Mar 2016 #85
Yes, the heck with them.. More strong beautiful women supportng Hill.. Cha Mar 2016 #88
What a surprise to see this pop again, wildeyed.. thank you! More strong beautiful women... Cha Mar 2016 #87
Thanks for kicking this wonderful post! BooScout Mar 2016 #86
Mahalo Boo! More Strong Beautiful Women.. Cha Mar 2016 #89
+1000 BooScout Mar 2016 #90
... Cha Mar 2016 #93
Good luck! wildeyed Mar 2016 #91
LOL BooScout Mar 2016 #94
Kicking, again NastyRiffraff Mar 2016 #92
Wildeyed resurrected it.. great thought for International Women's Day! Cha Mar 2016 #96
Great post in celebration of International Women's Day!!! UtahLib Mar 2016 #95
Beautiful post! k&r DesertRat Mar 2016 #97
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