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71. With you 1000%+ except
Mon Feb 22, 2016, 03:08 PM
Feb 2016

I just want to hear the words "Democratic President".

I hate that we're dividing the way we are, with factions setting it "Bernie or forget it" or "Hillary or forget it". What the hell do you people want? A Cruz/Rubio/(god forbid)Trump administration?

Let's agree to advocate for the candidate we want - as we should - but let's also make a point to back whichever candidate gets the nomination. Either Hillary or Bernie will be a damned sight better than anything the GOP has to offer. This is not the time to get weak-kneed.

"The Tea Party mentality is scary" workinclasszero Feb 2016 #1
Gosh they had a breakdown of who voted for T-rump Iliyah Feb 2016 #2
The reversals we keep reading Ellen Forradalom Feb 2016 #3
That is indeed a big part BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #72
Mom will make them do their chores and eat their vegetables Ellen Forradalom Feb 2016 #126
Sadly, I must agree Brainstormy Feb 2016 #4
That's a reasonable fear Ellen Forradalom Feb 2016 #6
The House Is Divided. LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #17
Stop blaming Debbie Wasserman Shultz Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #29
Delete What.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #30
Really can you take your attitude Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #48
My "Attitude" LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #54
That's it Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #55
My Name is Not Felicia... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #58
That was a very odd exchange ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #99
All that person did was prove how nasty Bernie supporters are on this board. Stand and Fight Feb 2016 #122
Nice that you were BlueMTexpat Feb 2016 #77
What is a super-perpetrator? ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #41
Don't count on any meaningful reply. fleabiscuit Feb 2016 #42
Well, since you asked.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #50
Oh FFS ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #73
Ask Your Candidate... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #78
There is a difference between perpetrators and predators ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #81
Uh Huh.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #83
What? ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #84
It's a racist criminology 'term'. AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #86
Are you calling Hillary a racist? ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #94
I didn't intend to come into the HRC group. It was on the front page. AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #102
No Need To Clarify... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #88
"bring them to heel." AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #90
So you didn't mean "perpetrators" at all ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #91
Then why are you here? ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #95
I blame posters with opinions The Second Stone Feb 2016 #43
It's okay i told one of the Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #52
That is What This Board Is About... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #53
See post 57 below. brer cat Feb 2016 #61
Reading is fundamental. brer cat Feb 2016 #57
LOL!! LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #64
Yep, you need to work on your reading skills. brer cat Feb 2016 #100
Uh Huh.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #105
The Hillary Clinton Forum is NOT just another "discussion board", just as the Bernie Sander Forum... George II Feb 2016 #114
You have wandered into the Hillary Group. Hekate Feb 2016 #93
This is the HRC Group. Go away if you can't play like a grownup. Hekate Feb 2016 #109
We'll patch things up bluestateguy Feb 2016 #68
She'll reach out. Bernie will shake hands. But his Children's Crusade will take their toys home.... Hekate Feb 2016 #110
Not true democrats is my take... Satch59 Feb 2016 #5
I agree! Newbies with an overinflated view of their political power pandr32 Feb 2016 #12
True that. fleabiscuit Feb 2016 #45
I feel your pain and disappointment but UtahLib Feb 2016 #7
True shenmue Feb 2016 #8
I've talked to some 'kids' who like Bernie... yallerdawg Feb 2016 #9
OMG not only are they jumping sharks, they are filling schoolbuses with sharks, PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #10
LOL! Bobbie Jo Apr 2016 #145
I am looking forward to our first female POTUS Gothmog Feb 2016 #11
It sounds like you are equating people here (who support the other primary candidate) as FailureToCommunicate Feb 2016 #13
Exactly what it sounds like to me too. KPN Feb 2016 #20
Then you can easily avoid it. PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #22
Why did you even bother to respond to my post? Loki Feb 2016 #23
We don't go into bernie's group and make comments like Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #62
K&R wryter2000 Feb 2016 #14
I Look Forward To Folks... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #15
This message was self-deleted by its author BlueIdaho Feb 2016 #16
Yes, Elections Do Have Consequences... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #21
That's part of the problem. It's incredibly divisive and arrogant to proclaim one of these two PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #31
That Voters Will Decide... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #32
Hey, did you hear that water is wet???! PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #34
And Streets Are Dry On A Sunny Day... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #38
Why are you here, exactly? ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #79
It's a Discussion Board.... LovingA2andMI Feb 2016 #80
I see. ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #82
Then why all the moaning and conspiracy theories when Sanders doesn't do so well? Hekate Feb 2016 #111
You won't be hearing that any time soon. onecaliberal Feb 2016 #18
I completely agree, it has been appalling Happyhippychick Feb 2016 #19
thanks for posting mgmaggiemg Feb 2016 #24
I like Bernie, but I've been extremely disappointed with some jaysunb Feb 2016 #25
Except it's not both sides doing this Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #59
Exactly mcar Feb 2016 #129
It's not "both sides" Hekate Feb 2016 #115
I think some of the "disrupters" are here to do jaysunb Feb 2016 #125
This message was self-deleted by its author noamnety Feb 2016 #26
Shouldn't you be posting anywhere else... yallerdawg Feb 2016 #33
Apologies noamnety Feb 2016 #40
For as many years as I have been voting democratic, rnk6670 Feb 2016 #27
This is not the Bernie Group - or anywhere else in DU land. yallerdawg Feb 2016 #35
I saw the rnk6670 Feb 2016 #44
Not in this group. brer cat Feb 2016 #69
Again rnk6670 Feb 2016 #87
At the top of the page brer cat Feb 2016 #96
Are you a true Bernie supporter ? stonecutter357 Feb 2016 #47
I'm a true leftist rnk6670 Feb 2016 #97
I always love phrases like that. It's like religion. Hekate Feb 2016 #117
progressives don't call themselves leftists rbrnmw Feb 2016 #128
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service XemaSab Feb 2016 #63
If you got that in the mailbox Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #70
My very first post in the BS Group Loki Feb 2016 #132
Why the heck Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #134
I'm sorry. I was responding to someone up thread Loki Feb 2016 #137
Hey you are in the Hillary Clinton group Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #65
Good ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #74
This is the HRC group. Just go away. Hekate Feb 2016 #112
Why are you calling Hillary a "deceptive power monger" in the Hillary group? taught_me_patience Feb 2016 #124
The World Will Be Horrified otohara Feb 2016 #140
They can't even let us be in here. :( Starry Messenger Feb 2016 #28
Of course not. Treant Feb 2016 #89
+1 Starry Messenger Feb 2016 #92
My "Ignore" list has doubled in size several times during this primary season Orrex Feb 2016 #36
K & R SunSeeker Feb 2016 #37
The tone has changed that is for sure. redstatebluegirl Feb 2016 #39
Everyone on both sides who say Saviolo Feb 2016 #46
It's not "both sides." I don't hear any HRC supporters saying they won't vote for a nominee... Hekate Feb 2016 #119
Not really my point. Saviolo Feb 2016 #131
Who has called Bernie a racist? n/t Lucinda Feb 2016 #141
Stop the false equivalency bullshit taught_me_patience Feb 2016 #144
Yes, Democrats are Splitting Up McKim Feb 2016 #49
Um... heads up, you are posting within a group that fully supports Sec. Clinton. PeaceNikki Feb 2016 #51
This is the HRC Group. Please go away. Hekate Feb 2016 #118
I see you got your talking points loud and clear from Mr. Clinton. AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #56
This is the HRC Group. Please go away. Hekate Feb 2016 #120
Agree. Will vote for Bernie but fine with Hillary if need be. I'm checking in less to DU wiggs Feb 2016 #60
I think I've commented once on this today, but made the observation a lot in my private life that... Stand and Fight Feb 2016 #66
I hold Bernie himself responsible for his false promises. Trust Buster Feb 2016 #67
With you 1000%+ except Tab Feb 2016 #71
This might be rather sheeple-ish of me, MatthewStLouis Feb 2016 #75
Great answer! obamanut2012 Feb 2016 #135
Where are the hosts? Coolest Ranger Feb 2016 #76
I don't get what they are trying to do exactly ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #85
They know this is HRC board, but they feel entitled Iliyah Feb 2016 #98
Well it's annoying ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #101
It's genuinely not obvious the way these things sometimes appear in the 'trending' box. AtheistCrusader Feb 2016 #103
That's ok ismnotwasm Feb 2016 #107
The beatings will continue Treant Feb 2016 #104
Yeah, that's the ticket Hekate Feb 2016 #121
"I understand now how the good Germans felt while watching his/her country slide down into the crazy RKP5637 Feb 2016 #106
Good post. I have to ask: Why the Hell are hostile people swarming the HRC Group?! Hekate Feb 2016 #108
What is really insulting is when they say if you're for HRC you're not a real democrat book_worm Feb 2016 #113
I noted in a post yesterday... wysi Feb 2016 #123
Kick & highly recommended! William769 Feb 2016 #116
I'm having the same experience mcar Feb 2016 #127
The specter of "The Good German" has popped into my thoughts quite frequently procon Feb 2016 #130
AUTOMATED MESSAGE: Results of your Jury Service kentauros Feb 2016 #133
So now we are comparing BS supporters to Nazi's? Loki Feb 2016 #136
Ever since "Google is your friend" supplanted actual and knowledgable answers around here, kentauros Feb 2016 #138
I'm also sad about it. Mostly due to the misinformation some of them keep posting. Lucinda Feb 2016 #139
I like Sanders, Eko Feb 2016 #142
I know you, Loki. And I agree, it has gotten truly alarming. But I hope better angels prevail nolabear Feb 2016 #143
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