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8. Fuck that shit, starry messenger. I mean it, fuck. that. shit. Posting to my Journal.
Sat Jul 21, 2012, 05:10 PM
Jul 2012

Are we having to put quotes around phases to make clear one thing or the other?

Honestly, I think there may be some willful misunderstanding going on if I can't be accepted as being on the right side of issues.

Without using quotes, FFS. Is there a progressive style guide I should consult???

Bullshit alert. I'm no supporter of common core, but.... NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #1
Yeah, yeah. So, can you provide some actual evidence that the "actual standards"... Smarmie Doofus Jul 2012 #2
Sure, as soon as you can name a particular standard that has a chance in hell of passing... NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #4
"Sexual orientation" is the accepted phrase. Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #5
I certainly accept the phrase, but does Texas and Utah? NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #6
Your point was not clear, it looked like you were using an incorrect phrase. Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #7
Fuck that shit, starry messenger. I mean it, fuck. that. shit. Posting to my Journal. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #8
Are you intoxicated? Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #9
What a lovely thought. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #10
I thought you said you were using it to highlight the bigoted ideas in other states. Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #12
YOU called it a mistake. I was making a point about the likelihood of CC being adopted. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #13
we would not have deleted it. mopinko Jul 2012 #14
I fail to see the personal attack in politely trying to get someone to use left-wing language Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #16
Jury results: Ptah Jul 2012 #17
Using quotes is the expected and accepted usage obamanut2012 Jul 2012 #18
Nice mouth. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? yardwork Jul 2012 #20
Hi, yardwork. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #21
Unless you are gay, you don't get to tell me what is and isn't homophobic. yardwork Jul 2012 #23
Since Yardwork is gay, her "reality" is what is authentic obamanut2012 Jul 2012 #24
When a person says 'sexual preference' I count that person as a bigot. When they are told it is Bluenorthwest Jul 2012 #26
Yardwork. I almost embarrassed myself. I feel really badly for you and hope you a better life. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #22
I'm sorry about your mom. The meaning of the phrase I used is widely understood. yardwork Jul 2012 #25
Actually, there used to be some trepidation about all your eggs in one basket. mbperrin Jul 2012 #3
So, again, Common Core standards do not attempt to address every human grievance. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #11
hence the use of the term "common" mopinko Jul 2012 #15
Exactly, and thank you for re-railing my original comment onto the intended track. NYC_SKP Jul 2012 #19
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