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4. Well, you're indirectly "burning" steel as fuel, and it takes coal to produce steel ...
Tue Apr 29, 2014, 10:03 AM
Apr 2014

you're getting less energy out of the hydrogen than you would have gotten from the coal. This is basically a roundabout way of burning coal less efficiently. Economically, this makes no sense at all.

One last time, folks -- (1) It takes energy to produce metals from the metal compounds in their ores (except for rare cases like gold and silver which occur as the metal); (2) Converting the metal back to a metal compound releases energy (in this case stored as H2); (3) Metals thus serve as a means of storing energy; (4) Neither step 1 nor step 2 is particularly energy-efficient, so the two-step process loses a lot of energy; (5) The price of metals in the market is strongly dependent on the amount of metals recycled as the metal; thus using metals as fuels or battery components will drive up the price of the metal, rendering the practice uneconomical, and raising the cost of the metal for other uses as well.

This is a cute trick, not a practical solution to anything.

An "I'm gonna do it" Kick! defacto7 Apr 2014 #1
An "I love kitchen kludges" kick Warpy Apr 2014 #2
I'm confused! rgbecker Apr 2014 #3
These people are very unclear on ideas, period. See post 4. eppur_se_muova Apr 2014 #5
both nationalize the fed Apr 2014 #8
Well, you're indirectly "burning" steel as fuel, and it takes coal to produce steel ... eppur_se_muova Apr 2014 #4
Bingo. How many miles per scrub pad would you get with this set-up? NickB79 Apr 2014 #6
MANY times more. nt eppur_se_muova Apr 2014 #7
mpsp (miles per scrub pad) is not the point nationalize the fed Apr 2014 #9
And some people on the Internet can correctly sort through claims without building stuff caraher Apr 2014 #10
Excellent post and one that should be referenced each time these dumbass schemes resurface. Nihil Apr 2014 #11
I'm not suggesting making hydrogen from aluminum foil nationalize the fed May 2014 #13
Hydrogen is an inefficient storage medium.... kristopher May 2014 #14
Shouldn't you notify Honda's engineers nationalize the fed May 2014 #15
Are you denying the poor system efficiency? kristopher May 2014 #17
the sceme trustworthy Mar 2017 #22
Welcome to DU, trustworthy! Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #23
So what is your answer? oldhippie May 2014 #16
no need to compress hydrogen trustworthy Mar 2017 #20
h2 gas trustworthy Mar 2017 #19
Hey! Y'all watch this.... jpak Apr 2014 #12
Hydrogen exploded the Fukushima containment buildings. hunter May 2014 #18
fuel is not explosive trustworthy Mar 2017 #21
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