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Environment & Energy

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Fri Jun 27, 2014, 12:19 AM Jun 2014

Poll: Should Deniers Be Allowed To Post In E&E? [View all]

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142 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
46 (32%)
88 (62%)
Kill Them With Fire!!!
4 (3%)
What's A "Denier"??
0 (0%)
There Are Two Sides To EVERY Story!
0 (0%)
Why Do You Hate Freedom?
3 (2%)
Huhhuh AL GORE Huhhuh LIBTARD!! Huhhuh!!
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1 (1%)
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'ALLOWED???' elleng Jun 2014 #1
Sure, it's a group and there are people barred from posting... TreasonousBastard Jun 2014 #3
We don't need anti-science people in this group. Seriously..... SolarAdvocate May 2017 #95
Oh, I don't know, sometimes people get bored Warpy May 2017 #96
i agree julia b. Nov 2018 #104
Only if they can explain OTEC Doomy_Tunes Jul 2017 #98
Rise of the Machines hoffyburger Mar 2018 #102
Only if people are desperate for chew toys Warpy Jun 2014 #2
*SNORT* hatrack Jun 2014 #4
Only if they can back up their arguments with evidence. Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #5
Yes. "Discuss all things related to environmental issues and energy policy." rug Jun 2014 #6
No. truebrit71 Jun 2014 #12
The only one who mentioned trolls is you. rug Jun 2014 #16
Project much? truebrit71 Jun 2014 #17
Not at all. rug Jun 2014 #18
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #19
I hope you've done better than this. rug Jun 2014 #20
I've done much better, I'm just bringing it down to a level that you might understand... truebrit71 Jun 2014 #22
You have one thing, and one thing only, right. You've brought it down to a level where thought ends. rug Jun 2014 #23
Fuck no. PoutrageFatigue Aug 2014 #58
Where's your ellipses? rug Aug 2014 #59
Huh? PoutrageFatigue Aug 2014 #61
I would say yes if I was more involved. joshcryer Jun 2014 #7
All this attention you guys are getting made FreedRadical Jun 2014 #8
I read the choices and I read Skip Intro's choice CreekDog Jun 2014 #9
My other thought on this is that several of us know exactly who would come back CreekDog Jun 2014 #10
There are places for deniers to post. defacto7 Jun 2014 #11
You said, "grinding out the basics of "is it or isn't it" in every discussion isn't helpful tblue37 Jun 2014 #42
This is the slippery path to segregation and closing off all input Demeter Jun 2014 #13
^^this^^ rateyes Jun 2014 #14
This is not an echo chamber.. truebrit71 Jun 2014 #15
climate change denial is facilitating a crime against humanity (and a multitude of other species) Warren Stupidity Jun 2014 #21
Agreed... SidDithers Jun 2014 #25
I agree it should be a TOS issue and it has been included in PPR justifications CreekDog Jun 2014 #33
How about being honest with us next time? CreekDog Jun 2014 #26
Well done. truebluegreen Jun 2014 #27
You know, honesty doesn't mean what you think it does Demeter Jun 2014 #34
I can understand not trusting anybody these days CreekDog Jun 2014 #36
Troll tactics TXCritter Dec 2016 #94
Actually people are harmed by lies, all the time. CreekDog Jun 2014 #37
Let me count the ways.... defacto7 Jun 2014 #43
+1 TXCritter Dec 2016 #93
Adults' table was a great tradition so they could carry on serious discussion lostnfound Oct 2023 #117
No they shouldn't... SidDithers Jun 2014 #24
Isn't there a site for those people here, already. Creative Speculation... Tikki Jun 2014 #28
My answer is OTHER. And here's why.... MADem Jun 2014 #29
No, "all things" doesn't mean people can post intentionally misleading and unscientific things CreekDog Jun 2014 #30
Why? Because YOU say so? Do you realize how pompous you sound? MADem Jun 2014 #31
I'm not going to lose any sleep over the fact that several deniers aren't allowed to post here CreekDog Jun 2014 #32
See post 38, just downthread. nt MADem Jun 2014 #39
There are half a dozen hosts... any can unlock a banned poster FBaggins Jun 2014 #35
Why not just be honest, and make it a protected group with an agenda and a purpose and limitations MADem Jun 2014 #38
Good idea! XemaSab Jun 2014 #40
I think it will solve a lot of problems--it will certainly direct the conversation in a positive MADem Jun 2014 #41
Would it have made a difference? FBaggins Jun 2014 #44
Well, he couldn't have claimed that he "didn't know" if the rules are clearly spelled out, MADem Jun 2014 #45
A climate change denier will deny the nose on their face CreekDog Jun 2014 #47
That's fine, but if you don't let them know up front MADem Jul 2014 #49
First, define "denier" Yo_Mama Jun 2014 #46
Exactly LouisvilleDem Jul 2014 #54
Deniers are those who deny the very existence of anthropogenic Ghost Dog Jul 2014 #55
maybe they could be redirected to the Religion forum.. Bill USA Jun 2014 #48
Sure. If they want to make themselves look foolish theHandpuppet Jul 2014 #50
I like chew toys ... intaglio Jul 2014 #51
No Way. They should have to post in Creative Speculation. dballance Jul 2014 #52
Deniers no, but what about luke warmers? LouisvilleDem Jul 2014 #53
AGW denial thoughts PeaceMonger12345 Jul 2014 #56
They should be sent to Creative Speculation or Religious forums Agnosticsherbet Aug 2014 #57
Fabulous idea.... PoutrageFatigue Aug 2014 #60
they really should post on the Religion forum. Bill USA Aug 2014 #62
No - it's tinfoil nonsense and has no place here jpak Nov 2014 #63
Reluctant 'no' Panich52 Jan 2015 #64
Skepticism makes us think and question our own ideas -that is a good thing mj44fx1 Feb 2015 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #111
Hell No! George Beerlover Apr 2015 #66
Are there such on DU? Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2015 #67
Oh, yeah, there are some regulars, and I've given them the heave-ho over time hatrack Apr 2015 #68
How do we feel about cut and paste deceptive posts promoting hydrogen? NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #69
What have you got against hydrogen research? TXCritter Dec 2016 #92
+1 eviliberal Feb 2016 #81
It depends on what kind of DENIERS your talking about. GuyVelella Apr 2015 #70
The ones who deny reality and prefer to hide behind right wing talking points ... Nihil Apr 2015 #71
pass a law against denialism Cassidy1 May 2015 #72
HELL No! Southern Belle Blue Aug 2015 #73
Let's just expose science denial for what it is. HuckleB Sep 2015 #74
??? OntheFringe87 Sep 2015 #75
In a strictly legal sense, cheapdate Sep 2015 #77
I dont think censoring speech jkbRN Sep 2015 #76
Exactly... quad489 Feb 2018 #99
Deniers of what? Climate change? Renew Deal Sep 2015 #78
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2015 #79
Yes, we are the party that allows civilized debate even with those who are dead wrong. n/t SylviaD Feb 2016 #80
Of course... Goblor Mar 2016 #82
Give the pro-nuke and climate change deniers their own forums Lodestar Apr 2016 #83
Yeah, they might even be as popular & lively as ... Nihil Apr 2016 #84
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #85
Why not? Lunabell Jul 2016 #86
Yes gives us more info to refute them Ainaloa Aug 2016 #87
Exactly. TXCritter Dec 2016 #90
I think that kind of nonsense is probably better suited for, say, creative speculation. MADem Oct 2016 #88
All FL Fringe Millennials,XYZ-Gen's obligated vote dem per FL' very real crucial 4x-Env. Crisis's ZAZMAZ42 Nov 2016 #89
What are you afraid of? Is the science not on our side? TXCritter Dec 2016 #91
I argue "yes" jimlup Jun 2017 #97
dont know where to post this joseph263 Mar 2018 #100
No complete waste of the group's space and purpose. Free to start thier own group lunasun Mar 2018 #101
No. mountain grammy Oct 2018 #103
we don't have time to waste of fuckwittery, harumph Jul 2019 #105
My rationale for voting "No" Mike 03 Nov 2019 #106
Normally, I'm 100% for free speech no matter the view, but RealityChik Mar 2020 #107
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #108
Per your comment below GP6971 Sep 2020 #109
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2020 #110
Fair enough. GP6971 Sep 2020 #112
I did vote "kill them with fire" nam78_two Feb 2021 #113
Freedom of Speech wins. Also winning is several types of ignore buttons on DU - such patricia92243 Apr 2022 #114
Why do you hate freedom hatrack? jfz9580m Apr 2022 #115
I will read a post from a denier once. friend of a friend Jan 2023 #116
I'm a littlre divided on this one Warpy Jan 2024 #118
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