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19. That is a good idea. I did get the quilts done. The whole family has been watching me progress on
Wed Dec 28, 2011, 01:00 AM
Dec 2011

them so I had no choice but to get them done on Christmas eve. It was worth it - kids finished opening their presents and then got the quilts which they immediately demanded their daddy put on their beds. I told them that the quilts are "for when you are feeling bad or feeling sad or even when you are feeling glad - then wrap yourself in them and remember all the fun times we have had."

They are my way of being with them even when I am gone. At 70 I thought it was time to give them a connection with me they could have forever.

I would draw that line when Curmudgeoness Dec 2011 #1
I don't equate being a packrat with frugality. On the contrary. Starboard Tack Dec 2011 #2
I only keep what I know I'm going to possibly be able to use in the near future or have a plan maddezmom Dec 2011 #3
Talking of crafts and recycling Starboard Tack Dec 2011 #4
she's a crafty gal maddezmom Dec 2011 #6
Aw, very cute. Starboard Tack Dec 2011 #7
I often get comments for relatives because I have this plastic box of candles setting in my room. jwirr Dec 2011 #5
I love candles. And (frugal alert), I make my own Curmudgeoness Dec 2011 #18
That is a good idea. I did get the quilts done. The whole family has been watching me progress on jwirr Dec 2011 #19
Awwwww, how sweet. I am glad you finished the quilts. Curmudgeoness Dec 2011 #20
As mentioned above, organization and review is key... Phentex Dec 2011 #8
ooo paper yeah.. stuntcat Dec 2011 #14
I struggle with this too, and I found that buying less is a good approach. yardwork Dec 2011 #9
Me, too. I rarely shop for anything other than food and other provisions cbayer Dec 2011 #10
It can be a revelation. We are programmed to buy buy buy. yardwork Dec 2011 #11
Have a strategy for saving/discarding items that have potential reuse. MH1 Dec 2011 #12
when it no longer saves you money. lumberjack_jeff Dec 2011 #13
Being a packrat can be the antithesis of frugal Kennah Dec 2011 #15
I can be somewhat OCDish about holding on to things. badhair77 Dec 2011 #16
Living in a very small space helps with this. cbayer Dec 2011 #17
A year is my general rule too laundry_queen Dec 2011 #21
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