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4. Yes, I do have certain neighbors who'd benefit by seeing me with a scythe!
Sat Oct 25, 2014, 10:10 PM
Oct 2014

I'd love to switch to meadow mode but need to think it over awhile first because I have dogs, and they're harder on flowers than grass.

And I'm afraid there are no men around here who'd mow w/o $, and if they did they'd expect more than a meal. Because it's such a rabid teabagger area - boy, I can sure pick a retirement spot, can't I? - I'm lucky I can even hire one to mow. When an ancient oak rotted at the base and threatened to fall over on the house, one of the area's main tree trimmers refused the work expressly because of my politics - which I don't discuss at all hardly ever unless I'm cornered, btw. That was an expensive job, too, as you can well imagine.

So I really want to figure out some way to sit and mow for myself because I don't know that I'll ever be able to afford a Yard Bug, no matter how much I like them.

How about a 3-wheel cycle and pulling the reel mower? kentauros Oct 2014 #1
Thank you. IrishAyes Oct 2014 #2
You're welcome :) kentauros Oct 2014 #3
Yes, I do have certain neighbors who'd benefit by seeing me with a scythe! IrishAyes Oct 2014 #4
Maybe go to an estate auction, kentauros Oct 2014 #5
Yes, if there's anything I covet, it's a robot mower. Truly. IrishAyes Oct 2014 #6
A Snapper Comet is pretty close to a Yard Bug in fuction and they are all over the place down here.. Fumesucker Nov 2014 #24
Wow - thanks! IrishAyes Nov 2014 #25
agreed dennisdavid Aug 2015 #29
How bout an old electric transport, like a golf, shopping. Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #7
Look into a donkey, some Game Department them away for free as wolf protection happyslug Nov 2014 #8
Oh I LOVE donkeys - my party's symbol after all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #10
Check your town rules, In the City of Pittsburgh the only restriction is five Cats and/or Dogs. happyslug Nov 2014 #14
Good points all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #16
That is why you should ask her for a letter stating WHY and ask her to please site the ordinance. happyslug Nov 2014 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author happyslug Nov 2014 #18
Remove this post immediately or I shall have it done for you. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #19
I has been removed, but the data I stated was from public records only happyslug Nov 2014 #20
I'm well aware of the relative ease of locating people. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #21
No, I just did some quick research and it caught my attention happyslug Nov 2014 #22
When I lived in UK I just closed the front gate, opened the back gate, and let the sheep come in MADem Nov 2014 #9
This is a tiny rural town, but they no longer allow livestock at all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #11
Could you plant a bunch of pine trees, and mulch under them until they get established? MADem Nov 2014 #12
I just might. Pine trees grow awfully slow though, don't they? IrishAyes Nov 2014 #13
The first few years they do--then they shoot up! I bought some four footers a few years back, MADem Nov 2014 #15
Just buy a used riding mower on Craigslist tinrobot Dec 2014 #26
Good advice. But many folks don't know how far out in the boonies I retired. There IS NO IrishAyes Dec 2014 #27
That was my initial thought as well... sendero Dec 2014 #28
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