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21. I'm well aware of the relative ease of locating people.
Fri Nov 14, 2014, 10:51 PM
Nov 2014

But I've been stalked before, and my basic position is that potential stalkers should have to do their own damned research, not have it handed to them on a silver platter. Some just might be too lazy to make the independent effort. You exhibited extremely poor judgement, and as you express no apology whatsoever - rather a tepid excuse! - I have no reason to imagine you've learned a damned thing from your severe misstep. Social awareness ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I most certainly am THINKING every scathing thing humanly possible about your entire 'performance'. Was that a misguided effort to help or just plain showing off?

How about a 3-wheel cycle and pulling the reel mower? kentauros Oct 2014 #1
Thank you. IrishAyes Oct 2014 #2
You're welcome :) kentauros Oct 2014 #3
Yes, I do have certain neighbors who'd benefit by seeing me with a scythe! IrishAyes Oct 2014 #4
Maybe go to an estate auction, kentauros Oct 2014 #5
Yes, if there's anything I covet, it's a robot mower. Truly. IrishAyes Oct 2014 #6
A Snapper Comet is pretty close to a Yard Bug in fuction and they are all over the place down here.. Fumesucker Nov 2014 #24
Wow - thanks! IrishAyes Nov 2014 #25
agreed dennisdavid Aug 2015 #29
How bout an old electric transport, like a golf, shopping. Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #7
Look into a donkey, some Game Department them away for free as wolf protection happyslug Nov 2014 #8
Oh I LOVE donkeys - my party's symbol after all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #10
Check your town rules, In the City of Pittsburgh the only restriction is five Cats and/or Dogs. happyslug Nov 2014 #14
Good points all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #16
That is why you should ask her for a letter stating WHY and ask her to please site the ordinance. happyslug Nov 2014 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author happyslug Nov 2014 #18
Remove this post immediately or I shall have it done for you. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #19
I has been removed, but the data I stated was from public records only happyslug Nov 2014 #20
I'm well aware of the relative ease of locating people. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #21
No, I just did some quick research and it caught my attention happyslug Nov 2014 #22
When I lived in UK I just closed the front gate, opened the back gate, and let the sheep come in MADem Nov 2014 #9
This is a tiny rural town, but they no longer allow livestock at all. IrishAyes Nov 2014 #11
Could you plant a bunch of pine trees, and mulch under them until they get established? MADem Nov 2014 #12
I just might. Pine trees grow awfully slow though, don't they? IrishAyes Nov 2014 #13
The first few years they do--then they shoot up! I bought some four footers a few years back, MADem Nov 2014 #15
Just buy a used riding mower on Craigslist tinrobot Dec 2014 #26
Good advice. But many folks don't know how far out in the boonies I retired. There IS NO IrishAyes Dec 2014 #27
That was my initial thought as well... sendero Dec 2014 #28
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