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In reply to the discussion: should we reclaim the word 'faggot'? [View all]


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7. To reclaim means, literally, to lay claim to that which was once yours.
Thu Nov 22, 2012, 11:38 PM
Nov 2012

I don't think "faggot" was ever a term used self-referentially.

On a related note, today I heard someone on the street call a buddhist proselytizer a "cocksucker". I was so aghast that even here in big tough New York, that there are people who talk like that in public, loudly, pejoratively to complete strangers.

Do people with such trashy every day language come from broken families, or what? And more to the point, lots of people of both sexes have engaged in such activity; does that mean on your Facebook profile that you'd "reclaim" that term by referring to yourself in that way? I don't think so.

That said, I've been around long enough and met enough gay people to know that there are many openly gay people who DO refer to themselves as "faggot" or "queer" as a means of neutralizing these terms, in a kind of 'reclamation'. Having been gay all my life, I am biased in supporting other gay people unequivocally and reflexively, as I know the kinds of shit straight people and society in general dishes out. Thus, if you are gay and want to refer to yourself in that way in good faith, go for it, as far as I'm concerned.

But I wouldn't refer to myself like that, except in very rare situations that I can't even think of ATM.

I think the word faggot is offensive, and often meant to be a pejorative Travis_0004 Nov 2012 #1
That's the word my uncle used to refer to bundles of kindling wood Siwsan Nov 2012 #2
I dislike all three terminologies. Smarmie Doofus Nov 2012 #3
WhenI was in college... MarianJack Nov 2012 #4
Check my sig. line. To me, that's what life should all be about. We all only have RKP5637 Nov 2012 #16
That's a great sig line! MarianJack Nov 2012 #19
I have a question: DetlefK Nov 2012 #5
THATS NOT FAIR! Vanje Nov 2012 #18
I'm hiding it all from you :) Marrah_G Nov 2012 #22
I am not interested in those terms ,either. mitchtv Nov 2012 #6
To reclaim means, literally, to lay claim to that which was once yours. closeupready Nov 2012 #7
I've been called that and other such words so often uriel1972 Nov 2012 #8
I think that the idea behind "reclaiming" words Fearless Nov 2012 #9
it was reclaimed for a bit in the early 2000's, atleast amongst young gay new yorkers La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2012 #10
I totally agree with you. And "f****t is definitely at the top of the list Zorra Nov 2012 #11
I see no reason to reclaim "faggot." It was never ours. Behind the Aegis Nov 2012 #12
I don't want to take back fag or faggot but my son (who is 19) beyurslf Nov 2012 #13
Sooo many words to pick from ... RKP5637 Nov 2012 #14
+1 xchrom Nov 2012 #15
Nnnn'Ima leave "faggot" alone HillWilliam Nov 2012 #17
+1 mitchtv Nov 2012 #20
I don't believe so NickP Nov 2012 #21
I agree and welcome to DU! hrmjustin Nov 2012 #23
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