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LT Barclay

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7. My experience and hypothesis:
Tue Nov 15, 2022, 04:20 AM
Nov 2022

My mother had something similar happen after menopause. She would take a situation that was based on reality and it became and obsession. One example is that my sister's first husband was selling pot. My mother assumed that she was being followed everywhere and was concerned she'd be arrested as part of the drug ring.
It was called schizophrenia, but I didn't believe it based on how it came about and they weren't baseless hallucinations, so I don't believe her treatment was helpful. I think your leaning toward OCD is more in line with the symptoms.
So what I have learned since then is that our body has (for simplicity's sake) 2 types of neurotransmitters. One says "Go, Go, Go" and the others (seratonin and dopamine), say "hey, let's slow down and take our time". When all is correct, things stay in balance. Parkinson's is a imbalance where actually it is the go, go, go, that causes the rigidity and limitations in movement because the calming neurotransmitters are not produced in the correct amount. So my hypothesis is that there is not enough of the calming neurotransmitters that hold random thoughts in check. So every problem seems like an elephant not a mouse.
I don't know if that information is any help because I have never heard of anyone treating mental illness with that approach. But it appears your daughter is suffering the same way my mother was and I wish her the best. Sadly, my mother reached a balance after her diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I don't think it was the disease or treatment, but the realization caused her to find a deeper meaning in her religion.
OK, here's a funny story in all of this. One of the last times she was in the hospital was when she was attending a home bible study. Something glitched that night and she refused to go home (scared of somebody following/arresting her). So the host had no choice but to call the police. Well when they went out to talk to the police, my mother locked everyone out of the house. I don't know how they finally convinced her to open the door, but she was taken to the hospital from there.

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