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19. You're not dumping in my thread.
Tue Feb 16, 2016, 01:23 AM
Feb 2016

For goodness sakes. These are conversations, not just lectures or statements.

I'm also in my 4th or 5th year of stage IV. I did try oral chemo at the end, but stopped my particular kind (Stivarga, which was new to the market and FDA-fast tracked. I got almost every single side effect listed, and was sleeping up to 20 hours a day. It was ridiculous so I stopped. I don't know if your condition is fast moving or slow moving, but this is one of those things you need to keep in mind, as I'm sure you know. Personally I was told I was basically over the "good drugs" (meaning ones with minimal or tolerable side effects) and it was mainly just nastier stuff ahead of me. I eventually just stopped treatment.

Yah, I think my doctor asking if my affairs are in order (whether they were or not) would kind of catch my attention. "Umm, Doc, can I ask why you thought you needed to bring that issue up?". Asking if you've set up a living will or DNR is valid to what they do, but asking if your affairs are in order? Either you're in bad shape or you need a new doctor.

I'm only a few days into this hospice thing (just got oxygen tanks today ) but the hospice team seems to be far more helpful than I expected. I was reluctant at first but now am starting to find it's a really nice resource and lifts the burden for most people involved (not just the patients). Still in the getting used to it phase.

I guess the direction we are going in can't easily be changed (just talking medically) but how conduct ourselves on what is a terminal hike is what defines us as a person.

<3. (It's a heart) uppityperson Feb 2016 #1
Best wishes to you! n/t PoliticAverse Feb 2016 #2
This is always a difficult step, my dear Tab... CaliforniaPeggy Feb 2016 #3
Glad you posted. Wish you weren't faced with that decision. I know it's a tough. Hoyt Feb 2016 #4
They were very good with my mother. Wish I qualified, Downwinder Feb 2016 #5
Would not chronic qualify you? Tab Feb 2016 #6
I have been told NO. Downwinder Feb 2016 #7
Hmmm.... Tab Feb 2016 #9
Enough of this cheerful talk. Downwinder Feb 2016 #10
It's home Tab Feb 2016 #11
That will give your caregiver some respite, time for shopping etc. Downwinder Feb 2016 #13
age is terminal, too (attempt at levity) wordpix Feb 2016 #15
Congratulations. My niece is over 10 yrs. now. Downwinder Feb 2016 #16
(((Tab))) Solly Mack Feb 2016 #8
Thanks, Solly Tab Feb 2016 #12
so sorry, Tab and thinking of you wordpix Feb 2016 #14
I understand the conflicting feelings. dmr Feb 2016 #17
You're not dumping in my thread. Tab Feb 2016 #19
have you tried any of the super dose med marijuana? wordpix Feb 2016 #23
Unofficially Tab Feb 2016 #24
Hospice is really helpful in so many ways cate94 Feb 2016 #18
I wish we didn''t need child cancer centers either. Tab Feb 2016 #20
Too true. cate94 Feb 2016 #21
Sorry to hear this Tab, but I know from your posts that it has not been ... slipslidingaway Feb 2016 #22
It sucks to be in your place, but it is good you are making the decisions. alfredo Feb 2016 #25
All my best wishes and hopes for you DarthDem Feb 2016 #26
I'm ambivalent with the question of even thinking about it. nolabels Feb 2016 #27
First, I'm sorry for your loss. Tab Feb 2016 #28
I was trying to help convey from what i saw from my experience with the hospice nolabels Feb 2016 #29
sounds like you're doing OK, glad to hear it wordpix Feb 2016 #30
Damn, I didn't know your condition was that advanced. alfredo Mar 2016 #31
The problem is we're barely learning how to die Tab Mar 2016 #32
My parents were European, moonscape Apr 2016 #33
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