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10. You look like one of my 6th grade students who was attacked
Sun Aug 13, 2023, 11:13 PM
Aug 2023

by yellow jackets at 6th grade camp in San Diego. I was also attacked and had a terrible reaction. My whole arm swelled and I was miserable. The student who got attacked on the eye and face multiple times had to go home for hospital care. I wish they let me go home but as the teacher I had to stay. The students go to camp for a week each year and the regular classroom teachers are forced to go along. It was the 2nd week of school and it was an omen for the whole terrible year. They made us go on 5 hour hikes in the hot dry mountains of Palomar and even though they told us to hang lunch meat in the trees so the kids didn't get attacked but it didn't help. My entire arm was swollen and itchy and in pain for 5 straight days. I have 100% empathy for you!!! There were yellow jacket nests underground and they swarmed all around the kids within an hour of arriving. I wasn't even aware I was bitten since it didn't even land on me, it just flew past and was able to take a chunk out of my skin. Benadryl is fantastic.

Get well soon. sinkingfeeling Aug 2023 #1
I have a script for multigraincracker Aug 2023 #2
Please feel better. DarthDem Aug 2023 #3
ohh ouch! KarenS Aug 2023 #4
Yikes. blm Aug 2023 #5
Yikes! That looks like it hurts. CaptainTruth Aug 2023 #6
Vibes for swift and complete recovery! Ouch!!! niyad Aug 2023 #7
"Before" and "after" picture in one. Beastly Boy Aug 2023 #8
I hope that heals up quickly... 2naSalit Aug 2023 #9
You look like one of my 6th grade students who was attacked BigmanPigman Aug 2023 #10
Time to make a meme. LudwigPastorius Aug 2023 #11
Nothing's easy with you, Kozar! Geez, wasps. PatrickforB Aug 2023 #12
Ouch! You need to put your feet up and chill for awhile. calimary Aug 2023 #13
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