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18. I just this morning started baking
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 10:47 AM
Dec 4

I’m off to a late start this year. Chocolate chip and ginger snaps to start, then we’ll see. I have to bake nut free because of an allergy in the family, which is a bit frustrating.

We're making Panettone Bobstandard Dec 2 #1
Funny, I asked about a Panettone pan, and there were none. Just paper cylinders. usonian Dec 2 #2
caramel corn Kali Dec 2 #3
I make mine with walnuts Marthe48 Dec 2 #4
I have heard them called that too. Kali Dec 2 #8
The squirrels are fiends Marthe48 Dec 2 #9
we always called them Mexican Wedding Cookies yellowdogintexas Dec 3 #16
Not to take away from your post, but Emile Dec 2 #5
eh, that sounds a little too over the top for me, but I bet everyone else in the family would like it. Kali Dec 2 #7
My wife says thanks for the recipe. Emile Dec 2 #11
I've had the Harry and David moose tracks popcorn Marthe48 Dec 2 #10
I always make my mom's Pecan Fingers. MOMFUDSKI Dec 2 #6
From time to time, I've made a Buche De Noel (Yule Log) as a Christmas dessert. Staph Dec 3 #12
Going from mahogany to maple Marthe48 Dec 3 #13
One word justaprogressive Dec 3 #14
This is high baking season for me, and I love it. Baking is therapy for me yellowdogintexas Dec 3 #15
Thanks for reminding me Marthe48 Dec 3 #17
I have been tempted to try a chocolate rum cake or even a chocolate bourbon cake yellowdogintexas Dec 6 #22
I found a recipe last year Marthe48 Dec 6 #23
Chocolate pound cake #3 is out of the oven and cooling on the counter yellowdogintexas Dec 6 #24
after all these rum cakes, I have found the perfect rum cake recipe yellowdogintexas Dec 11 #25
I just this morning started baking spinbaby Dec 4 #18
It is hard to do Marthe48 Dec 4 #19
try these somewhat adult cookies yellowdogintexas Dec 11 #26
I had to come looking for this thread, Marthe! True Dough Dec 5 #20
lolol Marthe48 Dec 5 #21
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