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244. that's an honor - hopefully you won't be responding if you've
Mon Feb 2, 2015, 11:24 AM
Feb 2015

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told the truth and actually ignored me. I wonder how many people have you on ignore?

Awful shenmue Nov 2014 #1
Darwin At Work SoCalMusicLover Nov 2014 #3
Shame shenmue Nov 2014 #4
i think it's more than darwin samsingh Nov 2014 #5
Love me, love my gun, love my country...or else.., but true patriotism has nothing to do with guns. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #22
God, SoCal, you'll turn off your "peaceful" allies. Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #19
Your pathetic attempt at a joke would have more validity if she was not killed CBGLuthier Nov 2014 #66
She was killed by a 3 year old with a loaded gun she negligently left on a table...a gun, not a fork Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #70
LOL! So that's justification for a filthy remark? pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #131
What? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #133
Don't feign confusion please. pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #134
It still isn't fucking humorous in the least and the snipe was in poor taste GGJohn Nov 2014 #164
Actually that is not true. Chemisse Nov 2014 #77
What an absolutely sickening remark. pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #91
There's a lot of death celebration over this issue lately... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #118
But the poster will get a pass because his/her remark pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #130
much as i enjoy a good darwin award, they're more appropriate when they happen before breeding. unblock Nov 2014 #202
Again proving the deadly nature of a gun, a child can kill an adult with this inanimate object. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #2
More people are killed in bicycle accidents than from firearm accidents. kioa Nov 2014 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Sweet Freedom Nov 2014 #7
More gun lovers are killed by their own guns than by criminals. Stupid gun lovers..... Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #8
Then don't own one. kioa Nov 2014 #12
Lots of non-gun owners are killed by gun owners, though. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #82
Lots of gun owners are killed by non-gun owners. kioa Nov 2014 #84
Don't worry, even if "life in the USA isn't scary"...... daleanime Nov 2014 #105
How so? kioa Nov 2014 #110
"Who will be a 'responsible gun owner' right up until the moment they aren't." pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #92
And a lot of drunkards kill others. acalix Nov 2014 #186
Good question. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #187
False comparison. acalix Nov 2014 #191
True comparison. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #192
False comparison. Straw Man Nov 2014 #193
How many times as something like that happened? acalix Nov 2014 #201
More to the point... beevul Nov 2014 #200
I have no problem with a license that is good in every state - just like a drivers license. nt hack89 Dec 2014 #206
You're free not to own one, you're not free to deny others of owning one. GGJohn Nov 2014 #27
you are right samsingh Nov 2014 #40
I know, the gun loving folk do not get it that a gun is a......gun...go figure. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #42
the absolute lack of facts and logic is astounding samsingh Nov 2014 #47
Hmmmm, didn't you at one time have only like 50 posts? GGJohn Nov 2014 #165
maybe 10 years ago samsingh Nov 2014 #169
"a lot of right wingers join the board.........." pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #188
want to see emotion and ignorance - talk to a gun lover about gun control samsingh Nov 2014 #189
Quite the contrary. pablo_marmol Nov 2014 #194
what facts do you refer to? studies around the world show that increased gun ownership samsingh Nov 2014 #196
"what facts do you refer to?" pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #204
your google search is very lazy and your hypocracy at bias is glaring samsingh Dec 2014 #208
Lazy searches. Straw Man Dec 2014 #213
interesting point samsingh Dec 2014 #214
Actually, the shootings were a string in the 1980s gejohnston Jan 2015 #227
"Your google search is very lazy......." pablo_marmol Jan 2015 #226
Happy New Year samsingh Jan 2015 #228
Back at you. pablo_marmol Jan 2015 #229
you won't quit samsingh Jan 2015 #230
Right. My post #226 focused only on your spelling. LOL. pablo_marmol Jan 2015 #231
no i meant you won't quit saying lies samsingh Jan 2015 #232
Here is YOUR LIE: pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #234
it only proves something in your biased mind samsingh Feb 2015 #238
Wow -- you're really beyond all help. pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #240
and of course anything you don't understand must be a lie samsingh Jan 2015 #233
The maturity level is appalling sarisataka Nov 2014 #195
nothing compared to when gun lovers tell gun control advocates samsingh Nov 2014 #197
You stated that gun owners are sarisataka Nov 2014 #199
scour the internet and this board to see what gun lovers call gun supporters samsingh Dec 2014 #207
No need sarisataka Dec 2014 #211
the 'control' side doesn't shoot guns at least. Are you more concerned with words or actual bullets samsingh Dec 2014 #212
You might want to fact check sarisataka Dec 2014 #215
btw - have you seen the names i've been called in this thread? samsingh Dec 2014 #219
Yet you have repeatedly sarisataka Dec 2014 #220
okay thanks for the explanation samsingh Dec 2014 #221
You're not guilty of lying? Really?! Here's what you said about me: pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #235
it's the truth. how is that lying? samsingh Feb 2015 #237
It's not the truth. It's a complete lie. pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #241
Actually, evidence demonstrates that you are the one blatantly lying. pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #205
to you 175 respondents scrares you that all your guns will be taken away samsingh Dec 2014 #209
No - I am not afraid of having my guns taken away, Mr. Integrity. pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #216
that's like saying no one with guns kills - your side samsingh Dec 2014 #218
Only the reading comprehension impaired could come to that conclusion. NT pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #224
This message was self-deleted by its author samsingh Dec 2014 #225
Rachel Maddow believes in an unarmed society. pablo_marmol Dec 2014 #217
Good for her. She's a smart person. samsingh Feb 2015 #236
So you think banning guns is a good idea, or even feasible? LOL! pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #242
your posts have convinced me that i'm being too moderate in my thinking samsingh Feb 2015 #239
Right -- because quoting award-winning liberal criminologists is such a horrible thing. pablo_marmol Feb 2015 #243
that's an honor - hopefully you won't be responding if you've samsingh Feb 2015 #244
Most civilized societies have sensible laws when it comes to guns and healthcare, in these two areas NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #177
Define "civilized society". kioa Nov 2014 #184
you are right samsingh Nov 2014 #198
very immature indeed samsingh Dec 2014 #210
The things you mention actually have uses other than to kill. angstlessk Nov 2014 #9
Irrelevant. kioa Nov 2014 #10
we can all make stuff samsingh Nov 2014 #44
I stated reality & used facts. kioa Nov 2014 #55
where are your references to your 'facts' samsingh Nov 2014 #101
It's basic English. kioa Nov 2014 #108
does access to weed count as a liberty? samsingh Nov 2014 #136
In some states. kioa Nov 2014 #145
Why are so many civilized societies able to function just fine without guns? NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #178
Civilized societies are able to function without kioa Nov 2014 #183
Oh, ok, you're just not as dead because they are designed for other uses. GGJohn Nov 2014 #28
you are right - it requires some level of critical thinking to grasp the difference samsingh Nov 2014 #41
Not true. ileus Nov 2014 #61
Do you think there are more killed intentionally by bicycles than guns? Thinkingabout Nov 2014 #31
If only there was a law against intentionally killing people, amirite? kioa Nov 2014 #43
There are laws against intentionally killing people but it does not stop this Thinkingabout Nov 2014 #74
very good question samsingh Nov 2014 #45
Good Point. Thinkingabout Nov 2014 #75
Yet more accidental deaths from even bicycles than from firearms kioa Nov 2014 #89
accidental is an important word - and how many in each incident samsingh Nov 2014 #96
WW2 had more deaths than WW1. kioa Nov 2014 #113
your words are full of hate and fear samsingh Nov 2014 #135
How so? I'm not the one insisting on taking rights from innocent people, nor kioa Nov 2014 #143
no, you just don't want to do anything to stop innocent people from being killed by samsingh Nov 2014 #147
California, Chicago & DC show that gun bans has nothing to do with lowering kioa Nov 2014 #149
selective picking there. In fact, around the world stats show the opposite of your viewpoint samsingh Nov 2014 #150
You do have the attitude of the 1%. kioa Nov 2014 #154
Al Gore did win btw - you're giving yourself away - the supreme court stoogers stopped samsingh Nov 2014 #152
Al Gore would have been President if he had won his home state. kioa Nov 2014 #153
again, he won the election. it was stolen from him by the repugs samsingh Nov 2014 #170
Again. Gore would have been president if he had won his home state kioa Nov 2014 #173
i would thought anyone believing in democracy would be outraged samsingh Nov 2014 #174
You started your post accusing innocent people of causing slaughters. kioa Nov 2014 #175
i really don't think you're reading my posts - seems like you have something to say samsingh Nov 2014 #176
Al Gore would have won if Katherine Harris hadnt iillegaly struck 90,000 NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #179
Kathleen Harris & Florida would have been a non factor kioa Nov 2014 #181
oh boy NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #182
There are no accidental deaths from bicycles. Deaths of bike riders are typically caused-- eridani Nov 2014 #151
i think that's true. samsingh Nov 2014 #171
and more people die from old age. what's your point? samsingh Nov 2014 #33
My point was specifically stated in the post you responded to kioa Nov 2014 #37
your point makes no sense and would fail in logic 101 samsingh Nov 2014 #38
I disagree. kioa Nov 2014 #52
No, they're not. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #83
Regardless those objects irrefutably cause more deaths. kioa Nov 2014 #85
No, it tells me you like misleading statistics. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #87
Lethality causes death. kioa Nov 2014 #88
My SD revolver is in use nearly 1/3 of a year each year... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #119
If you're not touching it, with your finger on the trigger, it's not in 'use'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #120
That doesn't fly. A gun is in use when a cop or civilian Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #122
Having something 'ready' is not the same as 'in use'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #123
Would you agree that fear of OC sarisataka Nov 2014 #126
When SD actions are calculated, shooting a gun... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #127
i don't think guns are scrary - stop putting words in other people's mouth samsingh Nov 2014 #102
Sure you are. kioa Nov 2014 #106
the fact that i think gun lovers are many times stupid samsingh Nov 2014 #137
Most civilized societies dont have these silly arguments about bicycles and guns.. NoJusticeNoPeace Nov 2014 #180
Yet I still own 2 bikes...knowing they're dangerous. ileus Nov 2014 #65
Let's see, according to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, SheilaT Nov 2014 #79
Accidental shooting caused 606 deaths in 2010. kioa Nov 2014 #80
The non accidental ones don't count, I take it. SheilaT Nov 2014 #90
There is already a law against murder & lacking a firearm doesn't prevent suicides. kioa Nov 2014 #95
But lacking a firearm tends to drastically reduce the suicide rate and other murder rates. SheilaT Nov 2014 #125
Not having a gun doesn't drastically reduce suicide rate. kioa Nov 2014 #148
You realize sarisataka Nov 2014 #11
I realize she was criminally negligent with a deadly weapon. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #16
Stay on task sarisataka Nov 2014 #24
a kid was able to get a hold of her gun and kill her with it - you don't see anything wrong with samsingh Nov 2014 #34
See post #24 sarisataka Nov 2014 #53
No, they do not, just an irresponsible gun owner, the gun is totally innocent. Breathtaking. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #62
Who has stated sarisataka Nov 2014 #67
innocent implies sentience. the admission is that the gun is not an inanimate object samsingh Nov 2014 #97
It was not a "gun lover" sarisataka Nov 2014 #111
What? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #116
A terrible tragedy sarisataka Nov 2014 #13
Such attitudes are despicable, but they are intrinsic to their argument. kioa Nov 2014 #14
NRA talking points...freedom to own deadly weapons and to die freely by them is death, not liberty. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #15
could you please link to these talking points? Duckhunter935 Nov 2014 #17
Ignorance is exactly what gun control feeds on. kioa Nov 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #20
There you go: Using the "N" word again... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #21
you of course meant life saving devices, not deadly weapons. ileus Nov 2014 #25
Death by ignorance sarisataka Nov 2014 #26
You win the prize for being the first to utter the "NRA talking points" meme first. GGJohn Nov 2014 #29
"NRA talking points" is a VPC talking point. Straw Man Nov 2014 #93
Scissors are fine, not designed to kill and can not kill easily. Killing is child's play with guns, Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #117
I see that you are dodging the central issue ... Straw Man Nov 2014 #140
Killing is child's play when the child has a gun, it is not complicated. Just twitch a finger. Dead. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #156
The child's finger should never be on the gun. Straw Man Nov 2014 #157
LOL, any other "inanimate object" that a child can use to kill so easily? Name one, there is nothing Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #158
WTF are you L-ing-OL about? Straw Man Nov 2014 #159
Everything you mention does not involve the use of a deadly weapon, get it? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #160
Nevertheless, the situations described are potentially deadly. Straw Man Nov 2014 #163
This message was self-deleted by its author Straw Man Nov 2014 #94
well said samsingh Nov 2014 #190
hurt feelings on one hand - innocent people being massacred by people with guns on the other samsingh Nov 2014 #35
Some deaths are tragic sarisataka Nov 2014 #56
death is not humorous and i see the hypocrisy samsingh Nov 2014 #99
Credit for honesty nt sarisataka Nov 2014 #112
Speaking of innocent people... sarisataka Nov 2014 #57
do you not see the frustration on the gun control side samsingh Nov 2014 #100
I see lots of frustration sarisataka Nov 2014 #114
i'm sorry to hear about your cousin - very tragic samsingh Nov 2014 #132
Yes and MADD has shown us sarisataka Nov 2014 #138
MADD in this area would be good. samsingh Nov 2014 #139
So that makes those statements ok? GGJohn Nov 2014 #166
On your body or locked up....safety first. ileus Nov 2014 #23
Safety first, do not own a deadly weapon like a gun, no death by gun. Simple even for the simpletons Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #30
I don't, I own life saving devices, hunting instruments, and target firearms. ileus Nov 2014 #32
the basic point is being missed samsingh Nov 2014 #36
neither will a pool noodle. ileus Nov 2014 #46
unless you get shot at in the back samsingh Nov 2014 #48
But, ileus, you posted you only have target and hunting guns...showing your paranoia now, at Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #54
When and where did I ever say I only owned two of the four types of firearms? ileus Nov 2014 #59
Post #32, dearee, so now you are going to add to your arsenal to justify your illogic? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #60
Life saving devices = personal protection/self defense firearms. ileus Nov 2014 #63
My mistake, life saving devices to me means things like a life preserver or fire extinguishers... Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #64
Wouldn't it be hard? Sleeping in fear? ileus Nov 2014 #68
Bully for you. Enjoy your hobby, stay safe. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #69
Thanks... ileus Nov 2014 #72
as along as the gun lover is safe it doesn't matter that kids somewhere else are being slaughtered samsingh Nov 2014 #104
Firearms are as safe as baby powder..wow...armies are using the wrong weapons! Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #39
what a great discovery - shower baby powder samsingh Nov 2014 #49
And they could blast barrels of glitter over the battlefield...choking hazard....why do they choose Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #50
here's another interesting thing i found on the internet samsingh Nov 2014 #51
That's why we have to promote a progressive stance on the 2A. ileus Nov 2014 #58
we are samsingh Nov 2014 #98
If you are so paranoid, why not get bars angstlessk Nov 2014 #76
I do have one BAR....270 nice rifle ileus Nov 2014 #81
I recall a tale of a man sarisataka Nov 2014 #86
Why don't you take your own advice instead of insisting that innocent people have to lose kioa Nov 2014 #109
You're more than free to not own one. GGJohn Nov 2014 #167
Wow! Straw Man Nov 2014 #168
To answer your question...yes...yes, you are. Obviously. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #172
It's called "sarcasm." Straw Man Nov 2014 #185
Just another overconfident gun owner Warpy Nov 2014 #71
The use of safes & lockboxes is increasing, which may explain... Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #121
Speaking of securing firearms sarisataka Nov 2014 #124
Guns are just a little different Warpy Nov 2014 #142
So target shooting is really practice for killing people? hack89 Nov 2014 #144
Hmmm sarisataka Nov 2014 #146
I believe these on-going safety campaigns are behind Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #155
I knew this story would show up here. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #73
woops I wandered onto this thread by mistake bye-bye LiberalElite Nov 2014 #78
Usually, they are in GD! Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #129
Hooray! discntnt_irny_srcsm Nov 2014 #103
Those poor children! chervilant Nov 2014 #107
Interesting. The OP and the gloating was not a product of Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #128
Well, now, chervilant Nov 2014 #141
#3 and the reaction to it, even from controllers. nt Eleanors38 Nov 2014 #161
Perhaps, then, chervilant Nov 2014 #162
probably a "safe action" pistol. ileus Nov 2014 #115
No sympathy here. avebury Nov 2014 #203
I'm Not Sure most Gun Owners know what it is to be responsible blackribbonamerica Dec 2014 #222
Registration? The brady bunch? beevul Dec 2014 #223
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