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3. It's hard to believe that a person that smart can act so carelessly.
Fri Apr 24, 2015, 02:00 PM
Apr 2015

A trifecta of fail:

1: Run a family foundation WHILE you're secretary of state.
2: Approve sketchy deals and then TAKE funds from agents in that deal, and fail to report it.
3: Do these things while using a private email server in your home, then deleting files from it.

These taken together would be the end of the job interview anywhere but in bizarro land.

I looked into the Clinton Global Initiative's financial records, their Form 990:

Only 32% of CGI revenue was spend on grants paid out.

Reported prior year figures reported on their 2013 Form 990:

Revenue: $28,221,924

Grants paid: $8,975,872

Salaries, benefits: $6,949,577

Other expenses: $12,296,668

Less than 32% of the revenue was spent on grants paid out.
Over 24% was spent on salaries and benefits.
"Other expenses" accounted for almost 44%.


GuideStar couldn't provide a Schedule A, which would have listed such details as salaries.

Chelsea V Clinton is listed as a director, but no salary is described, that's often on Schedules A and J.

Personally, when I know that United Way puts out 65-75% of their revenue in grants and CGI can only spit out 32%, it's a red flag.

And when United Way grants paid out are always well above the salaries plus overhead but CGI salaries + expenses are DOUBLE what the grants are, that's a red flag.

There is the appearance that CGI is a money pit that does some good but at a very high cost for doing that good.

Technically, it's legal to have a foundation that takes in money and all they do is fly around and make presentations and shake hands.

The numbers surprised me, but then it fits the pattern.

$28 million in revenue, and over $19 million of it going to salaries and expenses.

Red flags, much?

ETA link to their own statement: https://www.clintonfoundation.org/sites/default/files/clinton_foundation_report_public_11-19-14.pdf

My figures above are from GuideStar, I don't know why Form 990 numbers from their site are different from the link immediately above, but the red flags are still there, much of the funds go to salaries and travel and conventions:

I think the Clinton Global Initiative is just a small chunk of the Bill Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. Now my head really hurts.

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