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7. People who commit suicide don't want to die.
Fri Jun 15, 2012, 10:47 AM
Jun 2012

They just can't live.

The OP is insulting to those who have to struggle against the disadvantages of rural life only to have some academic offer up a "tailpipe solution" because it's easier to demonize an inanimate object that to treat people like human beings.

Time to ban rural gunz... ileus Jun 2012 #1
The OP says "MAY" Hangingon Jun 2012 #2
Yea, who cares how many teens kill themselves with readily available guns, as long as you keep yours Hoyt Jun 2012 #4
Why should I be punished because of the actions of other people? Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #34
Oh, your poor, pitiful gun plight is so tough. Hoyt Jun 2012 #39
So that means you can not answer the question? oneshooter Jun 2012 #40
I note that you did not answer the question. Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #42
If you look at the rural suicide rates of other countries gejohnston Jun 2012 #45
This is a scumbag anti-gun appeal!!! Hells Liberal Jun 2012 #3
Guns enable suicide. Agree with other aspects of your post, but the same right wingers who back Hoyt Jun 2012 #5
So do broken beer bottles Hells Liberal Jun 2012 #6
I will when you guys quit using false imagery of "thugs" as an excuse to strap a gun or two Hoyt Jun 2012 #8
So says the one of the most prolific users... Clames Jun 2012 #9
At least my imagery doesn't spur me to run out and buy more guns and ammo. Hoyt Jun 2012 #11
Your imagery has you running down the street Spoonman Jun 2012 #17
Hey, I walk slowly down the street without worry, or weapons to comfort me. Try it, if you can. Hoyt Jun 2012 #22
You would shit your pants half way down the block I work on all day, every day! Spoonman Jun 2012 #29
I thought his imagery had him confronting lawful CCW permit holders... Clames Jun 2012 #28
No your imagery just spurs you to spit on the Consitution and the rights it enumerates. Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #35
The ass wipe that tried to rob me wasn't wearing a suit and tie! Spoonman Jun 2012 #16
Did he shoot you? If not, and I hope not, a gun would not have made things better. Hoyt Jun 2012 #23
My gun did make things better! Spoonman Jun 2012 #24
Great. He probably just shot the next person in the head before saying anything. Hoyt Jun 2012 #25
And if he did "shoot the next person in the head" Spoonman Jun 2012 #27
More folks that arm up, the more desperate criminals will become. They'll arm up and shoot sooner. Hoyt Jun 2012 #30
"More folks that arm up, the more desperate criminals will become." Spoonman Jun 2012 #31
But we aren't seeing that. Atypical Liberal Jun 2012 #36
If you have a chip on your solder, your iron isn't hot enough. crayfish Jun 2012 #61
They deserved it because of so much rude totering going on. If only criminals had gunz... ileus Jun 2012 #33
I would have absolutely no compunction over shooting someone trying to take my wallet. crayfish Jun 2012 #43
That's really fucked up. Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #46
Why do you trust criminals so much? hack89 Jun 2012 #47
Did I say you should give anyone your wallet? I think not. Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #49
Yet you support laws that would take away that means of self defense hack89 Jun 2012 #50
given that losing the wallet could cause great harm to his family gejohnston Jun 2012 #48
Oh, come on GE. Put him on the street? Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #51
A lot of working class gejohnston Jun 2012 #52
So what are you saying? Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #54
no, but gejohnston Jun 2012 #55
We don't have too many Walmarts out here, thankfully. Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #56
the average meth head doesn't really think that hard gejohnston Jun 2012 #57
Absolutely. You can defend your stuff your way, I'll defend mine my way. crayfish Jun 2012 #59
Maybe because I love life, especially my own Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #62
Post removed Post removed Jun 2012 #63
You need to move on Awipe. Alert on me, I don't care. Hoyt Jun 2012 #64
I wouldn't dare, I want everyone to see what and who you are. crayfish Jun 2012 #65
We know exactly what you are. Hoyt Jun 2012 #67
Care to elaborate? crayfish Jun 2012 #68
Nope, I questioned your attitude, use of words like "effete," and hope to kill in post above. Hoyt Jun 2012 #69
My attitude is none of your fucking business. You can object to my facts or my opinion, though crayfish Jun 2012 #70
I did. Hoyt Jun 2012 #71
+ 100000000000000000000x100000000000000 Hoyt Jun 2012 #66
The person stealing or robbing should consider if the contents of the wallet are worth dieing for. Remmah2 Jun 2012 #75
I have no problem with you or anyone being a gun owner Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #58
Good point, I've wondered about that when I hear somebody say "white pride" or "black pride". crayfish Jun 2012 #60
Do you think parents are proud of their kids because of an accident of birth? Starboard Tack Jun 2012 #78
In that case, a great solution... NewMoonTherian Jun 2012 #10
Sorry, I don't buy that. Guns are a health, budget, moral, etc., problem. Hoyt Jun 2012 #12
Then again. Remmah2 Jun 2012 #76
So do bridges, high roofs, Valium, and sharp objects. cherokeeprogressive Jun 2012 #41
Of the people I've known who have comitted/sttempted suicide only one by gun. Remmah2 Jun 2012 #77
The Article Recommends Locking Up Your Guns AndyTiedye Jun 2012 #18
People who commit suicide don't want to die. rrneck Jun 2012 #7
True, quite true. jeepnstein Jun 2012 #13
I don't think it's about demonizing so much as about education and awareness petronius Jun 2012 #15
I support these people in their right to die Bill O.Rights Jun 2012 #14
plus in the long run it's better for the earth. ileus Jun 2012 #21
So we're claiming guns make people want to commit suicide? ileus Jun 2012 #19
I believe that easy access to the weapon could easily cause more ladjf Jun 2012 #20
Maybe you should work to get a law passed to that effect. jeepnstein Jun 2012 #26
I wasn't suggesting the that all suicidal people could be forced to ladjf Jun 2012 #32
it seems to be higher in rural areas across the board gejohnston Jun 2012 #37
Many studies have shown that gun availability contributes to suicide rates. DanTex Jun 2012 #38
which are also rural areas gejohnston Jun 2012 #44
In contrast, alternate Harvard study. Remmah2 Jun 2012 #72
LOL. That's not a "Harvard Study". DanTex Jun 2012 #73
Do you know what a barrel shroud is? nt Remmah2 Jun 2012 #74
not a 'Harvard study', by two men who have nothing to do with Harvard John718 Jan 2013 #79
A lot of my family lives in rural areas. Dr_Scholl Jun 2012 #53
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