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Gun Control & RKBA

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Thu Aug 16, 2012, 02:23 AM Aug 2012

I think guns carried in public should be virtually incapable of firing when dropped. Do you agree? [View all]

I'm no expert on guns, so I'd like to hear from those who are.

There are many who fear and oppose people carrying in public. I don't agree with them as a matter of simple justice and of constitutional law, but I do understand their position.

One of their concerns is gun accidents. Even given a well trained, responsible, sober CCW permittee who behaves perfectly, if guns fire when dropped, the potential for disaster is very real.

Absolute perfection is not possible in human products, but there are definitely ways to make failure rates vanishingly small. Triple redundancy in a well designed system should prevent almost 100% of firing as a result of dropping—and IIRC, at least one manufacturer has triple redundancy.

It is quite reasonable for people to expect that guns carried in public be certified not to fire when dropped. There should be double or even triple redundancy. I know for instance, that some safety critical systems in cars must be certified to have at least two fail safes.

It should be illegal to carry antique guns that lack mechanisms to prevent shooting when dropped. And if he wasn't carrying an antique, how did this guy's gun shoot him in the buttocks? Is this just another case of a reporter not getting accurate facts? I wish I knew what he was carrying.


(Edited to add a link to more stories. Have I been mislead on modern handguns? http://www.democraticunderground.com/117261815#post5)

What do you think (assuming that you can't prevent carrying of guns in public):

13 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
All gun carried in public should be certified designed (or retrofitted) with redundant features to prevent firing when dropped
6 (46%)
People should be able to carry antique guns without such features
0 (0%)
I'm ok with things as they are, whatever that may be from locale to locale
7 (54%)
Other (explain below)
0 (0%)
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this is the kind of guy the NRA says will protect us from guys like Holmes Skittles Aug 2012 #1
Link? n/t TPaine7 Aug 2012 #2
So THAT'S how you get 80K posts..... Callisto32 Aug 2012 #19
Liability insurance has pretty done that already for those being manufactured today ProgressiveProfessor Aug 2012 #3
Exactly. nt rDigital Aug 2012 #4
Good points. TPaine7 Aug 2012 #5
Like most of those with technical backgrounds, I tend to want data and lots of it ProgressiveProfessor Aug 2012 #7
Of greater concern carry a firearm in public what are you going to do if someone tries to take it? gordianot Aug 2012 #6
This is one reason why I favor concealed carry. Well concealed. TPaine7 Aug 2012 #8
There are times and places for open carry, mostly "upcountry" IMO ProgressiveProfessor Aug 2012 #9
That's when I OC, hunting, hiking, fishing, ORV rides. ileus Aug 2012 #11
It is safer to open carry in the woods or in my case on the farm. gordianot Aug 2012 #18
What you "feel" has no relevence unless supported by "data". PavePusher Aug 2012 #28
Perhaps you're being a little hard on gordianot TPaine7 Aug 2012 #37
At the risk... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #10
I can rack the slide in one second. safeinOhio Aug 2012 #13
So lets do a little drill Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #31
What if pigs could fly? safeinOhio Aug 2012 #40
Getting hitówith a bulletóin one arm or shoulder before you complete your draw TPaine7 Aug 2012 #48
The difference being, of course, that pigs don't fly. Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #49
Real life safeinOhio Aug 2012 #50
Is it my perception or are you truly antagonistic toward people that don't share your worldview? Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #54
It would be even faster to always safeinOhio Aug 2012 #55
Whatever dude, you do it your way and I'll do it my way NT Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #56
It's but a flesh wound... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #43
I agree, but it's not deadly enough for those who are into packing in public and all things guns. Hoyt Aug 2012 #15
Yawn.... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #16
nt Equate Aug 2012 #21
If I am fumbling with loading, I don't have as much concentration for evaluation. Callisto32 Aug 2012 #20
"If I am fumbling with loading..." holdencaufield Aug 2012 #26
get an airsoft gun Trunk Monkey Aug 2012 #33
A good start. Callisto32 Aug 2012 #53
I can think of some scenarios where you wouldn't want to rack the slide. TPaine7 Aug 2012 #38
A Glock style safety may not be the best for some CC ileus Aug 2012 #12
Virtually incapable of firing at all would be better. Hoyt Aug 2012 #14
I'd rather Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #32
This is not a question of law but common sense and responsible conduct DWC Aug 2012 #17
Point taken, TPaine7 Aug 2012 #23
Some of the greatest things about America are: DWC Aug 2012 #57
Modern handguns are drop safe. ManiacJoe Aug 2012 #22
That being so, I can see the case for not multiplying laws needlessly. TPaine7 Aug 2012 #24
The key word there being "alleged". ManiacJoe Aug 2012 #27
Modern firearms have drop safeties ... spin Aug 2012 #25
Most accident discharges with Glocks happen when.............. virginia mountainman Aug 2012 #29
Another factor with the Glock is that it is easy to change the trigger pull weight ... spin Aug 2012 #30
Trigger weight on revolvers is usually even easier to change. HALO141 Aug 2012 #36
They already are. Jenoch Aug 2012 #34
They already are. HALO141 Aug 2012 #35
I think it's a good idea. California has a pretty strict drop test for ALL new handguns sold here. slackmaster Aug 2012 #39
Modern guns will not fire when droped Travis_0004 Aug 2012 #41
most single action revolvers gejohnston Aug 2012 #42
That is why... holdencaufield Aug 2012 #44
As has been stated a few times already PD Turk Aug 2012 #45
Re ur query; Have I been mislead on modern firearm? russ1943 Aug 2012 #46
See post #22. ManiacJoe Aug 2012 #47
Her side of the story is very compelling. jeepnstein Aug 2012 #52
Most modern handguns are virtually incapable of discharging when dropped. geckosfeet Aug 2012 #51
Even Wyatt Earp Had an Accidental Discharge from Dropping His Gun AndyTiedye Aug 2012 #58
I doubt he had a modern gun by 2012 standards, but is interesting that he didn't carry in a way that TPaine7 Aug 2012 #59
To be drop safe, those cap-and-ball revolvers ManiacJoe Aug 2012 #60
education JPEN Aug 2012 #61
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