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Gun Control & RKBA

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Sat Sep 1, 2012, 08:05 PM Sep 2012

We need a Pro-RKBA group on DU [View all]

Those who support the RKBA are harassed and intimidated by those who do not here in the RKBA group. This is especially true for newbie posters who are scared out of the pond by the "big fish". It would be a good place to further discussion and share info with each other in a peaceful friendly manner without all of the personal insults and harassment.

There are many 2nd amendment supporters and firearms owners here that would support an additional non-battleground group (safe haven)

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We need a Pro-RKBA group on DU.
10 (29%)
We do not need a Pro-RKBA group on DU.
25 (71%)
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We need a Pro-RKBA group on DU [View all] rDigital Sep 2012 OP
The antis are already rrneck Sep 2012 #1
Thanks to all the new be safeinOhio Sep 2012 #7
What trolls are those? rrneck Sep 2012 #43
Ahhh, the projection: the #1 "Google dumper" right now in the Gungeon has 26 OP's going apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #10
Lets see whatever rrneck Sep 2012 #42
You don't know how to scroll up and down through the first page of the forum? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #48
So you got nothing. You must be one of the adolescents. nt rrneck Sep 2012 #60
So, you still haven't figured out how your computer's mouse works. That must be tough. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #81
No content yet? rrneck Sep 2012 #82
Figure out how to manipulate your computer's mouse, then get back with me. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #93
LOL! rrneck Sep 2012 #96
Still haven't figured it out yet, huh? Must be tough. Keep trying - practice makes perfect. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #98
And yes: everyone browsing by please by all means check out #10: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #99
Still unable to deliver rrneck Sep 2012 #103
Still haven't got the hang of it, eh? That really turning out to be a toughie. Keep trying! apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #104
Is this how you kick ass? rrneck Sep 2012 #108
Practice makes perfect: give it another go. Sometimes, it just takes patience and perseverance. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #109
Still none of the facts you desired. nt rrneck Sep 2012 #111
See, you figured out how to use the "search" function on DU, so the computer mouse can't be apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #110
Yes, you're very discrete. rrneck Sep 2012 #112
Funny stuff. A regular laff-riot hereabouts.... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #113
Yeah. How about some discussion now? rrneck Sep 2012 #114
What do you want to discuss? Figure that out first, then get back with me. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #115
See post 42 in response to post 10. nt rrneck Sep 2012 #127
Still waiting: What. Do. You. Want. To. Discuss? "Running and hiding," indeed.... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #117
For those of you just joining this tedium rrneck Sep 2012 #119
So, you don't want to discuss anything after all, eh? Figures. Get back with me when you do. n/t apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #121
I never left. rrneck Sep 2012 #126
See #48. Here's a handy link: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #131
I'm still here and you're still running. rrneck Sep 2012 #133
No, the issue at hand is that the biggest "Google dumper" on this forum is a "pro gun progressive," apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #136
Your diverson isn't working. rrneck Sep 2012 #137
There is no "diversion"; I refer all interested to these four posts: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #138
Still running. rrneck Sep 2012 #141
Still haven't got the hang of how that mouse on your computer works yet, huh? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #143
Wow, you just got taken to the cleaners. Clames Sep 2012 #145
Wow, you must have the same trouble scrolling up and down with a mouse that your pal does. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #149
There are questions pending. rrneck Sep 2012 #147
Nope: asked & answered. Now, either ask some new ones, or go find something else to discuss. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #151
What relevant facts have you provided rrneck Sep 2012 #153
Here, have one more go at it: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #152
Just another chickenshit dodge. rrneck Sep 2012 #154
Try, try, try again: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #155
No facts yet. rrneck Sep 2012 #156
Yep, plenty of facts, you've simply ignored them. But thanks for giving me the opportunity to kick apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #161
Nope, you have provided nothing. Clames Sep 2012 #162
Yep, I have. And it's been quite thoroughly documented & linked. Give it a try: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #163
Asked for what rrneck Sep 2012 #164
Another emptiless nothing after 20 other nothing posts. RegieRocker Sep 2012 #187
Yep. rrneck Sep 2012 #189
Yep. He just never could grasp the simple mechanics of maniuplating his mouse, or clicking a link apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #190
Harassed and intimidated??? elleng Sep 2012 #2
I know: ain't it just the saddest thing you ever heard? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #3
Sad? elleng Sep 2012 #4
Yeah, I can just imagine the manly RKBA'er at his desk, shootin' iron strapped to his hip, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #6
take into account the paranoia factor Skittles Sep 2012 #8
Yep. One of our "pro gun progressives" rigged up a way he could take his deadly toy to the shower apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #11
Was this while he was trying to enjoy eating a chocolate chip cookie? -..__... Sep 2012 #45
That's a pretty cool stow-bag for that AR-15 variant, actually. Like the collapsible stock, too. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #49
Also, one of our "pro-RKBA" Democrats won't even hazard posting on DU without his trusty Glock apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #14
Why does it bother you if people want a gun in the shower? MercutioATC Sep 2012 #87
It doesn't bother me in the least: I just think people who do such things are insane, paranoid, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #90
The same could be said of people who call guns "deadly little Phallic Replacement Devices" MercutioATC Sep 2012 #102
1. There is no "Constitutional rights" to tote weaponry around in public. 2. If that guy in the apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #105
Apologies, I didn't realize that the guy was showering in public. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #107
Do you honestly think that a person who goes to the trouble to rig up a waterproof gun bag apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #140
Let's stick to the issue. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #142
You swerved off the issue: I got you back on it. So, you DO believe someone who showers apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #180
I believe that you're more dangerous than him, yes. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #258
Do you honestly believe that it was really rigged in the shower? ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #148
Hey, it was a "pro gun progressive" talking other such specimens, not to some "anti." apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #219
You're operating under a false (and selfish) impression. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #261
You seem fascinated with people showering with guns. Peculiar. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #336
True, nothing to be intimidated about. Clames Sep 2012 #150
You delicate flower, you SecularMotion Sep 2012 #5
NRA not enough for you? Skittles Sep 2012 #9
echo chambers are boring gejohnston Sep 2012 #12
I'm a member on more than a few gun forums and believe me there is A LOT to disagree on rDigital Sep 2012 #39
That is b.s. RegieRocker Sep 2012 #185
Sounds like a circle jerk to me tularetom Sep 2012 #13
Well stated. Agree 100%. Thank You! n/t DWC Sep 2012 #16
Great post. glacierbay Sep 2012 #21
Bullseye. Paladin Sep 2012 #59
ever ask yourself why? gejohnston Sep 2012 #67
Speaking for myself, even rbka du'ers are not comfortable with that. bluerum Sep 2012 #15
Looks like even your fellow RKBA'ers don't feel the need for a "safe haven" from the apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #17
"Those who support the RKBA are harassed and intimidated"! You meant that as a joke -- jody Sep 2012 #18
It's not an issue of pro-RKBA vs. pro-gun-control, the issue you're petronius Sep 2012 #19
echo-chambers are boring discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2012 #65
Only to a small extent, I think: a pro-RKBA-only forum would certainly be petronius Sep 2012 #70
Actually, those are my thoughts, exactly. +1 discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2012 #71
I share your opinions about the lack of need for a 4th group on guns. Eleanors38 Sep 2013 #337
I thank the gun-religionists bongbong Sep 2012 #20
you are a liberal? gejohnston Sep 2012 #23
(Y)you are a liberal? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #34
let me fix the spelling gejohnston Sep 2012 #36
I said "Republican AND conservative nut-jobs." Zimmerman is clearly a conservative nut-job apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #37
I'll wait for the real trial gejohnston Sep 2012 #41
So, we got us a George Zimmerman supporter here. That's interesting - though not surprising. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #46
supporter of due process gejohnston Sep 2012 #66
Nope: you are a supporter of George Zimmerman. And it's duly noted. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #80
Yep: you are for lynch mobs and vigilante "justice" and it's duly noted. n/t gejohnston Sep 2012 #88
I'm sure Zimmerman is comforted by the fact that "pro gun progressives" are in his corner... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #91
I don't give a shit about him either way, but if defending the rule of law gejohnston Sep 2012 #97
Yes you do, or else we wouldn't be having this conversation. Have you given to Zimmerman's defense apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #100
no, I believe in justice regardless of where it goes gejohnston Sep 2012 #101
We are having this conversation because you support George Zimmerman. Period. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #106
Kos There's an informal rule over at Daily Kos that neds to adopted here at D.U.... PavePusher Sep 2012 #168
Well it was worth a try. I guess the main take away is that something needs to be done about rDigital Sep 2012 #22
I guess we could stop feeding them gejohnston Sep 2012 #24
Agreed, he was an enjoyable presence. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #26
I rarely agreed with him glacierbay Sep 2012 #32
What the heck happened there? Perhaps I missed some precipitating event, but petronius Sep 2012 #31
I only know what I read gejohnston Sep 2012 #33
Agreed! Union Scribe Sep 2012 #61
Where did... Spryguy Sep 2012 #25
He got bounced from this group glacierbay Sep 2012 #27
Problem is you Gun people have an agenda orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #28
Kind of off-topic for this thread, but it's not actually "gun people" posting petronius Sep 2012 #30
See, Agenda. orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #55
So where does GD come into it, and how does this agenda you perceive affect GD? (nt) petronius Sep 2012 #64
I've never gone to that group, I've only orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #72
Yep, and it's not a progressive agenda, either. Quite the opposite. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #35
Private gun ownership is progressive ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #51
Not repression or advocating merely pointing out orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #56
Perhaps you have missed the posts and threads where some are calling for ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #63
I would never advocate eliminating any Group orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #68
Sometimes flame wars bring out the worse and it has happened here too many times. glacierbay Sep 2012 #69
Guilty. orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #135
Toting weaponry around in public spoiling for a shootout has nothing to do with the progressive apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #89
I see you're trying to pick up the slack left by Hoyt. PavePusher Sep 2012 #169
"Gun people have an agenda" but it's not a problem. We are committed to preserving all natural, jody Sep 2012 #44
Right to guns on school buses, bars, etc. ... eom Kolesar Sep 2012 #52
What part of #44 don't you understand? nt jody Sep 2012 #74
Usurping the word ' PATRIOT ' is a problem. orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #58
Your comment re patriot implies either you haven't read or don't understand PA & VT constitutions of jody Sep 2012 #73
Ignore no , Obsess no , But thanks for the great read !! orpupilofnature57 Sep 2012 #134
I voted yes, however.com with truth and a true progressive stance most arguments against are moot. ileus Sep 2012 #29
We're not harassed by the TaliBanners. Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #38
I wasn't speaking for myself of course : ) rDigital Sep 2012 #40
"something needs to be done about the malicious posters" - You mean posters who disagree with you. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #47
Uhhh...WRONG. We have no problem with posters who disagree with the 2nd Amendment. Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #79
Nope: right. DU TOS states: "Democratic Underground is an online community for apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #83
The Fail is strong with this one. Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #84
Since you had difficulty the first go round: DU TOS states "Democratic Underground is an online apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #92
The only one wilfullllly misreading and misconstruing the Constitution is you, Sparky. Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #120
Since difficulties remain, we'll try again: DU TOS states "Democratic Underground is an online apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #122
Repeating your dreck ad nauseum doesn't advance your argument, Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #123
We'll try it again: DU TOS states "Democratic Underground is an online community apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #128
Yawn. Common Sense Party Sep 2012 #130
Uh-huh - about what I figured. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #132
You're bullying people right here in the post were I am asking for a new forum because of bullies. rDigital Sep 2012 #159
It is the tactics of those unable to otherwise defend their point of view ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #166
There is a post needing your attention, Digit: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #173
This message was self-deleted by its author rDigital Sep 2012 #221
Posting facts the "pro gun progressives" refuse to answer or refute isn't "bullying," Digit: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #176
This is hilarious ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #50
You sound bored Kolesar Sep 2012 #53
More bemused actually ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #62
Aren't there about a hundred other message boards where you will be ok? Kolesar Sep 2012 #54
I've seen R. Lee Ermey and NRA ads here NT Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #75
Yep. rDigital Sep 2012 #85
That's what I don't get, never have: why bring the NRA and GOP agenda to DU? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #95
Trolling, plain and simple DanTex Sep 2012 #116
Exactly right - that's all it is. A few years back, a mutual friend of ours PM'd me a link to a gun apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #124
Your false assumptions are what are confusing you... ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #118
I'm not "confused" in the slightest, "Professor." Tell us: what was your dissertation concerning? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #125
My background has been published here in the past ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #139
So, you are refusing to provide evidence to substantiate your credentials. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #144
As has been said many times before, "On the internet, no one knows you are a dog" ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #146
You claim to be some kind of "professor," yet refuse to provide any substantiation to apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #157
Another rube who does not understand the basics ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #160
Yes, the onus is precisely on you to provide proof of your "bonafides" - you are the one apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #167
Where have I cited my $DAYJOB to give weight to my posts in this group? ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #170
To "out" you? Are you ashamed of having once been a "professor"? Would you suffer apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #171
Frequently use it here in RKBA discussions? ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #175
Either provide the substantiaton to back up your claim, or cease making the claim. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #178
Do you every read for content? ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #182
Are you going to provide substantiation for your dubious claim, or cease making the claim? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #183
I am still waiting for you to substantiate that I cite $DAYJOB to give my posts authority in ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #192
Are you going to provide substantiation for you dubious claim, or cease making the claim? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #195
"Being a prof is my retirement job" - Uh-huh. Do you post on DU from campus? n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #184
I post via a proxy ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #193
Why? n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #196
Because I choose to ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #200
Uh-huh. Riiiiiiggghhhttt.....in any event, I only ask because even a brief perusal of the Gungeon apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #202
I don't see an issue here ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #215
Of course you don't: you're not a professor, conduct no lectures nor participate in any labs, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #216
You are still double posting responses ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #220
Uh-huh. Busted on bogus claims, and still trying to salvage a scrap of credibility. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #223
Far from it, but please continue to dance ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #224
You made the bogus claim, and have for YEARS: now, the consequences of posting apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #227
The claim is not bogus and you continue to dance for us ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #233
The claim IS bogus, as shown. But feel free to post any substantiating evidence you wish... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #237
You still can't figure out... ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #247
Plus, you've just busted yourself by claiming you pack heat as an employee on a campus apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #217
You have not looked at all the exceptions ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #218
Coy will not salvage your credibility: you've been busted. You are not a "professor." apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #225
You missed the exception, but please keep trying ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #226
Nope. But I will keep laughing. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #229
As you like...but there are several exceptions that you have still not found ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #231
It will be as I like, as what has been demonstrated here this evening is (1) irrefutable and apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #235
Just because you cannot figure out how the pieces fit does not mean they do not fit ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #243
No, it means you refuse to answer the straight-forward questions. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #249
You claim to be in California: is so, you're not packing on campus. Unless you're campus police. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #256
BTW, I don't think the DU admins look kindly upon posters who use proxies. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #203
I don't see that in the TOS ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #205
I assume you're either going to provide proof to substantiate your claim - now busted (see below) - apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #207
TOR nodes get unwanted attention, mostly from Feds ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #210
Uh-huh. Riiiiiiggghhhttt..... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #212
Like I said: kinda stepped in this one, didn't yah? Might wanna rethink this "professor" claim. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #214
Questions await, "professor": answer them. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #208
I'm sorry that you have to deal with these personal attacks, this was one of the rDigital Sep 2012 #158
You cannot be a black man in the US without developing a thick skin when it comes to idiots. ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #165
Keep up the good work. Education is a powerful construct and fosters life long rewarding rDigital Sep 2012 #172
I keep the firearms and the university at arms length ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #179
You "carry concealed" on campus? Riiiiiiggghtttt..... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #181
Actually I do ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #186
Actually, you don't. Even the Utah and Colorado exceptions apply only to students, not to employees. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #188
There are other exceptions...figure it out ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #191
No, there are not. Of the five states that currently allow STUDENTS to pack heat apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #194
Keep looking, you will find it ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #198
In other words, you've been busted on your bogus claim, and are now trying salvage some credibility. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #201
No you haven't since you have not found the right answer ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #204
Yes, I've found the right one: there is not a single campus that allows employees, as opposed to apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #206
which one is it? If you know, please share. gejohnston Sep 2012 #209
This message was self-deleted by its author petronius Sep 2012 #211
Kinda stepped in this one, didn't yah? Like I said: might wanna rethink this "professor" claim. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #197
And now the self-deletions from even your *allies* start, as some of them begin to realize just how apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #222
Did you look up what he posted? ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #228
Are you going to cease making the "professor" claim, now that it's been definitively shown you are apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #230
I will take that as a no ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #232
Take it however you wish: the fact remains, by your own errant post, posted before apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #234
Why are you bullying in my anti-bullying thread? It's disgusting. Discuss the issues, we are all rDigital Sep 2012 #236
Posting facts the "pro gun progressives" refuse to answer or refute isn't "bullying," Digit: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #239
Posting facts the "pro gun progressives" refuse to answer or refute isn't "bullying," Digit: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #246
My answer: YES, YOU ARE A BULLY! rDigital Sep 2012 #250
Calm yourself, Digit: I win, actually. The "professor" claims to teach in California, and there is apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #263
winning what argument? You made fool out of yourself gejohnston Sep 2012 #251
Nope: I won it. It took hours, but our "professor" now says he's in CA. He's not packing heat there, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #259
YOU ARE WRONG rDigital Sep 2012 #241
I take it that you still do not have a clue... ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #244
Except, the answer is bogus. You no more had any idea what the policy was until Digit posted apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #248
You can carry in Texas with written permission from the dean rDigital Sep 2012 #257
Focus, Digit: California is the state we're talking about, not Texas. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #264
Why wouldn't there be an African American professor at UC? gejohnston Sep 2012 #262
I don't know: why wouldn't there be? You're the one asking the question. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #266
you seemed to imply that it was UC would be a racist gejohnston Sep 2012 #269
I "implied" no such thing. I was reiterating the claims our "professor" has made about himself, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #281
You have gotten nothing right all evening ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #283
Oh yes I have, and I'm STILL getting it right. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #298
Where do you "teach," "professor"? We can clear all this up right now. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #311
The law in "CA" - so, you're not a professor after all, by your own admission. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #252
No, I have a perfect answer, actually: your claims to "professorship," by your OWN ADMISSION, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #265
you didn't read the whole thing, there are always exceptions. gejohnston Sep 2012 #271
You missed it again ProgressiveProfessor Sep 2012 #288
So, you claim you have written permission to carry a gun on a California campus? apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #302
The Black Knight Strikes again. Quit bullying in my thread. You lose. rDigital Sep 2012 #305
I think he ran out of troll food gejohnston Sep 2012 #312
Addendum to #248: by your own admission, you are not a professor. You claim to be a "prof" in CA, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #267
BTW, you are so wrong it hurts. rDigital Sep 2012 #238
why do I have the feeling that gejohnston Sep 2012 #240
California's laws do not allow concealed carry on campus period: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #254
Edit: looks like that's irrelevant. Our "professor" now claims to be in California, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #245
You can also carry in the state Washington if the college doesn't prohibit carry. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #253
You can openly carry a firearm at any public college in Ohio. Concealed is banned by statute. rDigital Sep 2012 #255
Focus, Digit: the "professor" now states he's teaching in California. Not Ohio. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #260
With a California CCW permit you can carry at a college rDigital Sep 2012 #268
No, you cannot: that provision does not apply to EMPLOYEES, for starters, and for seconders apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #270
Also, start on page 6. : ) rDigital Sep 2012 #272
What's "for shame" is you keep posting falsehoods about concealed carry on CA campuses: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #276
http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/PEN/3/1/15/1/s626.9 rDigital Sep 2012 #294
it says a person gejohnston Sep 2012 #274
No, you cannot carry on California campuses: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #273
You are so full of it. I have evidence proof. You have nothing! rDigital Sep 2012 #275
You just confirmed what I said, and then claimed I had "nothing." Funny stuff. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #279
The school is free to make their own rules. No state law banning it. YOU LOSE. rDigital Sep 2012 #280
No, you cannot. As shown. Simply repeating the same thing over and over doesn't make it so. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #290
JUST PROVED IT rDigital Sep 2012 #291
http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/PEN/3/1/15/1/s626.9 rDigital Sep 2012 #292
you are joking gejohnston Sep 2012 #278
Now now bad bully, go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. rDigital Sep 2012 #277
Wrong, as shown: but thanks for playing. n/t. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #287
No, you cannot. Let's start with UCLA: apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #295
YOU LOSE BULLY rDigital Sep 2012 #296
The Professor HAS WRITTEN PERMISSION. His "exception". You lose, quit bullying in my thread. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #299
He has never stated he had "WRITTEN PERMISSION," and he doesn't in any event since he's not a "prof" apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #306
Quit bullying in my thread. You lost. Take it. Just take it and enjoy it. rDigital Sep 2012 #307
he said he has written permission gejohnston Sep 2012 #300
Stepped in it big time. rDigital Sep 2012 #301
Nope, quite the opposite. He has never stated he has written permission, and he doesn't, and apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #304
you know this how? gejohnston Sep 2012 #310
he thinks he is on a roll gejohnston Sep 2012 #308
I don't think there's anything "dark" or "evil" about it: I just think these "professor" and apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #315
have you ever lived in California? gejohnston Sep 2012 #322
Nope: he stepped in it. He claimed he toted a firearm around campus, and this has been shown to be apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #309
I know it can be hard to admit when you are wrong, but you are so embarassingly wrong rDigital Sep 2012 #314
how about reading the relevant California Penal Code gejohnston Sep 2012 #316
http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/cacode/PEN/3/1/15/1/s626.9 rDigital Sep 2012 #293
... apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #297
your point? gejohnston Sep 2012 #303
It hasn't been "refuted" as there is no one packing heat on CA campuses unless they're cops, retired apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #313
he doesn't have to show you a fucking thing gejohnston Sep 2012 #317
If he wants to make claims on a public discussion board and retain any credibility he does. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #319
NO one is going to tell you where they work. This conversation is academic at best, rDigital Sep 2012 #320
No, it's not "academic": make claims on a discussion board, either back them up or quit making them. apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #324
You lost, he's legal no matter what with a CA CCW. rDigital Sep 2012 #326
He stated he had an exception. rDigital Sep 2012 #318
"if the Prof speaks the truth." - Hinges on that, doesn't it? He could clear it up in a second, apocalypsehow Sep 2012 #321
He's probably sleeping. You should get some sleep too rDigital Sep 2012 #323
if he shows it, it would clear it up in a second gejohnston Sep 2012 #325
Have you provided titles of some of your work? Marengo Sep 2012 #329
Nothing written by that member should be taken seriously. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #330
Personally ... holdencaufield Sep 2012 #57
Agreed sarisataka Sep 2012 #94
harassed and intimidated? in the gungeon? series? Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #76
seriously? not series? gejohnston Sep 2012 #77
ah padawan, you have to know the reference before you police the word. Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #78
Count me in. darkangel218 Sep 2012 #86
Yes. theinquisitivechad Sep 2012 #129
Thanks for the concern, but most of us are O.K. here. MercutioATC Sep 2012 #174
And forego the tales of ninja actions and magical tinned veggies? Riftaxe Sep 2012 #177
Well, it looks like I've lost this one in the poll, but in reality... I have won. rDigital Sep 2012 #199
And, in the end, it's best I think. NYC_SKP Sep 2013 #331
The member you are responding to has been banned SecularMotion Sep 2013 #332
there are a lot of gun owning liberals gejohnston Sep 2013 #333
Does that include the ones who have banned themselves rrneck Sep 2013 #334
plus a blue million. Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2013 #335
You may have a point, but it would be... Deep13 Sep 2012 #213
I'm reminded of a story my dad told me Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #327
This had me laughing and clapping to myself. theinquisitivechad Sep 2012 #328
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