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Gun Control & RKBA

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Wed Sep 26, 2012, 09:10 PM Sep 2012

Where do you stand? [View all]

I believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects our right to keep and bear arms. I believe that the original intent of the 2nd is just as valid today as it was all of those years ago. The right of the individual to keep and bear arms for personal protection, and as a last resort to rebel against a tyrannical .gov.

What do you believe?

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47 votes, 3 passes | Time left: Time expired
I believe in the original intent of the 2nd Amendment.
40 (85%)
I believe in strict gun control.
6 (13%)
I believe in complete civilian disarmament.
1 (2%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Where do you stand? [View all] rDigital Sep 2012 OP
I believe that the original intent of the 2nd Amendment is to arm a militia... Walk away Sep 2012 #1
For the purposes of this poll we'll be using the definition as given in the OP. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #3
And later will you crow that the majority of DU's members are pro your... Walk away Sep 2012 #8
Stare Decisis. rDigital Sep 2012 #11
Gallup has 74% "pro" result. Since 1959.nt Eleanors38 Sep 2012 #22
There is the "Pass" option. Clames Sep 2012 #4
That horse is dead. You can quite beating it. N/T GreenStormCloud Sep 2012 #5
LOL pipoman Sep 2012 #6
you believe wrong but don't take my word for it, listen to the folks who wrote the bill off rights trouble.smith Sep 2012 #17
Those militias no longer exist. Atypical Liberal Sep 2012 #36
And...the reason we needed a well-armed militia yellerpup Sep 2012 #78
nor did they support a empire or MIC gejohnston Sep 2012 #83
The Founder's militia Francis Marion Oct 2012 #175
Nobody will ever take the guns away from American ppl. darkangel218 Sep 2012 #2
so youre part of a well regulated militia? bowens43 Sep 2012 #28
If you own a gun... discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2012 #29
I don't need to be, but yes Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #32
Eh, the options could be worded much better. Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #7
It just shows what a sad joke this forum is! Walk away Sep 2012 #9
It could use a good dose of liberal comity. Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #10
The only thing with only one side... discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2012 #12
And here you are posting in it. n/t Clames Sep 2012 #15
No, the sad joke was your first response rl6214 Sep 2012 #149
Feel free to make your own poll and word it any way you wish Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2012 #13
Seems like that'd just kinda clutter the board, eh? n/t Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #14
Laurence tribe, promoted militia clause. He has since... Eleanors38 Sep 2012 #23
I don't know. ZombieHorde Sep 2012 #16
For this poll to be valid Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #18
Only if they ignore the Heller decision nt Reasonable_Argument Sep 2012 #19
Which a whole Hell of a lot of them do. Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #20
There is only one interpretation after Heller: Individual Right. Stare Decisis. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #25
I stand with the Democrats SecularMotion Sep 2012 #21
The Democrats are on the wrong side of history when it comes to gun rights nt Reasonable_Argument Sep 2012 #49
So you'll be voting for Republicans? SecularMotion Sep 2012 #52
Hmmm. Francis Marion Oct 2012 #176
Nobody calling for complete Citizen disarmament yet? jeepnstein Sep 2012 #24
The cowards who support that option rDigital Sep 2012 #26
what a ridiculous misleading poll bowens43 Sep 2012 #27
Stare decisis. Just like Roe v. Wade. Get used to it, bro. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #31
Like I said, until every one is on the same page WRT "Original Intent" the poll is poorly worded NT Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #40
Understood, but I did include my definition in the OP which is the law of the land right now. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #41
Do you activly support the Brady Campaign or the VPC? oneshooter Oct 2012 #178
I stand with real progressive democrats that believe in the 2A ileus Sep 2012 #30
Your interpretation of original intent Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #33
Just like the vote acknowledging the constitutionality of the ACA. Soooooo regressive. rDigital Sep 2012 #34
you might as well have only one option in your "poll". Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #38
Welcome to the internet, Sweetie. BTW: Do you support complete civilian disarmament? rDigital Sep 2012 #39
Every one of the first 10 Amendments have had limitations imposed by the Supreme Court. upaloopa Sep 2012 #35
Stare decisis. Just like Roe v. Wade. Get used to it, bro. nt rDigital Sep 2012 #37
No like Citizen's United disregarded all previous upaloopa Sep 2012 #43
The only time militias composed of citizens and not soldiers Jenoch Sep 2012 #42
Yeah, that's actually not true Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #44
There was certainly a pretty speech Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #45
I'm hesitant to post my source since it's an NRA publication Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #46
All three of your points Jenoch Sep 2012 #47
Oregon and Maryland both involved non-military volunteers Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #48
And you are wrong again Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #57
Actually, even the state Jenoch Sep 2012 #62
Minnesota has declined to establish a uniformed "state guard." Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #67
IMO a non federalized State Guard is EXACTLY the militia NT Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #69
It's a significant part of the militia, Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #70
My Source was the March 2009 Edition of the NRA magazine "America'S First Freedom" Trunk Monkey Sep 2012 #68
The war of 1812 Reasonable_Argument Sep 2012 #50
Understand where the DU Gun Lobby comes from bongbong Sep 2012 #53
Understand where bongbong comes from...... Simo 1939_1940 Sep 2012 #58
Prove it! bongbong Oct 2012 #172
In Mayor Mike I trust graham4anything Sep 2012 #51
Your posts are getting more and more unhinged glacierbay Sep 2012 #54
if in doubt, call your opponent names...must have touched a sore spot graham4anything Sep 2012 #55
I very obviously know the BoR glacierbay Sep 2012 #56
sorry friend, more and more the gunnies are proving they are NOT liberal democrats graham4anything Sep 2012 #59
One thing gejohnston Sep 2012 #60
Did you understand a thing he wrote? glacierbay Sep 2012 #63
kind of, gejohnston Sep 2012 #64
I could make out a couple of things glacierbay Sep 2012 #66
except he (DK) was not the problem, the mass group of terrorists were the problem graham4anything Sep 2012 #71
your knowledge of the Waco is zero gejohnston Sep 2012 #72
what a joke you are a John Lennon hater.What a cheap shot. graham4anything Sep 2012 #73
given the number of people gejohnston Sep 2012 #74
the federal agent was the first to die, unprovoked graham4anything Sep 2012 #76
Learn your history glacierbay Sep 2012 #80
That's because it was the Govt. doing the killing glacierbay Sep 2012 #77
Wow, you hate the government graham4anything Sep 2012 #82
who said anything about hating the government? gejohnston Sep 2012 #86
You need to stop lying about what I say glacierbay Sep 2012 #88
I am in support of the democrat president, and his administration not your gun lovers NRA superpac1 graham4anything Sep 2012 #91
I didn't say that Bush authorized it. glacierbay Sep 2012 #93
don't read my posts, I thought you said you were through reading them days ago graham4anything Sep 2012 #97
I said I was done reading them in that thread glacierbay Sep 2012 #98
"Jimmy Carter(nobody died on Jimmy Carter's watch, btw)." Jenoch Sep 2012 #134
Abandoning your right to think is a sad thing to do. Glaug-Eldare Sep 2012 #133
I'll answer glacierbay Sep 2012 #75
you don't want my answer, being that you got my answered censored graham4anything Sep 2012 #79
Got your answer censored? glacierbay Sep 2012 #84
But I can say whatever I want and ask why you want to stockpile guns and bullets graham4anything Sep 2012 #85
therefore, does that mean the NRA will fund Elizabeth Warren gejohnston Sep 2012 #89
"why anyone needs to stockpile guns and bullets(?)..." holdencaufield Sep 2012 #90
One more time glacierbay Sep 2012 #92
"...civilized man needs zero guns and zero bullets" holdencaufield Sep 2012 #87
A civilized man walks away and John Lennon could be here today if the Dakota had proper surveillance graham4anything Sep 2012 #95
Do you REALLY want to go there? holdencaufield Sep 2012 #99
I can't even figure why this guy is here glacierbay Sep 2012 #100
I'm not even sure he knows. holdencaufield Sep 2012 #101
I am Jewish myself just to make sure you know that. graham4anything Sep 2012 #117
Fine, don't ever have a gun, that's your right and choice. glacierbay Sep 2012 #119
but I have a right to keep asking and you have a right to keep not answering. graham4anything Sep 2012 #123
You really think anyone here is afraid of Mike? glacierbay Sep 2012 #125
Mark David Chapman Jenoch Sep 2012 #137
This message was self-deleted by its author oneshooter Sep 2012 #103
I think he's refering to this post in another thread. glacierbay Sep 2012 #111
poster mixed up post and deleted it, therefore his apology accepted, and I will edit this graham4anything Sep 2012 #121
that was NOT my post nor my words, and other poster admited mixing posts up, therefore will edit graham4anything Sep 2012 #118
No it wasn't glacierbay Sep 2012 #120
Glad you admit those vile words were not mine however- graham4anything Sep 2012 #122
You have the right to your opinion glacierbay Sep 2012 #124
You are correct, and I apologise profusly. oneshooter Sep 2012 #126
Thank you. graham4anything Sep 2012 #128
I stand at the bar. Tuesday Afternoon Sep 2012 #61
Sounds good to me : ) . nt rDigital Sep 2012 #65
Glock gen 4 darkangel218 Sep 2012 #81
Admittedly -- a well crafted piece of hardware. holdencaufield Sep 2012 #94
I really like my dept. issue side arm glacierbay Sep 2012 #96
One of my personal favorites. oneshooter Sep 2012 #104
Very nice glacierbay Sep 2012 #107
1863 Sharps Sporting Rifle ... holdencaufield Sep 2012 #109
1873 Long Range Sporting Rifle. oneshooter Sep 2012 #127
Sing sing electric chair Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #129
Hahahahahaha!!! darkangel218 Sep 2012 #131
I know, right? Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #132
Is there Any Way The River Sep 2012 #102
don't subscribe gejohnston Sep 2012 #108
The Trash Group link... rrneck Sep 2012 #135
At the time it was written Savannahmann Sep 2012 #105
It wasn't Wyatt Earp that banned the carrying of guns in Tombstone, AZ. glacierbay Sep 2012 #106
Yet you prove my point. Savannahmann Sep 2012 #110
I didn't scoff at anything glacierbay Sep 2012 #113
Virgil didn't ban guns gejohnston Sep 2012 #114
You are correct glacierbay Sep 2012 #116
Some LEO's only carry one ... holdencaufield Sep 2012 #112
LOL nt. glacierbay Sep 2012 #115
Hogwash fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #130
The goverment has gone out of it's way to ensure Riftaxe Sep 2012 #138
Right fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #140
Since the majority of Democrats own firearms Riftaxe Sep 2012 #136
FEAR? fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #139
Ya know glacierbay Sep 2012 #141
Fear... rrneck Sep 2012 #142
Right... fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #148
No, I carry a gun to protect myself from the criminal element. glacierbay Sep 2012 #155
Of course fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #156
No chest pounding here glacierbay Sep 2012 #157
What fear? I am hardly in fear Riftaxe Sep 2012 #144
Fire Arms No Different than Chain Saws? fightthegoodfightnow Sep 2012 #147
No they don't. Not even close. Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #143
"not even close"? its only 6 percent difference! darkangel218 Sep 2012 #145
This must be gunz math. Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #146
So i missunderstood your post, big deal! darkangel218 Sep 2012 #150
When deep in a hole the gunz peeples dig deeper. Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #151
i thought was 41. still , no big difference! darkangel218 Sep 2012 #152
Keep digging, you haven't reached rock bottom yet. Warren Stupidity Sep 2012 #153
Shhh! have a beer! :) darkangel218 Sep 2012 #154
However ruffburr Sep 2012 #158
How many weapons ... holdencaufield Oct 2012 #160
I'd respond to the poll if you offered serious choices tech3149 Oct 2012 #159
"The world today is nothing like world where the constitution was written..." holdencaufield Oct 2012 #161
well, yes, the main difference is "All men are created equal" has changed graham4anything Oct 2012 #162
I do believe ... holdencaufield Oct 2012 #163
okay, point taken, however graham4anything Oct 2012 #164
Expanding bullets were invented in the 1870s to hunt African big game hack89 Oct 2012 #165
ok, so why are they even allowed to be sold then? graham4anything Oct 2012 #167
Public safety, funny enough hack89 Oct 2012 #168
In my duty sidearm glacierbay Oct 2012 #171
Would you wish to ban this rifle? oneshooter Oct 2012 #174
They are commonly called Dum-Dum Bullets... holdencaufield Oct 2012 #169
basically, yeah gejohnston Oct 2012 #166
New weapons are produced every year ... holdencaufield Oct 2012 #170
The definition of rights and freedom have changed drastically n/t tech3149 Oct 2012 #173
i don't know anyone veganlush Oct 2012 #177
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