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Gun Control & RKBA

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8. So...twenty kids in Newtown, CT were just a statistical anomaly.......
Thu Jan 3, 2013, 01:20 PM
Jan 2013

Tell that to their parents.

Assault Weapon Truth [View all] Douva Jan 2013 OP
Confusion locks Jan 2013 #1
on average, how many people do you think are killed every day with assault weapons in America? loknar Jan 2013 #3
So...twenty kids in Newtown, CT were just a statistical anomaly....... lastlib Jan 2013 #8
how many people are killed by assault rifles every day? loknar Jan 2013 #10
^ lastlib Jan 2013 #11
"That's all we need to know" Recursion Jan 2013 #22
I am NOT advocating for any law that keeps his gun legal. That's bullshit, and you know it. lastlib Jan 2013 #26
That wasn't an assault weapon Recursion Jan 2013 #12
I bet those kids thought it was--before they DIED!! lastlib Jan 2013 #19
Wow! You reminded me that kids died! That changes everything! Recursion Jan 2013 #20
It wouldn't be legal under MY idea of an assault-weapon ban. lastlib Jan 2013 #27
So tell me your idea of an assault weapon ban. I'm open to ideas Recursion Jan 2013 #28
if it points at you and a bullet comes out, it's an assault weapon. lastlib Jan 2013 #30
Ban all guns? Hasn't worked well for pot Recursion Jan 2013 #31
So just pure, emotional prohibitionism. Callisto32 Jan 2013 #32
If it'll save one child's life, it works for me. lastlib Jan 2013 #36
Oh hey, spam link to NRA sources. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #2
You should forward this to those folks in Newtown, classes resumed today jmg257 Jan 2013 #4
Adam Lanza did no such thing, his AR15 did it all. loknar Jan 2013 #5
It sure helped. After all - isn't that why we all like them so much? jmg257 Jan 2013 #16
I think if we're talking about an AWB, it matters that his AR-15 wasn't an assault weapon Recursion Jan 2013 #13
If we're talking about a new AWB, it'll matter - they'll need to know how to expand the definition, jmg257 Jan 2013 #17
Doesn't help them any, but if discussing possible policy changes, it's helpful to be accurate. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #14
Along with "assault weapons", which his rifle wasn't Recursion Jan 2013 #18
Yes, as defined in the 1994 Comprehensive Assault Weapons Ban. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #21
wolves in sheeps clothing? jimmy the one Jan 2013 #6
I love being a democrat, all except the part about having to be anti-gun. loknar Jan 2013 #7
Evidently you misread some of the billh58 Jan 2013 #35
If it points at you and a bullet comes out, it's an assault weapon. lastlib Jan 2013 #9
So just to be clear ... Straw Man Jan 2013 #15
Here's a hint discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2013 #23
Did you actually look at the site? Douva Jan 2013 #24
Not worried jimmy the one Jan 2013 #25
Are you a liberal Democrat? I see your anti-2A stance (not a good start). What else? Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #29
DU, especially the Gungeon billh58 Jan 2013 #33
Thank you so much billh58 Jan 2013 #34
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