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Gun Control & RKBA

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jimmy the one

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25. Not worried
Fri Jan 4, 2013, 10:29 AM
Jan 2013

loknar: I love being a democrat, all except the part about having to be anti-gun.

Gee, never heard anyone put it that way before, my entire life. I guess you win, you best me as well, cause I don't really 'love' being a democrat, just that there aren't any other realistic choices, other than being being independent which really isn't a choice, since to me it's too representative of having 'no political convictions'. I like being a democrat as much as belonging to a motor club.
Hey lok, you love the endless campaign emails for donations to every democrat running in 2012 within 3,000 miles of where you live? I almost went on a guilt trip for deleting a fundraiser for some dem running in honolulu.... how was the convention in charlotte?
You should start a thread lok, "I love being a Democrat!", and explain how great it is - I'd love to find out, humanize yourself you know? I bet you'd make a lot of new facebook friends.
Not that I really know your sincerity, but 'I love being a democrat', is what an outsider might say, were he trying to clandestinely infiltrate a democratic grouping.

BTW, you're breaking the rules by commenting on post counts and calling people trolls because they disagree with you. I'm sure that will be overlooked for anyone that comes across as even mildly anti-gun though so don't worry

Not worried; I didn't say you trolled on assault rifles because I disagreed with you, just that you evidently 'joined' DU ~january 2, 2013, to harp on the validity of assault rifles, with no other apparent interests. THAT, does indeed fall within the realm of trolling.
.. a duck, looking talking & walking.

Assault Weapon Truth [View all] Douva Jan 2013 OP
Confusion locks Jan 2013 #1
on average, how many people do you think are killed every day with assault weapons in America? loknar Jan 2013 #3
So...twenty kids in Newtown, CT were just a statistical anomaly....... lastlib Jan 2013 #8
how many people are killed by assault rifles every day? loknar Jan 2013 #10
^ lastlib Jan 2013 #11
"That's all we need to know" Recursion Jan 2013 #22
I am NOT advocating for any law that keeps his gun legal. That's bullshit, and you know it. lastlib Jan 2013 #26
That wasn't an assault weapon Recursion Jan 2013 #12
I bet those kids thought it was--before they DIED!! lastlib Jan 2013 #19
Wow! You reminded me that kids died! That changes everything! Recursion Jan 2013 #20
It wouldn't be legal under MY idea of an assault-weapon ban. lastlib Jan 2013 #27
So tell me your idea of an assault weapon ban. I'm open to ideas Recursion Jan 2013 #28
if it points at you and a bullet comes out, it's an assault weapon. lastlib Jan 2013 #30
Ban all guns? Hasn't worked well for pot Recursion Jan 2013 #31
So just pure, emotional prohibitionism. Callisto32 Jan 2013 #32
If it'll save one child's life, it works for me. lastlib Jan 2013 #36
Oh hey, spam link to NRA sources. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #2
You should forward this to those folks in Newtown, classes resumed today jmg257 Jan 2013 #4
Adam Lanza did no such thing, his AR15 did it all. loknar Jan 2013 #5
It sure helped. After all - isn't that why we all like them so much? jmg257 Jan 2013 #16
I think if we're talking about an AWB, it matters that his AR-15 wasn't an assault weapon Recursion Jan 2013 #13
If we're talking about a new AWB, it'll matter - they'll need to know how to expand the definition, jmg257 Jan 2013 #17
Doesn't help them any, but if discussing possible policy changes, it's helpful to be accurate. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #14
Along with "assault weapons", which his rifle wasn't Recursion Jan 2013 #18
Yes, as defined in the 1994 Comprehensive Assault Weapons Ban. AtheistCrusader Jan 2013 #21
wolves in sheeps clothing? jimmy the one Jan 2013 #6
I love being a democrat, all except the part about having to be anti-gun. loknar Jan 2013 #7
Evidently you misread some of the billh58 Jan 2013 #35
If it points at you and a bullet comes out, it's an assault weapon. lastlib Jan 2013 #9
So just to be clear ... Straw Man Jan 2013 #15
Here's a hint discntnt_irny_srcsm Jan 2013 #23
Did you actually look at the site? Douva Jan 2013 #24
Not worried jimmy the one Jan 2013 #25
Are you a liberal Democrat? I see your anti-2A stance (not a good start). What else? Eleanors38 Jan 2013 #29
DU, especially the Gungeon billh58 Jan 2013 #33
Thank you so much billh58 Jan 2013 #34
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