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32. The not comparing to other countries I agree with
Wed Oct 28, 2015, 05:26 AM
Oct 2015

And it goes to the black American experience.

We started as selfish wealthy colonists who over turned our Monarchy. The best "other example" since they overturned the power of the same country is India. But that wasn't the wealthy who made it happen there - disconnect.

When they overturned the power structure three things remained in place -
People as commodities - Slaves/Black Americans
People removal to benefit the expansion of commerce - Natives
People Indentured to support commerce - Indentured Servants . . . Many from what is now Great Britain.

All three allowed for Capitalism to be cemented in our culture. That's why on the face of the I Am A Man Garbage men movement it appears to be a move towards labor/socialism -

But in reality it was a move against the government of that city, state, country to treat all EARNERS equally. To a fair wage for a black man who might have liked to support his family without dependence on social welfare programs.

You have to contrast their desire to make a buck and live independently with the White Male City, State, Country Union employees who COULD support their families.

It was about equal access to capital so they could build wealth. It was about their wives and children being able to rely on the government he paid taxes to - in the event of his death on the job. So - his children had a shot in the US.

People say - well some do - that The Great Gatsby is the great American novel. It's about desire - one being to be a part of the "American Dream". I say - that American Dream of prosperity and affluence - a decent life - it was never ours.

Until a shot rang out . . .

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