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115. I don't believe it about O'Malley at all
Thu Jan 21, 2016, 06:07 AM
Jan 2016

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His record is one of careful measured navigation to get things done within the framework he walks into. He is on the cusp of Gen X and it shows in how he does everything. In that smile and appeal to move America forward I also see that cynical assholism that I respect.

So i have zero expecation that he will get his three key initiatives done in 90 days. He's not talking about a revolution. Or a total decimation of how America works today. He could reimplement Glass Steagall in the first 90 days with the Republican House. There's a will to do it.

However - energy - minimum two years. He needs to allow the green focused industries time to develop thir lobbying efforts in the house and show how money can be me made by individual Americans. His record as Mayor and Governor - change course when necessary. When he speaks to American cities - he speaks to those who were redlined into those hell holes.

My laughter and derision comes from standing at the bottom of the valley of comeuppance. I have nothing in common with those on the left who can't wait for Obama to leave office. Many are Sander supporters who are angry that he didn't do every single thing they wanted. They are real quick to say, "What did he do for black people?". As You did. Here's number one - HE WON. TWICE. FAIR. ON THE UP AND UP.

As a person whose parent were black/white - he also shattered the "but what about the children' myth. Well the poor little mixed children can grow up to be the President.

So - I will hold my nose and vote for the Magical Sanders if he is the nominee - because I'm a Democrtic Party member. However - Sanders supporters should prepare themselves - there are people who know they are going to be disappointed and after they have treated Obama - they are going to hear: Whose A POS Used Car Salesman now? And nope - I'm not talking about at DU.

I'm talking about the people who knocked on my door on Sunday to try and get Sanders on the ballot here in June. They can't speak in depth about WIIFM - so I'm not signing it. Then to get angry? Ha! When I stand at my front door, pull up your candidates website and can't find a white paper abou the revolution - I'm not giving him the signature.

First things first - when Sanders supporters say they want a new FDR - they are talking about (when the don't give details) a seizing my home and/or making it illegal for me to live here.

Note - I'm extremely involved local politics /township driving initiatives to Trenton. This is a borough on the upswing. Without folks like me whose income has doubled since 2008 living here? These historic homes don't get renovated, the craft breweries don't come, the wine tapas places don't come . . . Make it illegal for us to live/own homes here - iE the recent influx of affluent blacks and immigrants and Hispanics - you will kill this town. And my investment (restoration costs) of my home.

Your job? Convince your fellow Sander supporters to drop this FDR nonsense. Black Americans are firmly planted in ths century and are focused on moving forward. There was nothing good for us in the good old days.

One last thing - its not hyperbole. In my line of business if things aren't written in stone - then anything left open to interpretation gets fucked up. What this revolution entails must be written in stone. FDR's policies - will send us back to Sharecropping in gunny sacks.

Before reading the piece, I will say ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #1
Why do you say that? jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #105
Because in some quarters, anything unflattering towards a certian candidate ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #120
And, LITERALLY IN AS MANY WORDS Recursion Jan 2016 #130
You'd have to actually read the piece to know that . . . Empowerer Jan 2016 #164
I read the piece. It's not a lengthy or difficult read. jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #177
Because it holds him to his own standards. Just like when a Republican politician says they are stevenleser Jan 2016 #197
Thank you. This only seems to be difficult to understand ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #200
I will say amen to that... comradebillyboy Jan 2016 #202
As I have repeatedly said in the post about this in GDP... tishaLA Jan 2016 #2
Well, I think TNC and many others nyabingi Jan 2016 #26
Yes, it's the logical inconsistency of his position that Coates points out. wildeyed Jan 2016 #78
I just love everything you post. tishaLA Jan 2016 #82
That is such a nice thing to say! wildeyed Jan 2016 #84
I do, too! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2016 #196
I disagree for a few reasons with Coates. jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #106
I live in NC wildeyed Jan 2016 #127
Thanks for your service in working on grass roots campaigns and finance reform. jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #185
What you're saying though sounds a lot like "some revolutionary ideas (like the ones the white MADem Jan 2016 #138
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2016 #157
MWAH! Empowerer Jan 2016 #166
So if UHC is unrealistic aren't reparations unrealistic too? jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #178
You are completely missing TNC's point. You need to read his essay. MADem Jan 2016 #188
What's "impractical and very divisive" (Sanders' words) is Sanders' selective outrage. MADem Jan 2016 #141
I don't agree that free college and universal health care are "white-friendly" jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #182
Well, you don't have to agree, but they are. MADem Jan 2016 #184
You had a good movie line in your response. jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #187
If I'm being reductive, it's because I see that you aren't understanding TNC's point. MADem Jan 2016 #189
ZING. You are the opposite of wildeyed! You focused like a laser beam on the nub, the essence, of MADem Jan 2016 #137
Beautifully stated, as usual. Empowerer Jan 2016 #165
excellent observation... comradebillyboy Jan 2016 #203
I do believe that this is your first post here and you come in here solely to launch personal Number23 Jan 2016 #3
Yes, this is my first post here nyabingi Jan 2016 #29
You may find it suspicious but it's pretty clear that most people who have actually listened to Number23 Jan 2016 #73
I agree that Sanders sounds more like a standard jonestonesusa Jan 2016 #107
And you guys continue to track into this forum calling this a hit piece and an "attack" Number23 Jan 2016 #146
EXACTLY!!!! nt MADem Jan 2016 #158
Okay ... I read the piece and thought it was great ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #4
As usual, you've reached the crux of the matter and rage. Number23 Jan 2016 #5
But I'd beeter be careful ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #6
You really need to read the thread in GDP tishaLA Jan 2016 #8
Link? eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #10
.... tishaLA Jan 2016 #11
tishaLA, that is a great thread you started. Your responses to the derp posts are terrific. emulatorloo Jan 2016 #50
uponit777 whupped some SERIOUS ass in that thread too Number23 Jan 2016 #74
Yes indeed uponit did! And you obliterated a few asses yourself! emulatorloo Jan 2016 #76
I should have read that last night. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #51
what i noticed about that thread is for days now we have had thread after thread from certain ones JI7 Jan 2016 #12
And that's what I think Coates is pointing to, this question of workability tishaLA Jan 2016 #14
You have fucking nailed it once again Number23 Jan 2016 #18
How many times have even the mildest suggestions that Sanders may not be able to accomplish all that Empowerer Jan 2016 #167
You noticed that too... randys1 Jan 2016 #54
NAILED IT! Tarheel_Dem Jan 2016 #81
A very easy answer - because they think nonetheless he will do the most for them. highprincipleswork Jan 2016 #28
Okay ... That would be one answer ...an answer without foundation; but, an answer none the less ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #34
I never said anyone had to believe that Bernie offers more. highprincipleswork Jan 2016 #60
That's why I believe you should switch to O'Malley JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #63
I do and will support the candidate that I ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #64
I'm glad you wrote this JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #65
That's cool. highprincipleswork Jan 2016 #87
Hillary supporters usually don't try to make her out to be something so Great that only she will do JI7 Jan 2016 #104
This. . . Empowerer Jan 2016 #168
"Trickle down justice" indeed! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2016 #152
And when he doesn't after his first 90 days JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #52
I don't wish to offend, but what Civil Rights action did President Obama get done in the first 90? highprincipleswork Jan 2016 #61
Not offended but shocked! JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #62
+1 Tarheel_Dem Jan 2016 #83
Or, the DoJ's action on Voter Rights! eom 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #88
Shhh at DU JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #116
Second, only to President Obama ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #121
(Shortly before they spent seven years knocking him lovemydog Jan 2016 #160
LOL ... Doesn't that bolster my "ridiculous claim" ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #163
You are right. Well familiar with it, but forgot it was signed so fast. highprincipleswork Jan 2016 #90
I don't believe it about O'Malley at all JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #115
Very well-said JAG. lovemydog Jan 2016 #143
i believe Sanders cares about POC also and i support Sanders, but i also don't make him out to be JI7 Jan 2016 #103
You are asking a politician to admit that the economic success of the US is based on guillaumeb Jan 2016 #53
I think we, in this group, know the answer to that very poignant observation. This is what puzzles.. Tarheel_Dem Jan 2016 #79
And some of his "insider" support, as well ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #89
"Outsider"; "Insider". It all equals "White". They're the ones who feel that anything given to..... Tarheel_Dem Jan 2016 #93
Perhaps Uponthegears Jan 2016 #85
It wouldn't make sense for him to go after Hillary. She's being a realist on policy. stevenleser Jan 2016 #198
That's funny Uponthegears Jan 2016 #199
Nope, you're still not getting it. stevenleser Jan 2016 #204
Still laughing Uponthegears Jan 2016 #205
You're laughing because you don't understand it. If you got it, you wouldn't be laughing. nt stevenleser Jan 2016 #206
Toro or Honda? Uponthegears Jan 2016 #207
As someone who leans toward Sanders... OneGrassRoot Jan 2016 #126
Thank YOU!!! Empowerer Jan 2016 #169
Crickets from those in this thread, including the OP, to your questions. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2016 #145
That's,probably, because we are at the point of the learning curve, where ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #151
Uh-huh! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jan 2016 #153
Well, some at least have arrived there ... others ... well, not so much. eom 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #155
A) I am strongly in favor of reparations Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #7
I would suggest that Bernie provided his answer ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #9
Yep, but I wanted to probe it more. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #16
Let me be more explicit here ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #35
Sad but true. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #41
Ouch! wildeyed Jan 2016 #80
Forgive me ... I was being racist, again! eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #134
Oof (nt) Recursion Jan 2016 #131
Not just "divisive." "Impractical and VERY divisive!!" MADem Jan 2016 #144
I expected for most of us in this forum to fully understand what Coates was saying Number23 Jan 2016 #20
This campaign is amazing to me, and not in a good way. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #23
I have never even looked at it that way. I have traditionally not been in favor of reparations Number23 Jan 2016 #71
If we're going to go after billionaires, why not get that money for the people who made them rich? Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #99
And other countries have paid reparations for people who have been victimized by the State too Number23 Jan 2016 #100
TNC won't venture to question the other nyabingi Jan 2016 #38
He mentioned "revolution" several times in the last debate. Starry Messenger Jan 2016 #42
so what do you disagree with ? JI7 Jan 2016 #13
You missed the point of the piece. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #15
I'm not even sure Sanders is "the point" of the piece; he's just an example Recursion Jan 2016 #17
You are 100% correct tishaLA Jan 2016 #22
Well, but there was a reason Coates picked Sanders as an "example." SunSeeker Jan 2016 #24
See ? That's what happens when one reads a piece for what's there ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #36
I think the real issue and the discussion that's nyabingi Jan 2016 #39
One may be harder than the other, but both are unattainable with today's Congress. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #59
I frankly believe that the push for any kind nyabingi Jan 2016 #67
Funny that you would say Bernie would never sign off on bad Republican legislation. SunSeeker Jan 2016 #91
And I frankly believe that any push for reparations wildeyed Jan 2016 #94
This piece is not "about" Sanders; he's just an example. It's "about" reparations Recursion Jan 2016 #19
Fabulous post. Number23 Jan 2016 #21
I agree with your statement that nyabingi Jan 2016 #25
OK, but Coates is "the guy who wrote a famous recent piece advocating reparations" Recursion Jan 2016 #30
So now Coates is the absolute nyabingi Jan 2016 #40
If this ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #47
I read the article, nyabingi Jan 2016 #49
I don't think TNC was speaking past tense ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #58
Side point: Coates's use of tense, and control of time in his narrative, is in my mind unmatched Recursion Jan 2016 #110
If that's what you took out of Coates' piece then it explains everything about this OP Number23 Jan 2016 #75
Um, you don't need to repeat nyabingi Jan 2016 #135
I'm not repeating anything. The response came up completely on its own after reading your post Number23 Jan 2016 #149
Well, no: Coates quotes several actual authorities on reparations Recursion Jan 2016 #108
I'd like to hear more about this James-Coates connection tishaLA Jan 2016 #113
I think Coates is in many ways a throwback to impressionism, which is why we need him Recursion Jan 2016 #114
See, now ... you two are going to force my to expand my knowledge base ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #122
I need to go back to James work JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #129
Yeah, I need to re-read him too Recursion Jan 2016 #132
Amazing response! wildeyed Jan 2016 #128
"The Souls of Black Folk" is probably the best DuBois place to start Recursion Jan 2016 #133
Your posts in this thread are absolutely stellar Number23 Jan 2016 #179
He just won the national book awards top prize for non fiction JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #33
Hmmm, they either ignore wildeyed Jan 2016 #95
Wilkerson and Coates absolutely opened my eyes to this Recursion Jan 2016 #109
FDR couldn't bring himself to desegregate the Armed Forces during a war that was all about MADem Jan 2016 #170
We're you alive in 1968 JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #27
Or just buy up CountryWide's redlining algorithm (nt) Recursion Jan 2016 #31
That would be a good start too! JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #32
The algorithm that is still in play, today ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #37
What does it mean to buy up a lender's algorithm? aikoaiko Jan 2016 #43
I believe that refers to the program used to make lend/no lend decisions ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #44
Ok, so the idea is that buying up the algorithm would prevent the practice going forward? aikoaiko Jan 2016 #45
Yes to both questions ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #46
Right, that's one possible form of many, and probably not a great one Recursion Jan 2016 #56
Well, i was mostly being snarky about how it's suddenly hard to decide who's "black" Recursion Jan 2016 #55
Taking or keeping money out of the hands of Black folks. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #57
Or look at it like this JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #66
I can understand and appreciate that model. aikoaiko Jan 2016 #68
Never read BAR JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #69
Yes, thank you. aikoaiko Jan 2016 #70
You have GOT to know my last boss! :-) JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #72
I like your ideas. aikoaiko Jan 2016 #86
That is one fabulous post. Number23 Jan 2016 #77
I've loved this whole thread (nt) Recursion Jan 2016 #111
I think I could live with that. aikoaiko Jan 2016 #48
Infrastructure investments too? wildeyed Jan 2016 #96
No - it would help all who were black on the 2010 census JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #97
Coates will be on All In w/Chris Hayes tonight tishaLA Jan 2016 #92
Bad Chris ... How dare you broach the topic of ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #98
I don't know that I would put single payer and reparations sahel Jan 2016 #101
it's not about slavery , it's about discrimination of blacks from housing assistance and many JI7 Jan 2016 #102
Why is it so hard to get people to read the actual essay? Recursion Jan 2016 #112
They don't want to hear JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #118
And I think that's the one Recursion Jan 2016 #119
I read it sahel Jan 2016 #174
Incorrect sahel Jan 2016 #176
Stop the slavery well - nonsense JustAnotherGen Jan 2016 #117
This ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #123
head->desk Recursion Jan 2016 #124
Agreed; but, as you pointed out ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #125
Im sure we all support each others ponies sahel Jan 2016 #173
Have you read ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #181
"I wouldn't have a problem with that JI7 Jan 2016 #183
Of course, many here are liberals opposed to ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #194
Exactly sahel Jan 2016 #193
There is too much for me to respond to via ... 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #195
Thank you for actually addressing one of the main issues nyabingi Jan 2016 #140
He's fomenting the revolution, one Harper's editorial at a time sahel Jan 2016 #175
too bad he doesn't write for Harper's tishaLA Jan 2016 #186
"pretty radical black writer" sahel Jan 2016 #192
You completely missed Mr. Coates' point. Completely. MADem Jan 2016 #136
The idea of universal healthcare is not nyabingi Jan 2016 #139
Go on and count up how many times the Congress has introduced a bill to repeal the ACA MADem Jan 2016 #142
The drive to repeal the ACA was mainly Republican nyabingi Jan 2016 #147
This conversation isn't about me. MADem Jan 2016 #156
You keep speaking my mind. Thank you. Empowerer Jan 2016 #171
Happy to oblige!!! MADem Jan 2016 #172
wow. now this issue is a conspiracy by Hillary against Sanders JI7 Jan 2016 #159
I just want to say this is one of my favorite threads ever on DU tishaLA Jan 2016 #148
I asked for some thoughts on it nyabingi Jan 2016 #150
Thanks for the original post. lovemydog Jan 2016 #162
Right? wildeyed Jan 2016 #154
Jinx! I was just about to say the same thing. lovemydog Jan 2016 #161
Good Lord, I was just about to post the same thing!! OP started with humble (to say the least) Number23 Jan 2016 #180
This really was one of the best DU threads I've read in a long time Recursion Jan 2016 #191
I think Bernie's answer to the question was excellent bluestateguy Jan 2016 #190
Good ... others are less than impressed. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jan 2016 #201
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2016 #208
native Americans got reparations.... heaven05 Feb 2016 #209
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