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African American

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Tue Aug 2, 2016, 08:11 PM Aug 2016

Shout out to 1StrongBlackMan [View all]

Who continues to be FFR'd. Again.

Let me say, after the death of HOF, this is my favorite group. I've watched as racial issues pertinent to African Americans get belittled when inconvenient, held up like a flag when not. I've watched you all fight the good fight--even when you didn't agree on things like, oh, who should win the primary---the quality of posts here has always been apparent.

Watching the people from this group get silenced was one of the most disturbing experiences in my 12 years on DU.

Fighting inherent racism is never a comfortable or easy fight, and uncomfortable people tend to get reactive. I miss 1SBM's voice here.

I AM left wondering ... have the admins decided that he is more trouble than he is worth? I certainly hope not--this would be a shameful statement for a left-leaning site. Despite admins assertion, his problems with (and alert stalking by) DUers was not "partisan", it preceded the primaries, and largely revolved around discussions of racial matters. It, also, should be noted that his problems with (and the alert-stalking by) was with that segment of DUers whose primary home is now JPR. Finally, it should be noted that a quick view of JPR will reveal a/the number of JPR posts that are as racially and gender intolerant. It was those types of posts here on DU (by the same characters) that earned 1SBM their attention, and the alert-stalking and jury abuse that Admins finally had to acknowledge.

Now personally, I hope this is just an oversight, as 1SBM is an outspoken and passionate advocate for AA concerns, and a valuable DU member.

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Shout out to 1StrongBlackMan [View all] ismnotwasm Aug 2016 OP
1SBM is one of my favorite posters Gothmog Aug 2016 #1
Mine too ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Aug 2016 #4
Same here. Warpy Aug 2016 #34
Mine too! Big fan. Laser102 Aug 2016 #42
Mine too! beveeheart Aug 2016 #46
Me too. I like him very much. R B Garr Aug 2016 #69
Leaving another *mine too* right here. Bobbie Jo Aug 2016 #88
His posts are always thought provoking .... etherealtruth Aug 2016 #3
Dammit I had no idea he'd been FFR'd again. emulatorloo Aug 2016 #5
Me neither. I wonder if he's targeted because he is so Hortensis Aug 2016 #9
+1000, I was also thinking a lot of this obsessive R B Garr Aug 2016 #71
Hear, hear!!! NanceGreggs Aug 2016 #6
Remember this? sheshe2 Aug 2016 #65
Mahalo, for this, Ismnotwasm~ Cha Aug 2016 #7
Hear, hear. I assume Admins are checking for stalking too. Nt pkdu Aug 2016 #8
TY DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2016 #10
Thanks for bringing this to attention. He is indeed One Strong Black Man, and we appreciate that. George II Aug 2016 #11
He always brings something good to the table ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #12
I love 1sbm bravenak Aug 2016 #13
Ditto. nt SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #48
Again? wildeyed Aug 2016 #14
1SBM's voice needs to be heard. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2016 #15
I agree. 1SBM is a valuable member of the whole DU community still_one Aug 2016 #16
not always right, but always passionate Skittles Aug 2016 #17
+1000 stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #27
What is FFR? kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #18
Flagged For Review giftedgirl77 Aug 2016 #20
I've been gone nearly a year. Must be a new thing. kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #23
It's what happens when you get 2 hides in 24 hours. giftedgirl77 Aug 2016 #36
Whaaa? That's all it takes? SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #49
Thus we have..... sheshe2 Aug 2016 #54
thanks for this explanation. salin Aug 2016 #59
Hmm. He should appeal the hides. MH1 Aug 2016 #90
Thanks for asking the question. salin Aug 2016 #58
Appeal the hides. giftedgirl77 Aug 2016 #19
I'm in Omaha Steve Aug 2016 #21
I'm with you Steve. stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #26
Thanks, Steve. nt SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #50
1SBM is one of the posters I always click on to see what he's got to say. He's in my "Click Family." NBachers Aug 2016 #22
1StrongBlackMan is a national treasure. stonecutter357 Aug 2016 #24
1StrongBlackMan has his fans, I am one, like to read his posts. Thinkingabout Aug 2016 #25
I can't understand how this keeps happening. I've never seen him post anything alert-able. n/t pnwmom Aug 2016 #28
I have the same view still_one Aug 2016 #33
Free 1StrongBlackMan. sheshe2 Aug 2016 #29
To Admins: misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #30
Thank goodness, from what I hear. nt SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #53
1StrongBlackMan rocks! Free him now! steve2470 Aug 2016 #75
I stand with 1SBM. Iggo Aug 2016 #31
i've learned more about racial issues and a black perspective from 1sbm than anyone unblock Aug 2016 #32
K&R. TexasTowelie Aug 2016 #35
Thanks for all you do. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #51
You're welcome. TexasTowelie Aug 2016 #64
I stand with 1StrongBlackMan Loki Aug 2016 #37
Intelligent, Eeducated, Proud of His Blackness & Outspoken lib87 Aug 2016 #38
Damn! True Dough Aug 2016 #39
Yep. Welcome to DU. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #52
Thank you, Susan! True Dough Aug 2016 #67
Not the ideal place, but among the best. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #68
enough is enough arithia Aug 2016 #40
If you're out there, know we see you and love you. nolabear Aug 2016 #41
Oh, FFS! They have their new little site. Why won't they just stay there and stop harassing one of Squinch Aug 2016 #43
I have noticed they come in an orchestrated group. sheshe2 Aug 2016 #57
And then they complain about being bullied. Squinch Aug 2016 #79
If you check 99% of JPR are FFR'D here. They can't alert 1SBM Arazi Aug 2016 #91
No they aren't. Plenty of them post in both places. Trash the Democrats there and troll them here. Squinch Aug 2016 #95
oh, FFS, what has he supposedly done THIS time???? niyad Aug 2016 #44
I ❤ 1sbm! NurseJackie Aug 2016 #45
Signing for the amount of time it takes to say AMEN. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #47
I love 1SBM, too. We have chatted via DM. He's a good guy. StrictlyRockers Aug 2016 #55
It's been a long minute... OneTrueLeroy Aug 2016 #56
I was active at DU in an earlier era, like you. salin Aug 2016 #61
Welcome back. Stick around. We need you! Squinch Aug 2016 #80
K & R SunSeeker Aug 2016 #60
K&R he's a teacher here. fleabiscuit Aug 2016 #62
1SBM is alright by me. aikoaiko Aug 2016 #63
I very much hope he is soon back where he belongs - here on DU. raven mad Aug 2016 #66
I stand with 1SBM! brer cat Aug 2016 #70
Again? WTF? Stay strong 1SBM! Tarheel_Dem Aug 2016 #72
They shut him down again? awoke_in_2003 Aug 2016 #73
K&R! betsuni Aug 2016 #74
N/S JustAnotherGen Aug 2016 #76
k & r lovemydog Aug 2016 #77
+ a million or so! BlueMTexpat Aug 2016 #78
Dear Skinner.... BooScout Aug 2016 #81
Wish I could K&R your post BooScout. Maru Kitteh Aug 2016 #92
+1 lovemydog Aug 2016 #93
I first remeber reading a post from 1SBM when he assured us Obama would win reelection. wcast Aug 2016 #82
K&R KMOD Aug 2016 #83
He's on the battle lines and will not be deterred! Liberal_Stalwart71 Aug 2016 #84
Wow, wtf?? Starry Messenger Aug 2016 #85
We really shouldn't have to do these posts so often, right? This seems like BS - Right? The Polack MSgt Aug 2016 #86
Great way to put it, "may have been corrected but I had never been attacked." My experience too. Squinch Aug 2016 #89
while having been here, ALWAYS heaven05 Aug 2016 #87
k&r bigtree Aug 2016 #94
Admittedly, 1SBM was one of the few people I talked to during the warozne that the primaries became VulgarPoet Aug 2016 #96
Any update? Gothmog Aug 2016 #97
he is one of my fav du'ers. La Lioness Priyanka Aug 2016 #98
Has it been a full week? gollygee Aug 2016 #99
Still FFR. And I miss Number23, too. betsuni Aug 2016 #100
I know! ismnotwasm Aug 2016 #102
Is Number23 FRR too? wildeyed Aug 2016 #103
No, but she hasn't posted since last month. betsuni Aug 2016 #104
Wow Gothmog Aug 2016 #101
I see that 1SBM is still flagged for review gollygee Sep 2016 #105
I miss 1Strong too. wildeyed Sep 2016 #106
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