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You make a strong case EYESORE 9001 Nov 2023 #1
Little ones get a pass by me irisblue Nov 2023 #2
It's one of those dishes where I prefer no leftovers EYESORE 9001 Nov 2023 #5
I make blue box m&c with cut up hot dogs for the kids irisblue Nov 2023 #11
Mac and Cheese for one!! Nittersing Nov 2023 #34
Not even 4-cheese mac? Breadcrumb topping? niyad Nov 2023 #3
Big Momma/BigSis m&c only only TDay. But tell us more a/b 4 cheese heart attack on the plate. Go on.. irisblue Nov 2023 #6
Very much like your standard baked mac and cheese, but there niyad Nov 2023 #55
For the most part, I would agree; however... Probatim Nov 2023 #4
I have a version with orange sweetpotato Auggie Nov 2023 #33
Trader Joe's has that buttetnut squash mac/cheese in their niyad Nov 2023 #51
I'm gonna say something that may be considered heresy in some circles EYESORE 9001 Nov 2023 #7
I remember mac & cheese tasting fabulous, irresistible mahina Nov 2023 #8
My kids loved it when they were growing up. murielm99 Nov 2023 #15
Well that's what I'm calling it from now on too, if we're lucky it's hot mahina Nov 2023 #62
I make it at home every now and then leftieNanner Nov 2023 #53
You are surely correct, elleng Nov 2023 #9
Oh no, Ellen. qwlauren35 Nov 2023 #45
Yup, I did it! elleng Nov 2023 #46
That's all that matters. qwlauren35 Dec 1 #65
I can never get it cheesy enough. Maybe my taste buds aren't what they used to be. Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #10
I, too, have tried all kinds of recipes, experimenting w/ changing the recipes for M and C, and still, no prize. SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #12
You'll definitely have to share your recipe if you find success! Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #16
One 'secret' for the cheese sauce: Nac Mac Feegle Nov 2023 #42
I grabbed a pound of Carolina Reaper Blend cheese at Walmart Shermann Nov 2023 #54
I will try that. Thanks! Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #60
Thank you for the tips!!! I can't wait to try it again, may do so for the holidays coming up! SWBTATTReg Nov 2023 #64
Whatever donheld Nov 2023 #13
And yet here you are junior... irisblue Nov 2023 #14
You like Mac n Cheese? JohnnyRingo Nov 2023 #17
I'd like to be buried up to my knees mac56 Nov 2023 #18
I agree with you mgardener Nov 2023 #19
A work night, mom dad gets home at 6 and then irisblue Nov 2023 #22
I used to make butter, flour roux, with cheddar cheese and cksmithy Nov 2023 #20
Exactly! Make a roux then add LOTS of cheese. Zilli Nov 2023 #49
If your Mac & cheese is bland, try adding some mustard powder and paprika to the roux. Ziggysmom Nov 2023 #21
+1 ... the ex would add a little white wine too Auggie Nov 2023 #31
I've never grated cheese but may try that next time Shermann Nov 2023 #56
LOL ☺️. Guess I'd cut the cheese into pieces so it melts faster and thoroughly. It's all good! Ziggysmom Nov 2023 #63
I'll try that next time Shermann Nov 2023 #23
I still trying to figure out relayerbob Nov 2023 #24
Start here.. irisblue Nov 2023 #28
Thank you for the insight relayerbob Nov 2023 #59
Leftover mac and cheese scrambled with eggs. Fine dining. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #25
Now that sounds delicious Duncanpup Nov 2023 #27
That and easy. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #30
Duncan approved. 🐶 Diamond_Dog Nov 2023 #39
Not from a box and made with a powder that's a shade of orange not known in nature? Ocelot II Nov 2023 #26
Just send me a invitation 😂 Duncanpup Nov 2023 #29
I wish the gubement was still handing out those blocks of white cheddar cheese they were giving out in the ... marble falls Nov 2023 #32
Handed that out in elementary school. We had cheese fights. twodogsbarking Nov 2023 #37
It was epic. And we got so much of it. Maybe 10 or so blocks over a year. Some folks even got blocks of butter ... marble falls Nov 2023 #38
Mine came out of the oven last night BaronChocula Nov 2023 #35
I kinda like Pantera's Mac and Cheese.... OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #36
Washed down with a Black Tooth Grin! Shermann Nov 2023 #50
Their Mac and Cgeese is good too! OAITW r.2.0 Nov 2023 #52
When my brother comes to visit, I make it (Betty Crocker) with a pound of (pre-fried) BACON in it and a ton of Leghorn21 Nov 2023 #40
I got the recipe from a place PlutosHeart Nov 2023 #41
I agree qwlauren35 Nov 2023 #43
The best stuff is made that way MurrayDelph Nov 2023 #44
try with catsup on the side isitreal Nov 2023 #47
Nobody mentioned bacon bits? Interesting.... getagrip_already Nov 2023 #48
the blue box could be improved on. qwlauren35 Dec 1 #66
Ahh, haut coitour (sp?) i see.... getagrip_already Dec 1 #67
I make my mother's... bamagal62 Nov 2023 #57
and no freaking adulterants like shrimp, oysters, chicken, bacon or jalapenos! Kali Nov 2023 #58
My AA fiance is considering BWdem4life Nov 2023 #61
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