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I am re-reading the Hobbit :) The Straight Story Jan 2012 #1
Another Deboarah Crombie, "Leave the Grave Green." MaineDem Jan 2012 #2
AMOS WALKER; The Complete Story Collection by Loren D. Estleman fadedrose Jan 2012 #3
DEATH OF A PRANKSTER by M. C. Beaton fadedrose Jan 2012 #4
DEATH OF A GLUTTON by M. C. Beaton fadedrose Jan 2012 #5
3rd Book of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay jannyk Jan 2012 #6
"Something Rotten" by Jasper Fforde, part of the Thursday Next series. n/t krispos42 Jan 2012 #7
The Reversal by Michael Connelly... Little Star Jan 2012 #8
A good place to find out about the new buttons fadedrose Jan 2012 #9
Doc by Mary Doria Russell Mz Pip Jan 2012 #10
Tasha Alexander, for a light read: northoftheborder Jan 2012 #11
The Leopard by Jo Nesbo elfin Jan 2012 #12
The Mists of Avalon WCIL Jan 2012 #13
Still reading The Cider House Rules ellie Jan 2012 #14
"Unforeseen" by Nick Pirog mvccd1000 Jan 2012 #15
Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace Onceuponalife Jan 2012 #16
Digging the book or digging the new kindle? :) nt mvccd1000 Jan 2012 #17
Darn you, m fadedrose Jan 2012 #18
You can just get a Kindle app for your smartphone Lydia Leftcoast Jan 2012 #20
Lydia, Lydia.... fadedrose Jan 2012 #21
Sorry, rose. :) mvccd1000 Jan 2012 #22
I like Amos Walker a lot fadedrose Jan 2012 #23
Not a fan of Estleman's westerns... mvccd1000 Jan 2012 #26
Both Onceuponalife Jan 2012 #31
Bedside book: Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton; purse book: No Name by Willkie Collins Lydia Leftcoast Jan 2012 #19
I looked up your two authors... fadedrose Jan 2012 #36
DEATH OF A TRAVELLING MAN by M. C. Beaton fadedrose Jan 2012 #24
DEATH OF A CHARMING MAN by M. C. Beaton fadedrose Jan 2012 #25
77 Shadow Street NEOhiodemocrat Jan 2012 #27
"When we were Orphans" by Kazuo Ishiguro YankeyMCC Jan 2012 #28
"White Butterfly" Walter Mosley ceile Jan 2012 #29
He's got two I might try.. fadedrose Jan 2012 #33
I've only read his Easy Rawlins books. ceile Jan 2012 #34
North River by Pete Hamill russspeakeasy Jan 2012 #30
The hell with the critics...you got me curious fadedrose Jan 2012 #32
Most of Hamills books are "observational". he writes a lot russspeakeasy Jan 2012 #35
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