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I finally finished Desparate Justice by Dennis Karstens (vol 2 of a 20 book series) yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #1
I'm reading Void Moon by Michael Connelly written in 2000. brer cat Mar 2024 #2
I guess I missed that one hermetic Mar 2024 #3
I had missed it also. I ran across it at the library and it was not familiar to me. brer cat Mar 2024 #5
I vaguely remember that one NanaCat Mar 2024 #13
Waiting for library holds, rereading cbabe Mar 2024 #4
Excellent little list there hermetic Mar 2024 #8
Occurred to me we listen to songs over and over. But cbabe Mar 2024 #10
I had no choice about becoming an avid re-reader NanaCat Mar 2024 #15
Nice story hermetic Mar 2024 #18
The free little libraries in my neighborhood saved me cbabe Mar 2024 #19
Free libraries are a recent thing; I was talking about the 70s. NanaCat Apr 2024 #32
I was also that kid. Of course my mom was also going to visit the bookstore so yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #24
We didn't have bookmobiles :( NanaCat Apr 2024 #31
Thank you for the weekly thread, hermetic. I'm reading Percival Everett's The Trees japple Mar 2024 #6
Oh my... hermetic Mar 2024 #7
that sounds so good! I went over to Amazon and put it on my wish list nt yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #9
Trees and James now on my library list. I also cbabe Mar 2024 #11
That sounds like one I'll be looking for Bayard Apr 2024 #29
Two books about the toxic effects of religion NanaCat Mar 2024 #12
Yes, sounds like... hermetic Mar 2024 #14
Just finished "Centurion" by Simon Scarrow Number9Dream Mar 2024 #16
Good find hermetic Mar 2024 #17
'Chained Eagle', by Edward 'Otto' Pernotto. SeattleVet Mar 2024 #20
That's pretty cool hermetic Mar 2024 #22
Unfortunately, the book has nothing to do with the aircraft he flew. SeattleVet Apr 2024 #33
"Hoppy" day to you too, Hermetic. Sadly, I am about #300 on library list waiting to read txwhitedove Mar 2024 #21
Love Chet and Bernie stories hermetic Mar 2024 #23
Thank you hermetic for the weekly thread! mentalsolstice Mar 2024 #25
The Secret Life of John Le Carre & The Spy Who Came In From The Cold bucolic_frolic Mar 2024 #26
The North Woods by Douglass Hoover Midnight Writer Mar 2024 #27
Thee Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks. lynintenn Mar 2024 #28
I finished, "Touch & Go," by Lisa Gardener Bayard Apr 2024 #30
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