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24. I was also that kid. Of course my mom was also going to visit the bookstore so
Sun Mar 31, 2024, 05:31 PM
Mar 2024

it was kind of a given. We were heavy duty readers.

Our nearest library was about 14 miles away and I would go every time I had a chance. In summer I would spend a week with either my grandparents or my aunt and trek over to the library, load up with books then read them all and go back for more. At the end of the week I would load up on a batch to take home and head into town with anyone who was going and trade them in.

We also had the Bookmobile Lady who made a regular stop.

When I got older I did not need the library because we actually had a pretty good one in our house.

Mr YD and the YellowPup are also big time readers. She had a pretty large book collection of her own. . We fought over the new Harry Potter and Game of Thrones books when they came out.

I finally finished Desparate Justice by Dennis Karstens (vol 2 of a 20 book series) yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #1
I'm reading Void Moon by Michael Connelly written in 2000. brer cat Mar 2024 #2
I guess I missed that one hermetic Mar 2024 #3
I had missed it also. I ran across it at the library and it was not familiar to me. brer cat Mar 2024 #5
I vaguely remember that one NanaCat Mar 2024 #13
Waiting for library holds, rereading cbabe Mar 2024 #4
Excellent little list there hermetic Mar 2024 #8
Occurred to me we listen to songs over and over. But cbabe Mar 2024 #10
I had no choice about becoming an avid re-reader NanaCat Mar 2024 #15
Nice story hermetic Mar 2024 #18
The free little libraries in my neighborhood saved me cbabe Mar 2024 #19
Free libraries are a recent thing; I was talking about the 70s. NanaCat Apr 2024 #32
I was also that kid. Of course my mom was also going to visit the bookstore so yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #24
We didn't have bookmobiles :( NanaCat Apr 2024 #31
Thank you for the weekly thread, hermetic. I'm reading Percival Everett's The Trees japple Mar 2024 #6
Oh my... hermetic Mar 2024 #7
that sounds so good! I went over to Amazon and put it on my wish list nt yellowdogintexas Mar 2024 #9
Trees and James now on my library list. I also cbabe Mar 2024 #11
That sounds like one I'll be looking for Bayard Apr 2024 #29
Two books about the toxic effects of religion NanaCat Mar 2024 #12
Yes, sounds like... hermetic Mar 2024 #14
Just finished "Centurion" by Simon Scarrow Number9Dream Mar 2024 #16
Good find hermetic Mar 2024 #17
'Chained Eagle', by Edward 'Otto' Pernotto. SeattleVet Mar 2024 #20
That's pretty cool hermetic Mar 2024 #22
Unfortunately, the book has nothing to do with the aircraft he flew. SeattleVet Apr 2024 #33
"Hoppy" day to you too, Hermetic. Sadly, I am about #300 on library list waiting to read txwhitedove Mar 2024 #21
Love Chet and Bernie stories hermetic Mar 2024 #23
Thank you hermetic for the weekly thread! mentalsolstice Mar 2024 #25
The Secret Life of John Le Carre & The Spy Who Came In From The Cold bucolic_frolic Mar 2024 #26
The North Woods by Douglass Hoover Midnight Writer Mar 2024 #27
Thee Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks. lynintenn Mar 2024 #28
I finished, "Touch & Go," by Lisa Gardener Bayard Apr 2024 #30
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