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Fucking West Coast Bias!! madinmaryland Oct 2013 #1
Enjoy your playoff game Yavin4 Oct 2013 #2
I am! So is my Dad. Of course, do you think the little steinbrenners who remind me of madinmaryland Oct 2013 #3
Stein Brats are clueless. They're more likely to sell. Praying that Mark Cuban buys the team. Yavin4 Oct 2013 #5
Cuban was thinking of buying the Pirates several years back. I think El Supremo is hoping that he madinmaryland Oct 2013 #7
+ all my old Playboys! El Supremo Oct 2013 #9
Hey Yavin---how's that Kiffin working out for you? trumad Oct 2013 #12
Great. Now that he's gone. Yavin4 Oct 2013 #13
and what purpose was that? trumad Oct 2013 #14
Placeholder coach while the penalties ran Yavin4 Oct 2013 #15
Dude... trumad Oct 2013 #16
Hey, that's what fans do. Yavin4 Oct 2013 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author JonLP24 Oct 2013 #4
Tomorrow is 20 years from now? KamaAina Oct 2013 #18
Blame $elig. Had this A's / Giants territorial dispute had been settled a few years back ... Auggie Oct 2013 #6
Can't let Lew Wolff off the hook, either KamaAina Oct 2013 #19
What teams were those again? TBF Oct 2013 #8
I like it. On the upside, although hughee99 Oct 2013 #10
Why are people here only dissing the Raiders? Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #11
fucking ridiculous.. frylock Oct 2013 #20
Raiders fan forever aint_no_life_nowhere Oct 2013 #21
As I'm typing this, Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #22
KRON Channel 4 aired the game in the Bay Area last night Auggie Oct 2013 #23
I'm staying in Humboldt County now, Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #27
Pryor is suprising me so far JonLP24 Oct 2013 #24
I'm watching the rerun on NFL network Auggie Oct 2013 #25
Only thing I really remember JonLP24 Oct 2013 #26
Ditto. eom Jamaal510 Oct 2013 #28
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